Decreasing the Whompage

I took Lion’s advice last night and spanked him more times but with less force. I decreased the whompage. He still squirmed and yelled and seemed highly offended. He didn’t like the hard swats. He didn’t like the easier swats. I get the feeling he doesn’t like punishment swats. I pointed out that I am only doing what he wants me to do. That didn’t make him feel any better. He said he didn’t think his butt was as red as it was with the hard swats. Is that the point really? I don’t care how red his butt is. Sure it’s cute when it’s red and on fire. But he can’t see it so it doesn’t really matter how red it is. He needs to feel it.

His punishment list wasn’t very long and they weren’t really big mistakes anyway so it wasn’t a big punishment. I’m sure at some point in the future he’ll have something big on the list that requires both a lot of swats and hard swats. I’m positive he won’t like that. I’ll need to tie him down and stuff a sock in his mouth. He normally buries his face in the pillows so I don’t really need a sock. For a huge punishment he might need a bullet to bite. But I’m not sure I’d ever do that big a spanking. A big punishment would need a little more creativity. Something that will really stick with him. He’s been telling me that spanking is not the only way to punish him. He might get what he asked for. And then, of course, be sorry he asked for it.

Lion’s been very lucky lately in the orgasm department. Technically this wait was supposed to be fairly long, but we’re playing by my rules and even though he can’t break my rules, I can. I’ve decided whenever the whim strikes me I’ll make him come. He’s not any more or less attentive so that’s not an issue. He tries to be a good boy. It will boil down to how much pity I take on him for being horny and how much I want to taste him. Sometimes being in charge is a good thing. Other times it’s a giant headache.