Last night was punishment night. There was nothing on Lion’s list, but I still had to do the maintenance swats. Six very hard swats with the wooden spoon. They stung for a long time after I was done.

I was a little nervous about edging Lion. The past few times have ended in ruined orgasms. That’s fine when I was going for a ruined orgasm every time I played with him during his last wait, but I’m just back to edging now. Fortunately I was able to edge him twice without going too far. And I decided to quit while I was ahead. I didn’t want to push my luck.

While I was playing with him I told him maybe he’d get a nice spanking before his orgasm tomorrow. A nice long buildup to an awesome blow job or hand job. I haven’t decided which. But you know me, it will be a blow job. How can I not do a blow job? We both love them.

There was a little more stress added to things last night when my boss from job number two told me she’s in financial trouble and has to put me on hold for a while. Well, we’re in financial trouble too, but we’ll keep plugging away. You can’t keep a good Lion and Lioness down. We both feel like we’re the richest people in the world because we have each other and that’s all we really need.