Lion’s New Trick?

Lion wants to feel my control. I may have come up with one way to do just that. I haven’t ironed out all the details yet, but the concept is that on a certain day he will have to have two orgasms (he suggested more than two because he thinks two is a breeze – we’ll see) or his next scheduled date will be extended. The two biggest questions that need answering are when and how long.

When do I offer Lion this option? It could be on a scheduled date and if he doesn’t perform then the next scheduled date will be lengthened. Or it could be in the middle of his wait, in which case his current wait would be pushed out. If it’s in the middle of a wait and he does perform then he could quite possibly have another orgasm right around the corner. Lucky boy.

How long will the extension be? Does he need to know ahead of time to make the decision? How long does he have to meet the required number of orgasms? An hour? An afternoon? A full day?

And I’ve discovered another question: should it even be an option for him? Or should I just tell him that’s the activity for the day?

Lots of questions. Lots of thinking for Mrs. Lion. Lots of orgasms for a lion.

Even trying and failing would be fun for him. If this was a coupon he’d have no trouble at all using it. I know he can come twice in one day. We’ve done that before. We’ve never tried more than that. Maybe we need to have an inaugural orgasm-fest to see how many he can have in one day before I set a number. I’m just afraid too many orgasms would kill him. But at least he’d die with a smile on his face.


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    This sounds like a fun idea. I do hope my lioness decides how to do it and not consult me. You know how I can make things complicated. I do have one suggestion: regardless of how many orgasms she decides to set as my goal, make the effort to have the next one a fixed time from the one before. It could be an hour or as little as half an hour. That makes doing this less complicated or confusing. Also, it is then a challenge. Give me enough time to recharge and I will be able to keep performing. Make the next attempt a fixed time from the last is more of a challenge.

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    First you say you hope I do it without consulting you. And then you offer your opinion. Can’t help yourself, can you, my pet?

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      I noticed that . . . (I have similar compulsions)

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