Hurting Lion

Yesterday, with all the talk of Lion topping from the bottom, his feelings were hurt. It seemed like people were attacking him. The only one allowed to hurt Lion is me and that’s only during play. So last night I decided to do just that.

I unlocked him to give him some much needed attention. It’s only been a few days since his orgasm so he is not incredibly horny yet. Still, Mr. Weenie does like to be stroked and fondled. I don’t think he was counting on the fact that his balls would be whomped.

I was proud of him. He squirmed only a tiny bit. I know it was hurting, but he took it very well. At one point he took twenty hard whacks. Poor Lion. In between whacks I stroked him. Eventually I edged him three times and then gave him his customary oral attention. I didn’t spend too much time with my mouth. It was too tempting. I might have taken a bonus orgasm if I had continued.

That’s actually the real problem. Not that he wants to come so badly. But that I want him to come so badly. So I steal one now and then. And again, people think I am too nice to him. Heck no! It’s me I’m being nice to. I love giving him orgasms. I love how he tastes.

I think tonight he’ll get some more attention. Maybe some more pain. Maybe some anal training. No orgasm though. Not till the 26th.

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    My thought – do what you want and what is good for you guys – which is what you are doing certainly. Your sharing your thoughts and experiences is nothing if not generous. thanks. I am finding the info you post to be both entertaining and informative . Tonight I will propose to Goddess that we spend the night reviewing your journal and thoughts as I think there is much we can learn and frame a discussion around .
    Will I be topping from the bottom if I make such a suggestion – of course not I will be opening our relationship to new opportunities .
    Anyone that criticizes you or others for following what is right for you is disingenuous and shouldn’t be given too much thought .

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