Lion Doesn’t Write The Script

As promised, or threatened if you will, Yesterday Mrs. Lion strapped me into our sling for some attention. It was a medley of spanking, anal insertions, and edging. I know Mrs. Lion plans to write about all that in her post later today so I won’t steal her thunder. As you may have read in my post yesterday, I just wasn’t feeling up to Saturday’s scheduled activities. I asked Mrs. Lion to put it off for a day and she agreed. As you also may have read yesterday, a reader criticized us for this decision. I was a bit surprised that my lioness’ consideration was an apparent weakness in the mind of at least one reader.

Mrs. Lion is caging me and performing all the other dominant acts because I want and need them. I know she has no personal need to do all this stuff. It’s for me. Make no mistake, that doesn’t mean that I call the shots and she acts as my personal S/M entertainer. She is very much in charge of the den and of me. She accepted the role at my request, but she doesn’t let me write the script.

For us, at least, enforced chastity is a long term activity that we will almost certainly do for the foreseeable future. Even now, ten months after we began, there is still so much to learn. Slowly, maybe too slowly for me sometimes, Mrs. Lion is assuming control and is developing her own style of lion taming. To do that, she needs feedback from me. Yes, she can wale away at me and judge by my reactions when it is time to stop. She can peg me until I bleed or until I cry. That’s one approach to learning. It’s the approach followed in Internet fantasies.

That isn’t a very smart way to learn the keyholder role. If she used it, Mrs. Lion would feel guilty about hurting me and would be reluctant to keep going. She loves me and wants to know she is giving me what I want and need; not doing what I want. There is a big difference there. What I want is for her to assume sexual control of me. The last thing I want is for her to have me tell her what to do. She likes and uses some of my suggestions. But she alone decides if and when I come, when and how much I am teased, and what punishments I get for breaking her rules.

There is a big difference between “what” and “how”. What, in this case, is that I want her in charge and I want her to take full control of my sexuality. How she does this is not a bit under my control. Mrs. Lion does listen to me when I have a suggestion, or like yesterday, when I don’t feel up to playing. She doesn’t have to change what she will do. But she does choose to listen.

Why? Not because she lets me top from the bottom. Oh no, that’s not it at all. It’s because she loves me and she wants to develop a long term strategy to keep me controlled. She is teaching me that I have limits. Last time I growled about waiting to come. She added a day to my wait. I hated that, but I didn’t dare growl again. She is teaching me and I am learning.