An Eventful Sunday

mean rubber paddle
This paddle measures 12″ X 3″ and is 1/2″ thick. It is made from heavy conveyer belt material. If you can get past the rubber smell, it is an extremely mean toy. Click the image to visit where we got it.

After watching our favorite football team lose — again — we went into the dungeon to play in the sling. My goal for Lion this weekend was to be able to accommodate a decent sized dildo and be pegged with it. I also wanted to give him the kind of spanking he loves. And, of course, I wanted to edge him and leave him incredibly horny.

Once I got him strapped in I played with his wild cock for a few minutes. He got hard almost immediately. Then I got out a silicone butt plug. It doesn’t have very big shoulders so I knew it wouldn’t stay in. I wanted it for the width and the length. He was able to take it easily. I started spanking him a bit while it was in. Eventually he told me the two sensations were not a good combination. Fair enough. I stopped spanking. Then I removed the butt plug in favor of a silicone dildo that was about the same width as the butt plug but longer. The smooth dildo went in much easier than the Lion clone. He was able to take the longer length with no problem.

When I was sure he was used to the dildo I began moving it in and out. Not fast. Just enough for him to get used to the movement. It’s been a while since he’s really been pegged. Maybe it only lasted five minutes, but I told him I was proud of him. Taking things up your ass is not easy.

I hadn’t forgotten about Mr.Weenie. I alternated between stroking him and sucking him as I pegged Lion. And when I started spanking him I stroked him too. Every time I sucked him he let out a little moan. I kept alternating between spanking and sucking/stroking for a while.  Even when I changed to a rubber paddle (image on the top right), I stroked or sucked him.

After a while I decided to edge him. With my mouth. Normally once I start sucking him I go all the way. Not this time. I was able to edge him orally three times. Yay me! Then I finished spanking him. By the time I was done he was hornier than ever and wanted to come very badly. Too bad, my pet. You have to wait for Monday night.