Thursday night I was feeling pretty mellow and not terribly horny. Mrs. Lion unlocked me and with a few deft moves of her hand changed everything. She had me massively aroused in no time. She then brought me to the edge of orgasm several times and stopped. We snuggled for a bit. Then she moved between my legs and began sucking me. The excitement kept building and building. I was waiting for her to stop and leave me hanging. She didn’t. I had a great orgasm exploding into her mouth. It’s true that I had been hoping for some attention; not so much because I was horny but because I wondered if some play would get me back into wanting sex. Yup, it did. I slept very well that night.

It’s easy to imagine enforced chastity is all about the caged male. After all, I’m the one who has no sexual control, right? Nope. Enforced chastity is a consensual power exchange. Actually, it’s a requested power exchange. I asked Mrs. Lion to take control and frustrate me to the point of distraction. She didn’t wake up one morning and decided it would be big fun to deny sex to her lion. That probably never occurred to her.

This is important. I ask her to do something that on many levels feels wrong to her. She likes to make me come. She wants me to be happy.  The idea of forcing me to miss out on sex is not on her agenda. She never wanted to control me on any level. Yet she does because she knows it makes me happy. I have a lot of experience being in her role. It isn’t an easy one.

She doesn’t discuss it, but how do you think she feels when she sees me at the edge of orgasm and then realizing I won’t get to come? It can’t feel good. The more desperate I get, the more my need for control is satisfied and the more difficult it is for her to rationalize causing me so much distress. In another post I’ll tell you how I did this to women who wanted it.

In my control fantasy, Mrs. Lion truly enjoys seeing my discomfort. Ideally it would turn her on. It doesn’t. But for some women this is a big turn on. Whether it is exciting or not, she can’t help but feel some guilt and sadness about being so mean to me. It doesn’t matter that on a conscious level she knows she is doing what I want. Emotionally, it doesn’t feel good.

On the other hand, I may be massively frustrated or if she spanked me, my butt can be burning, but I am feeling great. She is doing exactly what I dreamed about. This is when I must step out of my role and remember that my job is to make her happy. She needs me to let her know that she is doing what I want. After any punishment or teasing session, I must remember to thank her and let her know she is doing something that makes me happy; maybe not at that moment, but overall happy. It’s the worst time for me to do this since I am basking or wallowing in the frustration or pain. But I owe it to her to remember that what she just did was difficult and painful for her. I have to let her know that she is making me a happy big kitty. It’s very selfish to just stay in the role of caged male at those times.