Obviously Lion and I aren’t communicating as well as we think. I know I’ve told him that ok does not necessarily mean yes especially when we are talking about new rules and changes to the status quo. By the same token, I’ve been misinterpreting his suggestions as changes he’d like to make. We need to get on the same page. In addition to that, Lion lives and dies by his calendar. He has many meetings every day, and sometimes multiple meetings at the same time that he has to weed through to decide which he needs to attend. I have three meetings a month, all on Tuesday. I never have to look at my calendar.

My post yesterday was more of a knee jerk reaction to my misinterpreting his suggestions and the ensuing changes that seem to keep coming. And how do I remember what the rules are and when he is supposed to have an orgasm? Quite often I see his suggestions as a sign that I’m not doing something right. Why else would he want a change? This makes me more unsteady. I know he writes posts praising me for things, but I really do wonder if I’m doing anything right. And when he writes a post that says we are definitely doing something that we only talked about, I feel steamrolled. So I retreat into the “safety” of the original rule and try to regroup.

I don’t want to uncage Lion. It wouldn’t make me happy. It would make me feel like I’ve failed. Lion has promised me a fix to my faulty memory. He ordered it on Amazon. I wasn’t aware they sold new brains, but Amazon does sell everything from A to Z. Maybe it’s something that will smack me in the head and tell me when to give him his scheduled orgasm.

As far as non-scheduled orgasms are concerned, I’ve got that covered. Last night Lion had the Njoy butt plug firmly inserted and I decided to play with him. He said he was very horny. I knew I was playing with fire, but I really was going to just tease him with my mouth. Then I remembered it had been a long time since he’d had an orgasm with a butt plug in. He said it’s difficult to come with something in his ass. I told him that sounded like a challenge to me and he said he didn’t intend it as one. Too late! It didn’t take too long and he said it actually hurt a little. Well, that just gives him something to remember me by.

I was going to leave him wild for a day just because, but I was afraid he would take that as further evidence that I don’t want him caged anymore. So back in the cage he went. I’m not even sure it matters if we call his next orgasm scheduled or not since he’s had two bonus orgasms, but it is still set for Tuesday. I will decide at that time what the next date will be and what rules will apply. And we will continue to try to improve our communication.