Lion’s food poisoning took a lot out of him. He spent most of yesterday resting. He did say he felt horny though so we tried for his belated orgasm.

It took a while to get him erect and then he lost it before he could climax. He says maybe he’s broken. I think he just needs more recovery time. This morning he asked if I wanted him to wear the shock collar. I think we should wait until he’s better. Or at least a little better than now.

I was thinking yesterday that if he hadn’t been wild already, I would have unlocked him once he got sick. There’s no sense making him deal with pinching and pee spraying when he’s feeling horrible. And his punishment swats are on hold as well. Not that he’s supposed to enjoy them but he certainly wouldn’t get any benefit now. He did ask that I  not save all punishment up for one time, but so far he only has those four swats coming. And I wouldn’t punish him for things he did while he’s sick. Any insubordination or mistakes would probably be due to exhaustion and some lingering pain. He’s just not himself.

I’m hoping that one more day of taking it easy will do the trick. By bedtime, Lion will be frisky again and perhaps he’ll get his naughty Lion swats. And it will be business as usual again.