I’ve already decided how long Lion will have to wait for his orgasm after this upcoming one. I won’t tell him yet. Why make him twist in the wind when he’s already dealing with his current wait? Now “all” I have to do is decide how he can earn time off or add time. Aside from actually making him wait, this is the most difficult thing for me.

My idea of having him accommodate ever increasing dildo sizes almost certainly won’t work. It’s very time consuming for me. I need something that can be done on autopilot. The other night he was a little upset that I didn’t take him out of his cage to tease him. I played with his balls and licked him through the cage. I liked seeing him try to get hard and press up against the cage. If he expects to be teased every night then he will expect to have a dildo up his ass every night so he can meet the challenge and reduce his wait time. This idea might be better off as a long term challenge for a different prize.

Even on my bitchiest days I don’t want to add time to his sentence. PMS, stress, his interrupting, none of it makes me want to punish him. And actually, given the fact that decisions are not my strong suit, I think it would be counter intuitive to change a decision once I’ve made one. If I were a judge would I sentence someone to twenty years and a week later say, “Just kidding. Ten years.”? Well, yes, I probably would. And that’s the problem. I’m a pushover. So extending his time is not likely to happen.

I think poor Lion is stuck with whatever number I pull out of my hat. It may be as little as one day wait. I can’t imagine it being any more than twelve days. Especially if he needs to be teased every night. I’m sort of burned out in that respect. Although I’m not sure that burned out feeling will go away if the wait is less time. Teasing every night is the same whether the wait is three days or thirty-three days. But if Lion wants to wait longer, we can wait longer. And by that I mean if he says he would like to wait a month then I’ll decide if we wait a month. He’s still just making a request. I do not have to grant it.

I’ll keep trying to convince myself to come up with time off for good behavior or reasons for lengthening his sentence. For now I have his number selected and I’m just waiting for Friday to let him know.

Addendum:  When Lion read this post he said he hadn’t realized teasing was so burdensome. I told him it had gotten to be since he said he needed it every night so he doesn’t feel neglected. Then I realized something that just proves what a slow learner I am; he was steamrolling me again. Too bad if he needs to be teased every night. Who has time for that? He is no longer allowed to make me feel that what I’m doing isn’t enough (she says with that determination she hopes to have one day). Excessive whining and grumbling may very well be the thing that adds to his solitary confinement. Not all whining and grumbling. Some of it is cute and funny. But when it starts to stress me out, that’s when he’ll find himself in trouble.