Spanking Lessons

(Tuesday, June 3, 2014) Mrs. Lion never ceases to amaze me. I’m learning that I better be careful what I write here. The other day I wrote about my session with Mrs. Lion and how she handled encouraging me to take more (Post). She replied with her perspective. Last night she decided to try again.

She had removed my cage for hygiene and after my shower said I could be a wild lion for a while. After dinner she told me to lie face-down on the bed. She went to the other room and returned with some spanking implements. She started with her hands. She has very good hands. She told me that I was being a  good boy for not squirming. She switched off to other stingy implements. I did my best to hold still.

After a while my butt felt like it was radiating heat. Each swat burned! She then announced that she would give me three hard swats on each cheek and that I was to hold still. Each swat felt like fire! I don’t know what she used, but boy did it sting! She paused about a second between swats. Somehow I managed to hold still. She congratulated me.

She returned to using her hands and various implements. I couldn’t believe it but I was hard for the entire time. That’s something very new to me. I was starting to get into the spanking. The endorphins were cutting in. She stopped and announced another hard three swats to each cheek. I held still and remained very hard.  I’m not sure how many times she repeated this, but I was still and erect for the entire session. I was amazed.

She then told me to roll over and she brought me to the edge several times. By that point I wasn’t thinking very clearly; just feeling. Finally, she masturbated me until I came. Oh boy! It was heaven. She gave me some time to come down and then put me back in my cage. Wow!

It’s great that Mrs. Lion is such an avid reader of the blog. I suspect I will have many sore butts as a result of that post a few days ago. I wouldn’t have believed it before, but I think I can be trained to hold still for a painful spanking. It will take time and training (poor lion!) but based on last night, it will happen. I don’t know if I will stay hard, or even get hard, for spankings, but last night I did. Thank you, Mrs. Lion!