Waiting is the hardest part of being caged. Will today be the day I get to orgasm?

One of the hardest things for me to learn is acceptance. I am a type-A male. As such, I am used to taking action when I think it is needed. Clearly my sex life has to be eliminated from the list of things I can act on. My own sexual pleasure is completely dependent on my lioness. I can’t get aroused, much less orgasm, without her letting me. Surprisingly, I like that. It’s exciting to surrender power to her. That doesn’t mean it is easy for me.

If it all came down to me learning to wait for a chance to come, I think I could handle it with some grace. I know that I am used to telling my lioness when I am horny, usually with some clumsy moves that signal it to her. However, this is not a good thing for me to do. It’s topping from the bottom. She wants to make me happy and will feel pressure to get me off if I let her know I am horny. Of course on another level she knows I am always horny, however when I get blatant about it, she knows I am more anxious than usual. The right thing for me to do is to quietly wait for her to decide  I should come. Even if it is more often than I might like, it is wrong for me to express any opinion. My vote puts pressure on her.

There is another issue that has me puzzled: giving her pleasure. I shouldn’t make any sexual moves myself. She controls my sexuality. However, I know it is nearly impossible for her to ask or tell me to please her. I don’t want to get back to a situation where she does without rather than ask or tell. That’s what will happen if I don’t make the first move.  Can I be aggressive toward my keyholder? Is initiating pleasure just for her topping from the bottom? I just don’t know.

Every forced chastity relationship is different. Some keyholders find owning their males’ sexuality to be liberating. They become overnight sex fiends. Others find the new power uncomfortable and difficult, but they accept because they want to make their males happy. There are no right and wrong ways to do this. A keyholder has to find her own way. As a caged male, I have to take my cues from my lioness.