pill container that makes an excellent emergency key holder. serial-numbered labels can cover the seam to provide evidence of tampering.
Pill container that makes an excellent emergency key holder. Serial-numbered labels can cover the seam to provide evidence of tampering. (Click link for purchase information)

Most of the time it’s just fine being caged 24/7. But there are occasions when being locked up can cause embarrassment or worse. One example came up last week. I had developed a small blood clot in my leg. Fortunately it was superficial and posed no threat of traveling to my lungs. However, it did require several doctor visits. For one of them, Mrs. Lion and I both forgot that the visit was the next day and I went off to work in my cage. Only after I was at work did we both realize the error. Mrs. Lion had to meet me at the doctor’s office and had to remove my cage in the back seat of her truck before we went in. Admittedly, the worst that could have happened was that my doctor spied the bulge and asked a question. Not the worst thing in the world, but nothing either of us wanted to happen.

In a prior post, Mrs. Lion wrote about her concerns that I would need to be uncaged and she would not be available or the key would be in its hiding place at home. That got me thinking. I need an emergency key, but one that is stored in a way that will let Mrs. Lion know if I accessed it. I searched all over the web. I finally found an aluminum pill container small enough to fit on my key chain (photo right). The key, or in my case, the tool that opens my cage would fit inside.

As it turned out, the tool is slightly too long to fit. We are going to grind off some of the end and then it will be a nice, snug fit. That solves the “what” of where the emergency key goes. Now, we need a way to inform Mrs. Lion if I had my paws inside it. The solution to that turned out to be quite simple. A tamper-resistant label with a serial number on it would immediately reveal any attempt to extract the key (see photo below, left).

tamper resistant labels
Tamper-resistant labels will go around the container. Any attempt to open it will be immediately revealed. (click the image for purchase information)

Labels alone aren’t enough. A sneaky lion could remove the key, do the nasty, then return the key and use a new label. But this system is too smart for that. Every label has a unique serial number. Mrs. Lion can check the number of the label against one posted on the right side of the page and immediately determine if I have been accessing the key.

For additional security, the labels are holograms and the manufacturer guarantees there are no repeats of the serial number. This product is also available on amazon.com. For less than $15 you can have a secure way to provide an emergency key.

This system is also very useful for travel. The male can be uncaged before his trip. Upon arriving at the destination, he can lock himself up, put the key in the emergency container, seal it with a label, and take a picture of himself with the container, his cage, and the label on it with his phone and text it to you. Just before leaving for home, he can take the same picture again and text it to you. Then he can remove the key, unlock and go through airport security. Once safely home, you can lock him up again.

This may seem a little extreme. I don’t think it is. I know that I like the idea that my lioness is in firm charge under all conditions. Ideally I would never have access to a key. That would only work if I were with her constantly. Since that isn’t possible for most of us, we have to choose between taking the chance I will never need to be unlocked while Mrs. Lion isn’t with me, or provide me with a way to unlock myself if necessary.

As we all know, any cage that attaches via a cock and ball ring is almost certainly escapable with enough time and effort. There is a certain amount of trust in any forced male chastity relationship. I, for one, will never attempt to pull out of my cage. I’m certain it’s possible, but very difficult. But I won’t. This isn’t the same as being uncaged. The cage serves its purpose. It prevents me from getting hard and makes it impossible for me to have any form of sex while locked up. Giving me a key and “trusting” me just makes it too easy to cheat. While I won’t cheat, it feels a little insulting to remove any pretense of real physical control. The fact is that while I might (and I am not sure I can) pull out of the locked caged. I am 100-percent certain that I could never get back in. Mrs. Lion would find out. Similarly, if I have an emergency key and it is sealed as I described. I can unlock myself, but if I do, Mrs. Lion will find out. If my unauthorized release isn’t sufficiently urgent, I can expect severe punishment. So, it isn’t so much whether I can get out on my own, but whether I can do it without Mrs. Lion finding out. I don’t want to think about what would happen in that case. So you see, it really is forced male chastity. Just like any imprisonment, escape may be possible, but recapture results in terrible penalties.

(Monday, May 12 2014) Time for another look into our mailbag.

Dear Journal,

I’ve been reading about male chastity for a long time. It’s hot to think about. I’ve been married five years and my wife and I are very normal. We haven’t done anything kinky. I don’t know what she will think if I ask her to lock me up and take charge of my sex life. I want this so much!

Needs to be caged

Dear Needs,

Almost all of us had exactly the same concern. I spent months thinking about being locked up before I finally got up the nerve to have the chastity talk. During that time I read all I could find that was written by real couples who successfully got into forced male chastity. Most of what I found, particularly on the forums for chastity, were single males writing completely unrealistic fantasies. This lack of real information is why I decided to share here.

There is no simple answer to your question. My approach was to simplify what I was asking. In the first conversation you just have to explain what it is you want; in this case, to have your penis locked up and have her hold the key. The inevitable question from her will be, “Why?” The answer to this can be kept simple. Something like, “Because I want you to decide when I get sexual release, and I want you to know that I can’t masturbate or even get an erection without your permission.”

Undoubtedly there will be many more questions. Many women will ask for time to think about it. That’s a good sign. You’ve waited this long, you can wait a bit longer. I suggest you show her this site. Ask her to read the section for prospective keyholders: How To Cage Your Man. This should answer many of her questions.

If you are lucky, she will agree to try locking you up. Shop for a chastity device with her. When you get it, put it on and give her the key. Now the hard part. You will be tempted to come up with all sorts of ideas on what she should do now that you are caged. Resist them. She has done her reading. Just stay quietly in your cage and let her decide what’s next.

Dear Journal,

I’ve been caged for a few weeks now. My wife seems to enjoy controlling my sex life. She has unlocked me and given me an orgasm at least twice a week. I know I should be grateful for this, but one reason I wanted to be locked up was to make a dream come true; not being allowed to come for at least a year. I told her about this several times, but she wouldn’t agree to such a long term lockup. What can I do?

Don’t make me come again

Don’t make me come,

Many men fantasize about long term chastity. Very few actually do it. When you gave your wife the keys to your cage, you surrendered control of your sexuality. As Mrs. Lion has graphically shown me, this can be long term teasing and ruined orgasms or being made to come every day. The point is that she is the boss. In a sense, your wish to not come for a long time is an expression of you wanting to control how she tops you.

You may want to ask yourself whether you wanted to be locked up at all? Did you want her in charge of your sexuality, or did you want her to  help you give up sex for a year? Maybe you asked for the wrong thing.

invisible leash remote
Mrs. Lion takes me shopping. Her invisible leash is always right at hand.

(Sunday, May 11 2014) To me one of the best signs of a healthy forced male chastity relationship is seamless integration into day-to-day living. Here is a picture (top) of Mrs. Lion with our shopping cart as we do our weekly trip to the warehouse store. The remote for my shock collar hangs loosely from her wrist. The business end – the receiver/shocker – is buried safely under my balls (bottom photo). You can see that it makes very good contact against that most sensitive spot.

So far, she hasn’t used it much. Once today, as we were walking down an isle I got a sharp zap. I looked at her, puzzled. “You interrupted me. You’re not supposed to do that.”

I had. The reminder did its job and I went silent. This device is proving very effective as a way to both “page” me when wanted and to correct me when I fail to obey either a rule or command. As of today, I only have two rules that my lioness enforces: don’t spill food or drink, and don’t interrupt. I usually get some bare bottom spanking for spilling at home, and when we are out I get zapped.

Spanking is a very effective punishment. It demonstrates my keyholder’s power and it has an after effect that can last for days. Zapping, however is very different. It’s applied while I am naughty. It’s a strong sensation and when it stops there is no after effect at all. The simple remote control allows my keyholder to vary the intensity from something I can barely feel, to one that will make me jump. She can hold the button for only a second or for 10.

The ability to vary intensity and time is a very useful training aid. If trying to correct a behavior like touching his genitals, the first reminder can be a rather mild zap. Repeated mistakes can get stronger and longer messages. The caged male determines how intense is correction will be. If he is a good boy it won’t be much at all. Repeating the offense will result in more discomfort.

shock trainer under balls
The business end of the trainer is strapped under the balls, behind the cage’s cock and ball ring. Note how the electrodes are in tight contact with my skin.

When we first considered using a training collar for male training, my concern was that the sensation would be far too mean, like a cattle prod, to be used under my tender balls. I was wrong. When we test the device, Mrs. Lion has to dial up considerably before I feel a tiny tingle. I always ask her to go up one more notch for signalling. The next notch feel a little stronger and unmistakable. If I wander off, a couple of zaps will bring me back. If I don’t move fast enough, I can expect stronger, repeated zaps until I am where I am told to be.

The hardest part of this more Mrs. Lion is the authority I want her to have. I know she doesn’t want to take charge of her lion in sexual (or any) matters. She is starting to see that it can be useful. She hates when I interrupt her. Now she has a simple, effective way to stop me from doing that anymore. She doesn’t mind if my hand wanders between my legs, so there is no correction there.

I know I should have lots of great ideas on what behaviors she may want to correct. I am embarrassed to say that I don’t. Is it that I just don’t have any bad habits? That can’t be. How many lions do you know who don’t need training?

You can help us. What requires discipline in your relationship? What male activities need the sort of conditioning and supervision this great toy provides? If you had a remote control for your male, how would you use it?

Please use the comments section, or if you want to communicate privately use Contact Us to send us a private message. Thanks! Caged Lion