We had a busy weekend. Each day I looked forward to not having to go out, but we had errands in addition to chores. By dinnertime I was so tired of running up and down stairs doing laundry that I bribed Lion. He’d spilled syrup on his shirt at breakfast and sauce on his shirt at dinner. I told him I’d take one of those offenses off his list if he went downstairs to put the laundry in the dryer and retrieve dishwasher detergent from the pantry. Zoom! Down the stairs he went. When he came back up he said I could have just asked him to do it and he would have. I know that, but I really didn’t want to go back down those stairs again and why not sweeten the deal for him?

For the rest of the night, aside from a few odds and ends chores that needed to be done, we just vegetated. Lion’s allergies were bothering him. With all the furniture moving and dust stirring-up, he was itchy. I was just tired and sore. I’m sure Lion would have loved to play, but I had no energy.

We got the Lion punishment bank yesterday. It’s a silly looking lion bobble head. I’m not sure if we’ll use it. I sort of like the way it is now. On punishment night, Lion has to tell me why I’m about the swat him. If there are pennies in the bank will we know what the offenses are? Would I be any more likely to add pennies than I am to tell him what to add to his list? If I tell him why I’m adding a penny, why can’t I just tell him I’m adding something to his list that he has to remember? I’m not seeing the need for the bank. Maybe I will in the future.

Lion’s next scheduled orgasm is February 1. I considered moving it to the 2nd and then giving him a Groundhog day orgasm for a few days afterward, but I didn’t. One is enough. Unless I decide it isn’t. At first, February 1st seemed very far away until I realized we’re already almost done with January. Lion can certainly wait nine days between orgasms. He can wait longer if that’s what I decide. I’ve only extended his wait time once (not due to illness or injury), but who knows what Mrs. Lion 2.0 will do.