We assume Lion’s surgery went well yesterday. The surgeon never spoke to me and Lion was a bit loopy from anesthesia to tell what the doctor said to him. He just kept repeating that he was hungry. He has a patch over his eye and I hope we’ll know more when we go to the post op appointment today.

Luckily, there wasn’t much pain. Lion took some Tylenol and seemed fine. Obviously he wasn’t in any mood for sex. We just held hands and he snoozed a bit. I don’t know how long Lion will have his pirate look. We’ll get that info at his appointment.

Depending on how Lion feels, we might get back to normal tonight or it might take a few days. I know he’s anxious for medical issues to stop interfering. I am too. Yesterday I realized how tired I am of waiting in waiting rooms. Of course, I’ll wait for Lion any time I need to but I think we both deserve a break. No more surgeries for at least a few months. Fingers crossed. No matter what happens, I’ll be here for Lion today and every day after.