Not Truly Nice

We ran some errands last night and went out to dinner. By the time I had my shower and activated my new cell phone it was already pretty late. Lion whined that he wanted to be unlocked. I suppose I should have just glared at him but I was nice. I unlocked him.

Of course, “nice” is a relative term. If I was truly nice I would have given him his play spanking no matter how late it was. If I was truly nice I would have gone all the way to an orgasm rather than leaving him gasping for air with no relief. But I wasn’t truly nice.

I didn’t lock him up right away. I guess I should have. He did need time to calm down. Trying to shove an erect penis into a cage never goes well. When he’s really horny it gets more difficult because he may start out calm but all the maneuvering to get him in the cage excites him all over again. Then we have to wait and try again.

It seems we’ve perfected putting on the plastic cage. With a few fingers inserted between the skin and the cage, we have eliminated pinches. Lion is very thankful for that. Me too. I hate hurting him. Except when I want to, that is.