Lion has been in quite a bit of pain lately. It’s become quite clear to him that he has to do this surgery at some point in time. Luckily, we solved the transportation issue. Lion can safely get into my truck using an extra step. He’s also taken steps to make his sports car more accessible, but I’ll let him tell you about that. I think the last hurdle is gone.

Not quite. Obviously, there’s still a lot of fear of the unknown. He’s not afraid of the actual surgery. That’s the part that would be freaking me out. He’s worried about the pain afterwards and the recovery time. I’d be less worried about that part. See? Opposites.

I’m less inclined to rush back to work after that first week is over. Given the way my bosses have been treating people, I don’t feel the need to go out of my way to help them. If things fall apart, oh well. I gave them a few options and they chose poorly. Lion has top priority. I won’t leave him alone for long periods of time until we decide he’s ready to be alone. Quick trips to the store for milk or prescription refills should be fine. He will not be a drooling, comatose mess, but he’ll still need help.

Lion had a bucket list, of sorts, of things he wanted to do before the surgery since he won’t be able to go out for long periods of time in the near future. We went out to one of his favorite restaurants on Thursday, and last night we hit a casino. Unfortunately, we both lost some money in a short amount of time. The casino seems to have tightened its slot machines and payout is very limited. It’s less fun when your money just goes away with very few winning spins.

We were tired when we got home. We have a lot of chores and errands on tap for today. The main focus is getting the last of Lion’s ducks in a row. I hope we’ll get in some play tonight, but we’ll have to see what the pain and energy levels are.