Eureka! We have discovered Lion’s horniness again! If I could do a cartwheel I would. It did take the Magic Wand to entice him, but I was able to edge him a bunch of times. He was a drippy mess afterwards. Perfect! He was so hard. He had that beautiful penis I wrote about a very long time ago. He reports this morning that he’s very horny. Yay!

This means he’ll be ready for his orgasm on Saturday. Lion didn’t know but he was going to get an orgasm Saturday and then one Monday for our anniversary. However, he’ll be on the opposite side of the country on Monday. That’s a little far away to give him an orgasm. And he can’t do it himself. No, no, no. He’s not allowed. No touching allowed except to pee and clean. I’m hoping he’ll be horny when he returns too. I know he’ll be tired from his trip so I don’t expect a horny Lion on Friday. I expect a tired Lion on Friday. But by Saturday or Sunday he should be well-rested.

I don’t know how often Lion will be travelling, but I may need to adjust our orgasm schedule. Granted, the dates right now are only the earliest he can expect to have an orgasm. But do I really want to send a horny, cage-free Lion on a trip alone? I think it might be safer to give him one before he leaves. Not only will this remove temptation, but it will also make him more relaxed for the trip. Win win. That’s how we’ll work it in the beginning. As we know more about when and how long he’ll be travelling, we can make further adjustments.

Enforced chastity and FLR are, for us, a living organism. Nothing is set in stone. We have to adjust things as life happens. His rules may always be a constant, but everything else is malleable. I can’t see it working any other way for us. I’m just glad things are getting back to normal. Of course, one man’s normal is another man’s weird.