Last night I asked Lion if he was looking for love. He said I would hate him, but he wasn’t horny. Why would I hate him? Even if I were tree-humping horny and he didn’t want to play, I wouldn’t hate him. In a “normal” marriage sex drives don’t always align. Why would we be any different?

I suppose there are many tops out there who would have said it was too bad if he wasn’t horny. I should unlock him and play with him anyway. It was his scheduled orgasm night, dammit. He should have an orgasm because I say so. Really? Even if that was my mentality, it’s difficult to get him in the mood when he’s not. Should I force feed him a Viagra? To what end? So he has an orgasm he doesn’t want just to keep on schedule? Ridiculous.

Lion asked when his next date is. He doesn’t have long to wait. It’s the 11th. Then he asked what would happen if he was horny before then. I told him that would be good. He should be horny waiting for his orgasm. I think he was trying to see if I would just give him his missed orgasm whenever he wanted it. I have in the past. I did it just the other day. This time I figure he doesn’t have that long to wait and I don’t want to put any pressure on him. At some point he’ll be horny again and we can build up to the 11th.

Tonight I think I’ll unlock him for a little while. Maybe I can get his motor running if we snuggle a bit first. If nothing else, we’ll be close and that’s always nice.