Last night did not go well for us. Lion was interested but not really. I was using lube but he was still sensitive. It’s not a big deal. Initially Lion thought it was because it was late and this eye infection has been kicking his butt. This morning he said he thought maybe I was just too rough. Then he said it might just have been him being too sensitive. He asked if we could try again. When I said we could, he thanked me.

It always amazes me when he thanks me for agreeing to try something again. Especially if it’s something like edging. I mean, if it’s something new and neither of us really liked it then I could see saying no. But if it’s something we always do then why would I not want to try again? Does he imagine I will say no? Maybe he’s worried that I will give up on him. When he’s sick he tends to be more of a toddler, but I haven’t really encountered a man who isn’t. Maybe he equates the failure of one night with overall failure. If something didn’t work once, it may not work again. I don’t believe that. If something doesn’t work once, we try again. If it doesn’t work multiple times, we try it a different way. After all, if we didn’t try kink a different way (with the chastity device) we wouldn’t be where we are today. I may give up easily on some things, but Lion is not one of them.

If we didn’t try things again, we wouldn’t have each other either. It took Lion four tries and me two tries to find the love of our lives. I guess he’s a slower learner than I am. Either that or he was just biding his time until I happened along. I’m just glad we found each other. There’s no one that I’d rather try things over and over again with than Lion.