It seems our roles have been reversed in the Lion’s den lately. Lion is doing more of the household chores and I am the bread winner. We have separate checking accounts for a variety of reasons. When Lion is working he makes about three times what I make, so he usually pays for most things. I give him a portion of my paycheck and I pay for my own bills, gas, etc. Now I have the steady paycheck and many bills are in a holding pattern.

The other day I mentioned how weird it feels to be the one paying for things. Lion immediately said he would pay me back. But it isn’t that I mind paying for things. Our money, while held separately, is shared. Spending the money wasn’t the weird part. I’m just not normally the one who swipes the debit card at the grocery store. Similarly, Lion mentioned last night that he feels like Cinderella since he is doing the laundry, changing the bed, and cooking. I know I’m not the evil stepmother. Maybe I’m the fairy godmother. I grant his chastity and FLM wishes. The difference is that his chariot will not turn into a pumpkin at midnight. We’re not stopping either chastity or FLM. But CinderLion will scale back on his housework once he gets a job.

We had another maintenance spanking last night. Six somewhat hard swats and Lion was able to stay still for them. He said they stung and he felt them for a while afterwards, but nothing like the punishment swats from the other night. I’d hope not. Those swats aren’t meant to correct behavior. They are meant to condition behavior. I’m sure he wished I had forgotten to do them. He did remind me earlier in the day, like a good boy. But after that, it’s up to me to remember. He’s under no obligation to make sure I don’t forget later on.

We’ve also continued with our edging every night. I keep teasing him that he has to wait till the end of the month for an orgasm. We both know that isn’t very likely. It would be his longest wait by far. Neither of us cares to wait that long. We both have fun with the edging, but we’d both have more fun if he had an orgasm. For now, Lion is a frustrated, horny boy. I like that.