Lion was not very horny last night. Too bad. We agreed to play every night. I’d decided I was only going to edge him once since he just had an orgasm. Then I was going to lock him back up until tonight. I’m not sure that my plan included an added edging for each night of his wait. That could be a bit much over time. However, I was working toward that one edging last night and he was working so hard to get to the edge that I decided to reward his efforts with another orgasm. He asked why. I told him it was because I wanted to. No other reason is needed. I felt like it. He was happy with this extra orgasm, but said he didn’t think he could have another one tonight. Really? Is that a challenge? I said it was a “spurt” of the moment decision and he wouldn’t be having another one tonight.

I’m sure many of our readers think I’m too nice to Lion. I give him too many orgasms. I should be denying him for longer periods of time. He should be doing more things for me. He has too much input into things. I should be punishing him for every little thing that happens. Just as there’s no one right way to raise a child, there’s no right way to raise a Lion. I may be stumbling along here trying to figure things out, but I need to do that so I learn.

Lion and I decided that extremely long waits aren’t that important to us. He already does more than enough for me. I ask for his input so I know what he’s thinking. He wants to be punished more and I am working to accommodate him. Why would I worry about accommodating him? This is all his idea. I need to know what he’s looking for so I can have some hope of doing it. Once I know then I can put my own twist on it so he gets what he wants but not exactly. He wants to feel my power? Here’s some nail polish for those bland Lion toes. Not exactly what he had in mind, but he can’t argue. How about a diaper? Poor Lion.

Every time he comes up with a new idea I have to decide if we (I) can implement it. And he constantly comes up with new ideas. Some are general suggestions and some are things he really wants to try. There’s never a dull moment in the Lion’s den. That’s both good and bad. We don’t want to go back to boring. But we (I) don’t want to be under perpetual change. I’d like to have my feet on solid ground for a while. Lion is more adventurous. Together we make a pretty good team. Together we figure things out.