We Do It Our Way

I love the old Frank Sinatra song, “My Way.” I think he refused to sing it for many years because he was sick of performing it every single time he appeared. Well, OK, but the folks paid to hear that song. He has a somewhat checkered reputation. Many years ago I was a broadcast and recording engineer. I worked with Sinatra. He was unfailingly polite and very easy to work with. I expected that. People who are difficult don’t get the exceptional attention those who are kind do. As the guy at the controls, it would be totally simple to make him sound bad. You don’t want your waiter to spit on your food, same thing with recording engineers. Kindness pays.

Since Mrs. Lion created a rule about growling, I do my best to be sweet and polite at all times. I occasionally slip, but I think I am getting way better. I’m also getting better service wherever I go. Wise Mrs. Lion. I am definitely getting value out of obedience. Mrs. Lion, as she wrote yesterday, has her own take on enforced chastity too. My orgasm frequency is quite good. I never felt the need to see how long I could remain frustrated. I love it when she lets me come. So far, my typical wait is between five and ten days. I can easily manage both. I wish I could give her orgasms that often.

We are developing a rhythm. Orgasm spacing seems to be within that ten day range. Discipline is still new and we haven’t worked out our own take on that. Mrs. Lion says she is feeling stronger more often. I am much less likely to growl when I have to obey and do things that I don’t like. Cases in point: I had to wear a diaper this weekend for about 24 hours. I hate that. Without the cage, peeing in the diaper is unpleasant. With the cage, some urine doesn’t make it to the absorbent layer and can create a sticky, smelly film. I do my best to reach inside with a tissue to mop that mess up. Yuck! Friday night she painted all my toenails purple with sparkles. They look dumb to me. But if she likes me that way, I will try not to growl much.

Let’s face it, there is no challenge in being forced to do something you want to do anyway. That’s why enforced chastity is pretty easy for men to do. They are being forced to do what they asked to do. In most cases, the reality of long waits is far less interesting than the fantasy suggested. So there is a challenge to continue when the reality doesn’t meet the dream. In our case, enforced chastity was the training wheels for FLR. We both learned how to handle our roles. Slowly, we both came to understand the power exchange. Now, we are moving to the next level.

Since I am not particularly submissive; people have told me that forever, FLR isn’t a dream come true. But there is something about it that works for us both. Maybe it is the way we have to learn this together that is so satisfying. I’m absolutely sure that surrendering gracefully is something I am benefiting by learning. I also think that Mrs. Lion’s self image is improving and she is learning that she can take charge without worrying about bad consequences when she does.

I’m pretty sure we don’t fit the classic FLR and enforced chastity stereotype. We are just us and even when we struggle with all this, we both see value and don’t want to stop.