Since I have a list of Lion’s future orgasm dates, I decided to change the date on the calendar a few hours before I gave him last night’s orgasm. He was surprised when he saw it. It’s only nine days. Of course, his last wait was about nine days too. It’s not the length of the wait that matters. It’s the fact that I’ve chosen that wait.

Choosing his wait time is the easy part. Now I have to keep him entertained while he waits. It became apparent during this last wait that he only considers teasing to be attention. He is looking for actual penis contact. From my point of view, it is anything I do to him. If I tie him up that counts as attention. If I insert a butt plug that counts. Just because his weenie is still caged, he is getting attention. Not only did our every other day agreement cause confusion this time around, the type of attention did as well.

I said we’d discuss it, but you know what? Too bad, Lion. It all counts as attention. If all I feel like doing is tying your right foot to the bed then that’s the attention you get for that night. Of course I will still do more than that most of the time. But in the interest of clarifying things, that’s my decision.

Punishment doesn’t count as attention. That’s a separate animal altogether. I’m talking about the good attention. By good attention I certainly don’t mean Lion will necessarily enjoy himself. It could be a nice spanking that doesn’t get him floating in sub space. It could be those nasty little clothes pins on his cock head. But punishment has a separate purpose.

I think part of Lion just said, “oh crap” and part of him said, “it’s about time.”


  1. Author

    Madame Lion,

    If I may be so bold as to say that it may be that the word attention is defined by you and you alone. I the absence of you having complete comfort with that, regardless of how your pet lion may feel about, could possibly cause the beginnings of resentment in your relationship.

    I know, it is none of my business how anyone conducts their own business, it’s just there are some signs that I see (rightly or wrongly) that have caused to feel confident enough to write this comment. I only do it because I am a romantic at heart and I think that those that have actually found FLM as a way of life are on to something beautiful.

    It is not my intention to question you or butt in where I wasn’t asked to be.



  2. Author

    I’m definitely getting more confident.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Author

    Mazel Tov!! I can finally break out the champagne. Mrs. Lion is finally putting the breaks on all this topping from the bottom. All of his subtle and not so subtle manipulations to get what he wants in the way he wants it etc. Such work like a second job. The rules are what the keyholder sees fit. That is how one relinquishes control.

    Keep it up or down as the case might be.

    kudos to you!

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