Thank You, My Pet

Lion’s post today is a sort of vindication for me. For years he’d ask if I was wet when I was done spanking him. I’d tell him I wasn’t and he’d say I must be. Well, yes, I was wet. From sweating. It’s hard work to get rosy cheeks on a Lion hide.

My concentration is on him. It’s on varying my swats or my strokes to give him the most pain/pleasure. Topping is a very physical and mental task. In taking my orgasm every night, I tried to give him a different hand job or blow job. Slow one night, faster the next. Sometimes squeezing his balls. Sometimes swatting them. Sometimes not touching them at all until the end when he loves them tickled.

Planning out a scene is difficult especially for someone who has been in the lifestyle as long as Lion. Sometimes I have an idea and when I’m done with it I see him laying there wondering what’s next. Me too! I just ran through my whole repertoire.

So what do I get out of it? There’s a satisfaction in knowing that I made those cheeks rosy or the balls tougher. And that Lion is happy.  And I’m happy I made him happy.

I’m glad he understands that. Thank you, my pet.