Yesterday was essentially a replay of last Sunday. Lion was strapped into the sling, he was pegged, and he had his balls slathered with menthol rub. There was, of course, one big difference. Lion had his orgasm.

Last Sunday I did take it easier on him. When I pegged him I took my time putting the dildo in. I gave him a chance to accommodate it. Not yesterday. I kept steady pressure until it was in. I moved it in and out more. For the most part, I ignored the faces he was making. I ignored when he said it hurt. I knew it wasn’t real pain. Discomfort, yes; pain, no. When I was done I removed the dildo and told Lion he did well. He never once asked me to stop or go easy.

This weekend I also decided to go a bit crazy with the menthol rub. I went straight for the new stuff. I slathered it on his perineum. I waited for it to take effect and then went for his balls. When he said it wasn’t so bad, I slathered more on. That did the trick! It’s a good thing I kept stroking Mr. Weenie. Between my hand and my mouth I was able to distract him from the pain to keep it under control.

I had already decided I wasn’t going to give him his orgasm with his balls on fire. I wanted him to enjoy it. I let him out of the sling to take a shower. When he was done I gave him a blow job. Of course, I teased him a bit before I went all the way. And I was rewarded with a huge mouthful of cum. He was definitely turned on by the day’s activities.

Lion’s new date is February 20th. This time around, the 20th is just a suggestion. It’s the earliest he will have an orgasm. Is there a date by which he has to have an orgasm? Nope. It’s all up to 2.0. Uh oh, Lion.