woman signalling up
Up boy! Good boy!

On Monday night when Mrs. Lion unlocked me for my scheduled orgasm,  she sat next to me and then wiggling her finger said while moving the finger up and down in front of my penis,

“Come on boy, up, up!’

She used the cheerful sing-song voice one uses to encourage a dog to do a trick. [Mrs. Lion – I also snapped my fingers and whistled at him.] Immediately after she said it, she told me she was just kidding. That’s too bad. I really liked it. I told her that she could train me to do that trick. She ignored my comment. I think she might have been a little embarrassed to give me a doggy command. I loved it! I have a longstanding fantasy about being trained that way; not only to get hard on command, but to do other things as well. I loved her “training voice”.

It took Mrs. Lion a long time to even write, “Good boy!” when I do something correctly. She seems a bit uncomfortable with that. I have no idea why I have this fantasy, but it’s been around for many years. I have no idea why Mrs. Lion decided to do that on Monday, but wow it felt like an electric shock went through me. [Mrs. Lion – I have no idea why I did it either. Just a spur of the moment thing.]

We need a little reality check here. I am pretty sure I can’t really be trained to get hard without physical stimulation. That’s for younger guys. But being “encouraged” that way during stimulation would be amazing. Some swats for not complying fast enough would be fun too. There are other commands that would also be fun; things like fetch, sit, roll over come to mind.

I think there is a reason these things are fun for me. They are a little humiliating — I do like that — and they appeal to my love of bottoming. A submissive guy might like this too, but for a different reason. He might like being able to please his mistress. My motives are murkier and far more sexual.

Lioness 2.0 knows all this on some level. I think it is behind her use of nail polish and diapers. This, of course, has nothing to do with enforced chastity. It’s part of the package that turns me on. Consistent application of “training” is not only highly arousing. Once the novelty wears off it becomes a sort of emotional security blanket that gives me comfort in enforced chastity and surrender in general.

In my case, these expressions of control provide a sense of security and acceptance. They also keep me very involved in my surrender. It’s hard, for example, to forget I am not in charge when I am sitting in a wet diaper or my toenails are painted an ugly color. It’s even more obvious to me when I am performing tricks for my lioness.

It should be noted that I am writing this post only a short time after my orgasm. This is not my need for sex writing. It is coming from a much deeper level. I can trace this need back as far as the early 1980’s. I have no idea why I am wired this way. I just am.