Disciplinary Wives Handbook
Introduction – Our Story

We started our disciplinary marriage almost ten years into our legal marriage. We’ve made a lot of mistakes and have learned a lot along the way. This handbook is not intended to tell you how to be a disciplinary wife. It’s up to you to discover for yourself what works for you.

Almost all requests to have a disciplinary marriage comes from the husband. Over 85% of American men fantasize about being spanked. It’s this fantasy that drives some to try to make a disciplinary relationship real. Most men who want to turn their spanking fantasies into reality will do it by seeking out a woman who will spank them. Some ask their wives. Others join BDSM organizations or pay sex workers to spank them. I asked my wife to spank me.

Every so often we would have a spanking session: a scene. There was no role play. She simply had me get on my hands and knees or lie flat on the bed. In the beginning the spanking would be a few barely-felt pats on my ass. Over time, she learned to make it more memorable using paddles. Sometimes she would tie me face-down, spread-eagle on the bed before spanking me. She would start with light warm-up swats and increase intensity as my tolerance grew. I enjoyed it. After my spanking, she would have me roll over and then jerk off.

Thanks to these sessions, she was comfortable with the idea of spanking me. I kept having fantasies about being spanked for being “naughty”. The idea of being punished turned me on. I found that thinking about her being in charge was really hot. I often masturbated thinking about her taking charge and spanking me.

Finally, I decided to ask her to take charge and be my disciplinary wife. I explained that I wanted her to make rules and enforce them with punishments. “Like spanking?” she asked.

Exactly. She was unsure about being in charge. She was fine about spanking me. She thought about it a bit and agreed. I suggested that we needed some rules I was almost guaranteed to break. That way we would get practice with our new plan.

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