So Mean

I didn’t do a post yesterday. I was in the middle of investigating a mystery at work. Who did what? Why? How can we fix it? And then Lion called me about going with him on his next business trip and what’s my frequent flyer info and what’s my TSA number? And everything required a password that I didn’t remember. Too much turmoil to be able to come up with a post.

Plus I had nothing to report. We hadn’t really played in days. I suggested using the sling on Wednesday and Lion wasn’t really interested. He’d rather wait for the weekend. OK. That works.

Last night, however, Lion was on his game. He was hard within a few minutes of my iutouching him. I don’t know why but I decided to be ruthless with him. As soon as he got to the edge I stopped but I didn’t take my hand away. And within a minute of stopping I was starting again. Over and over and over. I’m not sure I’ve ever edged him so many times.

We both thought I’d gone too far a few times. Not quite. It didn’t stop me from continuing on. Afterwards Lion wondered how many days his wait had been. His last orgasm was Sunday. It’s a four day wait so far. Not long at all. He’s got another few days to go. At least.

But as we were settling in for bed Lion said I was mean for not giving him an orgasm. I told him he asked me to do this for him. He said he didn’t ask last night. It was more of a general statement in the beginning of all this chastity talk. He asked me to make him wait. Silly boy. If he didn’t want me to make him wait he shouldn’t have asked. He said he’s just frustrated and I make it all worse. And isn’t four days long enough?

Nope. It isn’t.