Yesterday I sat down and scheduled Lion’s orgasms through the end of June. He was pleased to hear his orgasms will not end on January 1. Don’t tell him there is a wait of 21 days in there somewhere. Unless I take pity on him and adjust the schedule. Not that I don’t think he can wait that long. But why should he? My intent is to keep him off balance, not to make him suffer too long. I have other ways to make him suffer.

This morning the Lion who has everything made a request for more. He wants me to do more anal stuff and use the Velcro cuffs on the bed to restrain him more often. We have talked about this. I always say I’ll try and I always fail to do it. My first thought was, “Why can’t he ever be happy with what he has?” My second thought was, “Work sucks and I’ve been achy all over for weeks, why can’t he be happy with what he has?” And my third thought was, “It’s not his problem that work sucks and I’ve been achy for weeks. We’ve discussed it and I’ve dropped the ball again and again. Try harder.” So I resolve to try harder – again.

In the back of my mind, however, I’m wondering if there shouldn’t be a quid pro quo attached to his request. Not exactly a punishment, but if he wants more he should have to pay for it. I know I’ve promised in the past and why wouldn’t there be some sort of retribution on my part for not following through (because I’m the one in charge, that’s why), but it seems there should be a trade off for extras. You know, you want the value meal but maybe you want onion rings instead of french fries so they tack on another $1. Or you want to super size it. Besides, he’s pointing out a failure of mine. I don’t want to be reminded I’m not perfect. In medieval times, if you pointed out an error by those in power, you might lose your head. I’m not suggesting anything so drastic. Maybe just a few good swats to remind him that it isn’t nice to point out my flaws. I’m the one who points out flaws. Just a thought.

And I was thinking last night that perhaps things had gotten a little too routine. Between trying to get him interested and trying to keep my leg from being in pain, I was wondering what to do. Unfortunately, trying to not be in pain invades all my thoughts so I couldn’t come up with anything at that point. I guess restraining him would have gotten him interested more quickly. It’s just not something I think of. I think if he’s interested it should be apparent almost immediately. I guess it’s ironic since many women take forever to get in the mood and women complain men aren’t willing to do any foreplay because they just want to get to the main event. I know I take a while to get warmed up but my pilot light has been off for a while so I just figured that was the problem.

Anyway, it’s ridiculous of me to think Lion should always be ready to go. Besides, he loves all the foreplay. He likes, and sometimes needs, his play time. Sometimes I think he likes the spanking or being tied up more than he likes the teasing and edging. Maybe not more. It may depend on the night.

So what’s the takeaway here? I’ll try to do more anal stuff and restrain him more. Will there be price for his asking for things (aka pointing out my flaws)? That’s to be determined. Will I change things up so they don’t feel so routine? Definitely. I can’t have my Lion (or me) lapsing into a coma during play.

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    God, how I love your candor. Thank you.

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