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Clothespins are ordinary household objects that are easily available anywhere in the world. They are also incredibly effective sensation toys. They can be applied anywhere there is available skin. In our case, they generally get placed on my perineum, scrotum, penis and nipples. One game Mrs. Lion plays is to see how many she can apply to my balls and perineum. Each one adds more pinching sensation. It can get very intense. She’s managed to find room for over 40.

clothespin with rough liner

Here is how we line the clothespins with the 3M anti-skid tape. We cut pieces just the right size to cover the “business end” of the clothespin. We stick a piece on both sides (top and bottom). That’s it. You now have a low-cost, intense toy to apply to nipples and genitals.

Not all clothespins are created equal. Standard, wooden clothespins pinch, but not terribly hard. We have a set we modified to substantially increase intensity. We took 3M anti-skid tape and cut small squares and applied them to both sides of the “grippy” part of wood clothespins. This anti-skid tape is like extremely coarse sandpaper. While the amount of pinch isn’t increased, the texture of the tape adds a lot of intensity.

If you explore the aisles of local home stores, you can also find plastic clothespins. These clothespins have a much stronger grip than their wooden cousins. I find them very hard to take in quantity. However, I still find them exciting. As each one goes on the feeling  intensifies.

One interesting thing about clothespins is that it hurts at least as much as going on when they are removed. The sudden rush of blood into the pinched area gives a sharp burst of pain. One of Mrs. Lion’s tricks is to put a number of plastic clothespins on my balls, then masturbate me to the edge of orgasm and then just as I am ready to come, stop masturbating me and at the same time remove a clothespin. The combination of feelings is very intense. She repeats this until all the clothespins are off.

Aside from clothespins, there are other grippy items that can be very intense. One type that is very hard for me to handle are small gluing clamps purchased at my favorite sex toy store, Home Depot. They come in all sizes. As they get bigger, the amount of grip increases. Even the smallest ones pack a seriously painful grip on my balls. Four is the most I can take without losing my erection.

As a rule, Mrs. Lion uses the state of my erection to determine how much clothespin pain I can take. When I start to get soft, she sometimes stops. Other times, she is less interested in my tolerance and more interested in creating some nice clothespin art.

If you go to a craft store, you can find the most diabolical clothespins of all: dollhouse clothes pins. These tiny, plastic replicas of clothespins are designed to be scale models for use in dollhouses. However, they have a much more painful use.

The goal is to make a ring of them around the corona of my penis. So far, any more than two makes me lose my erection and whimper pathetically. Even when applied to the much-less-sensitive balls is so painful, I can’t take many. You can buy them in sets of four or five. I bought about fifty. Optimistic and stupid of me.

We also play games with clothespins. Mrs. Lion usually chooses one of the more painful varieties. We watch Jeopardy on TV. I have to answer all the questions. If I miss one, a clothespin goes on my balls. Typically, I will end up with more than thirty by the end of the show. At that point I am not thinking very clearly at all and I am dreading when she removes them. The longer they are on, the more it hurts when they come off.

One safety note. Don’t leave clothespins on for more than an hour or so. Actually, less time is safer. If they are on too long, there can be damage where the blood supply is cut off.

As toys go, clothespins are among the easiest to find and very inexpensive. They are also very safe to use and provide intense sensation with very little effort on the part of the top.

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