Tease And Deny Videos

[Taken from the Now He’s Locked Up, What’s Next page] Even though he is locked up and safely out of reach, you don’t want him to forget about needing an orgasm, do you? I didn’t think so. The best way to make sure that every day he has to wait is more and more frustrating is to regularly tease him but not allow him to orgasm. This is very easy to do and only takes ten or fifteen minutes to perform. This video is one of my personal favorites. The keyholder remains loving and encouraging yet provides maximum stimulation to the edge of orgasm. Her dialogue plays into the male’s need to orgasm and encourages him to get more and more aroused. I think this is an excellent example of how a keyholder can exercise sexual control without turning into a dominatrix. No matter what style of forced male chastity you choose, tease and deny should be a regular part of your activities. It serves two important purposes: It keeps the male’s sexual interest very high, and it provides him with loving, sexual attention without allowing him orgasm. I know that I really need that attention so that my enforced chastity doesn’t just feel like neglect. 

This is another kind of tease when the male asked to be unlocked. Be careful what you ask for!


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