Ruined Orgasm Video

Ruined orgasms are a very popular way to provide a caged male with a chance to release seminal fluid without any of the pleasure of a normal orgasm. This technique involves masturbating the man until he is very close to coming. When you think he is about to come. Stop. Wait at least 15 seconds. If you went far enough to ruin his orgasm, you will see semen ooze out of his penis. Don’t touch. Let it all ooze out. He won’t like the fact that he got none of the normal orgasmic pleasure.

If he doesn’t come, do it again and stop. Eventually you will just push him over the edge and he will ooze. Be sure to keep his hands away from his penis. Stimulation at that point will give him the orgasmic pleasure he is missing. Mrs. Lion uses this technique on me from time to time.

This video shows men experiencing ruined orgasms. You will quickly get the idea. At the end there is a long tease and ruined orgasm session. Cruel Mistress.





3 comments on “Ruined Orgasm Video
  1. ShyPetite says:

    This is one of the cruelest ways to torture your man and take away his masculinity. I suggest all wives do this to their partners as their only form of release, this will result in very obedient husbands. I also recommend you keep his dirty little penis locked away in chastity at all times!

  2. Neverling says:

    Just one question. From my own experience I would say that a ruined orgasm is when semen is slowly seeping or dripping out. This feels more like when urinating and is a completely different sensation than a real orgasm. Most of the examples in the video show men squirting quite heavily. Strictly speaking I believe these men are having a “normal” orgasm and ejaculation…

    Do you agree?

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