Last summer, Lion and I took several trips. We weren’t really playing much last year so the extent of our toy collection on the road was a zip lock bag of ropes so I could tie up his balls. This year we plan to take several more trips and I’d like to be prepared.

For Valentine’s day I bought Lion a set of restraints that can be slipped under any mattress easily. They aren’t as strong as the restraints on our bed, but they will keep him from squirming too much and we’ll still have the ability to play while we travel. For the past few days I have been making mental notes about what toys I think we should bring with us. Today was the first time I actually went shopping. Now when I say shopping, I mean I went to our basement, into our dungeon, and opened the cabinets full of toys. Lion has been doing this a long, long time and he has many toys. He even gave a lot away when we stopped playing. But there are still many, many toys.

The first thing I knew we needed was a punishment paddle. I picked one that looks like a hairbrush. It should make the point nicely. I chose a flogger, a crop and a paddle. Lion can explain the different sensations better than  I can. Some toys sting. Some toys thud. I just know he loves them all. To round out my shopping basket I have a dildo, a butt plug, lube, clothespins and more rope. That should keep us busy.

We’re lucky that all of our trips are road trips. We are only limited by what we can fit in the car. I’ve toted a mobile toybox around before. I know these items will fit in a medium sized duffle bag. No sweat.

This year, of course, Lion is caged. That adds a new dimension to our adventures. Actually it adds everything to our adventures. As I said, last year we weren’t playing much. I have a feeling Lion will be a busy boy on our trips.

Little dog training collar
This training collar is a surprisingly effective, inexpensive training device. Before trying it, I was sure it would be just painful. In fact, it has subtle adjustments that make it work for signalling as well as corrections.

When I first got interested in forced male chastity, part of the appeal was the surrender of sexual control to my keyholder. My initial thought was that the only hardware required was the cage. If my keyholder controlled access to my penis, then sexual control automatically follows. That’s completely true in terms of if and when I can have an orgasm. This is certainly powerful and is enough for most people involved in forced chastity. We have written many posts about how to use this power and its effect on caged males. It turns out there is a new dimension to forced chastity: behavior control.

You may be thinking that withholding orgasm and spanking, etc. provides behavior control. It does,  but these measures are generally taken well after the infraction occurs. Also, they are a fun part of many people’s chastity experience. Well, thanks to modern science there is an inexpensive way to provide “training” in real time.  This device is the Little Dog Training Collar.

After reading about this product, I knew I had to have one. I had a feeling that I would regret the decision to buy it.  The idea of electric shocks under my balls just seemed too…well, extreme. The device arrived yesterday.  It’s smaller than I imagined. However, the collar itself is way too long to go around my cock and balls.

collar side view on cock
After adjusting the strap, the collar fits nicely around the cock and balls.

To fit it, simply remove the male (plug) part of the strap and the adjusting buckle. Don’t mess with the female side. The antenna is attached to that side of the strap.  Now locate the device so the contacts touch under the balls. and first wrap the female strap around the cock. Now, see how much strap you need to attach the male and keep the device in place. Next, attach the male connector on the strap at the point you measured. Test it. Is the fit good? If it is, all you need to do is remove the contacts (a pliers will do it easily) and punch holes in the strap so the male side’s loose end goes under the contacts. Before securing the contacts, remove the strap and trim it so that a small amount will protrude after securing under the contacts. Fuse the end with a match, screw the contacts back with the two straps under them and you are done. The result is comfortable and works!

As you can see in the side view, the device is under the balls and will not show through most clothes. That’s important since the device should be worn at all times the caged male is with his keyholder.

Device under balls
This view from below shows how the device sits neatly under the balls. It is comfortable and doesn’t show under most clothes.

Comfort is important. The device should essentially disappear from the caged male’s attention. Once it was fitted, it was time to test. This was the part I dreaded. After all it is a shock collar! I imagined that I would be holding on to the ceiling with my fingernails. The reality turned out to be a big surprise. Mrs. Lion tried it at the lowest setting. Nothing. I was sure it was broken. We used the test light that came with it to see. The light went on. It was working. We verified that the contacts were touching my skin. They were. I was puzzled. We tried the next highest power. Nothing. The device has 16 power levels, 8 in a “low” range and 8 in a “high” range. Mrs. Lion kept moving up one power level at a time. At 6 in the low range, I could feel a small, not-unpleasant tingle. At 8, the highest setting in the low range, it felt like a gentle buzzing under my balls. At 2 in the high range, it felt like a hot vibrator; not painful, but obvious and impossible to miss. By the time we got to 4 in the high range, I got the message that I was being corrected. It hurt, but not a lot. It became clear to both of us that the device was usable for multiple purposes from signalling to strong correction. It isn’t some weird and frightening machine that only a true sadist would use. It’s a practical way to enhance forced chastity.

This collar has wonderful possibilities. It will enhance my keyholder’s control and move corrections into real time no matter where we are. Tomorrow, we will discuss how we can use this device for male training and control. Stay tuned.

When most people think of male chastity they immediately think of orgasm deprivation. If the purpose of locking a man’s penis up is to keep him from playing with it then depriving him of sexual release seems obvious. After all, he should be pleasing his keyholder. Those are the rules. I’ve never been one to follow the rules. I think that’s why I’ve been having such a hard time topping Lion. Besides, aren’t I the one making the rules?

If you’ve been following us, you know that my libido is in the dumpster. I think one of the reasons many keyholders are able to be so successful is that they are as horny as their caged male. When they want to be pleasured they just order their males to perform. That’s not the case with Lion and I. It’s not that I don’t want Lion. I just don’t want sex. Not interested in my own pleasure at the moment. So when the rules say your caged male has to pleasure you, where does that leave me?

Perhaps I’m evolving from just wanting Lion caged because it makes him happy into creating my own pleasure even if it isn’t a sexual pleasure. I decided the other day that Lion should have to give me an orgasm every night. And since I don’t particularly care about having an orgasm of my own, I’ve been taking one of his. Yes, he has been having an orgasm every night (except the night he couldn’t handle a little Icy Hot on his balls) because it pleases me. Does it please him? Sure it does! But the other night he didn’t really look like he was in the mood. Tough! I want my orgasm. And I took it. Was it a long, slow blow job that curled his toes? Yes, indeedy. Did I have fun doing it? Absolutely! 

So how did I reach my “aha” moment? I found the hidden message when I played the record backwards. My key, my rules. There may come a time when my libido wakes up again and then I’ll figure out how to manage that aspect. For now, I’m giving him exactly what he asked for. I control his penis. It’s mine and I can give him an orgasm whenever I want.


Tally marks
Keeping score. I have been on a daily orgasm regime for some time now.

In an earlier post, Mrs. Lion mentioned that caging me didn’t mean I would necessarily be denied orgasms, it could mean I would get many of them.  She even suggested I might have to come many times in a single day. This certainly sheds a new light on forced male chastity!

Her point is well taken. Most of us, especially caged males, think of forced chastity as a frustrating sexual desert. Many want that. They want the denial and teasing as a way to demonstrate sexual submission. Many celebrate how long they have gone without release. I admit that I never wanted to run the abstinence marathon. I want the sexual control. So when lioness wrote about daily orgasms as an activity for me, I scratched my head for a bit and then realized that this was a very valid form of sexual control.

The process began this last Wednesday I received a very nice handjob and enjoyed the orgasm immensely. The process was repeated every day except Saturday. On Saturday afternoon, lioness put IcyHot on my balls. I couldn’t take the burn and asked to wash it off. She let me. Then she said that since I didn’t suffer through the IcyHot, I wouldn’t get my daily orgasm. I was a little relieved. Orgasms resumed on Sunday when I was surprised with great oral sex. Last night I came yet again. My semen production is pretty low at this point, but it still feels great to get teased and then get release. Stay tuned. Apparently lioness is not done with the series.

She also wrote about multiple orgasms in a single day. It appears her plan is to masturbate me to orgasm every hour or two (or some other interval). This is great fun in the beginning, but after two or three, it gets uncomfortable (sore penis) and increasingly difficult to come. That difficulty makes it take longer and make the penis sorer. It’s funny how something we crave can turn into something we want to stop.

I wonder whether I will become conditioned to want sex much more frequently and as a result, make waiting even more difficult. Devious lioness!