I’ve always known I was different. I would say I’m more of a submissive person although I don’t like being told what to do. See? Weird. I take pleasure in the suffering of certain people. See? Twisted. But not in the suffering of my Lion. If only I was weird and twisted the same way my Lion is weird and twisted we wouldn’t have any problems.

When Lion first explained to me that he wanted to be submissive I told him I didn’t know if I could do it. The first time I spanked him must have felt like a fly landing on him. Eventually I got better at it. A few times I even left bruises. We’ve tried lots of different things over the years. None of them turn me on. I may have been horny many times but it wasn’t the act itself that turned me on. It’s just something I do for him.

I gave him new restraints for Valentine’s day so it’s not that I’m against the whole idea. And I can’t tell you how many times I tell myself tonight will be the night it changes. Just the other night I thought about teasing him and at some point jumping on top and telling him it was my turn and he better not come until I gave him permission. But then as I was teasing him I wasn’t turned on and I just wound up teasing him till he had an orgasm.

While we focus on forced male chastity as our primary topic. It’s clear that most of us don’t just get caged or cage our partners and do nothing else. While we focus on caging cocks, I haven’t found anyone including my lioness who has no further ambitions. Full time caging is probably the most radical of activities since it permeates every single second of my life, but there are other fun things that almost always seem to go along with the cage. Exactly what these other items on the menu are depends on the keyholder.

Virtually every keyholder engages in regular cock teasing. We caged males learn to expect and enjoy being teased to the brink of orgasm and then locked up again without the climax. I get the feeling that there is an emotional basis for keyholders loving this activity. When our penises were unrestrained, females knew that there was a point of no return, beyond which they would be getting some sticky male fluids in or on them. Some girls apparently loved to see how far they could go without the boy squirting. I never experienced this myself, but many guys have.

“Nice” girls never did that to their dates. Many guys worked hard to get sexual attention of some sort from their female dates. I did. I had a fairly high success rate in my salad days. The point is that many women when they become keyholders and their caged males talk about teasing, a light bulb might go on and they realize this is their chance to be bad girls and tease their helpless caged males. Even if that thought didn’t occur to them at first, it has to be delicious to frustrate their partners and watch their faces change when they realize they won’t be coming today.

Tease and denial is nearly universal. Some consider it part of forced chastity, but it really isn’t. It’s just something that goes with the cage like peanut butter and jelly. Other things also find their way into the forced chastity lifestyle: spanking, bondage — it’s good to tie up a horny, caged male before taking him out of his cage, anal play, you name it. Forced chastity is a power exchange with the male surrendering power to the female.

If you are new to this kink, think about the other possibilities that might go along with what you are doing. Forced male chastity is much more fun if it isn’t practiced À La Carte.

Forced male chastity has its origin in Victorian times when it was believed that male masturbation and the spilling of seed contributed to feeble mindedness and other mental disorders. To help prevent this, male chastity devices were invented and widely used in mental asylums and on pubescent boys. As we know, the modern incarnation of this practice has nothing at all to with preventing mental illness. Instead, it is a form of sexual control imposed on the male. This practice is fairly recent. While some people have probably done it since Victorian times, its popularity can be traced back to the 1970’s and the sexual revolution. But even then there were relatively few kinksters who practiced it. The devices were belts that restricted movement, could be massively uncomfortable, and were very expensive. The invention of the chastity tube and cage brought this hobby to the masses.

Forced male chastity has the potential to open some new doors in social activities. For people in committed relationships, close opposite sex friendships have always been difficult. The inevitable sexual tension always raised the specter of an affair or the appearance of one. Women not in a relationship with a given male, have always had to be careful about “turning him on” since that could result in his arousal and sexually aggressive behavior. I’m not saying that a male friend turns into a rapist if he gets an erection; nothing of the kind. What can happen is that his arousal will trigger arousal in the female and they may do something they will regret later.

Most likely, if allowed to happen, sex would not result. People do have self control. But both men and women are conditioned to avoid situations where socially unacceptable sex could happen. Forced male chastity may offer more latitude in male/female contact. Since, as a caged male, I have no possibility of unauthorized sex involving my penis, social interactions that have strong sexual content are no more dangerous than shaking hands.

Ok, I am very sure my lioness would not approve of me supplying female friends with oral orgasms or masturbation. That would be too much, perhaps. But, given that I am unable to have sex with anyone or masturbate, it might be possible that a friend could spank me or tease me without threatening our fidelity. I’m not saying that I have any friends who are just waiting for a chance to get me naked and swat my butt, but the point is that when both partners know for sure that sex is not possible, other things that could have led to sex become potentially available between non-sexual friends.

Of course, in the lion world, no one gets near the lion unless recruited by the lioness. So, I have absolutely no license to roam around looking for extra-curricular spanking and teasing. But in the wider scope of forced male chastity, there are now new, safe avenues for more sexual contact between friends who are outside of a committed relationship. I am sure that some new sexual revolution will occur for caged males and their keyholders, but it is something to consider. What do you think? This isn’t grandma’s puritan world anymore.

Lion's shaved pubes.
I’ve haven’t had pubic hair in so many years I can’t remember what a lion with hairy balls looks like. To see my entire pubic region sporting a full erection click here

I haven’t had pubic hair in so many years that I can’t remember what I looked like when I was hairy down there. I don’t even think that I have an old photo of the hairy lion. A lover of mine many years ago, the woman who started the entire “lion” thing, didn’t like pubic hair and made sure she removed all of mine. She used to say, “Everyone knows that lions don’t have pubic hair.” Along with the frontal hair removal, the corresponding region in the rear is also maintained in a hairless state. This makes anal play neater and provides a nice smooth playing field for spanking. Speaking of which, the presence or absence of hair has no effect on the sting of the spanking.

It appears that many caged males, other than lions, also don’t have any pubic hair. One reason for this, I am sure, is that hair around the penis tends to get pulled when chastity hardware is put on and taken off. Even during daily wear hair can get caught under the cock ring and pulled painfully. I think there is another, more important reason that caged males end up with bald balls: being hairless is a visible symbol of submission to the keyholder.  Even if the cage is removed, the hairless pubes remain.

I like being bald for other reasons too. It is cleaner. Hair retains scent. The cage, and in my case the diaper, cause smelly residue to hide in the hardware. The bare skin is much easier to rinse. I also like the way it looks. The lack of hair exposes every tiny detail of my cock and balls. It can serve as a visual reminder to my lioness, who retains all of her pubic hair, that she is in charge and I am groomed for her pleasure. The biggest reason is that I just feel more sexually submissive without the hair that traditionally defines me as a mature male. Some people have said that it means I want to be a child. No, I really don’t. It is removal of a symbol that to most men suggests power. It makes me visually more vulnerable. I think that being caged and sexually submissive to my lioness is expressed by my hairless state. Just another part of my forced chastity kink.