Last night I decided to go back to anal training. Lion was plugged for about two hours. He said he’d rather have me pay attention to the other side. I was more than happy to oblige.

I edged him a number of times. Each time I got him closer and closer. He was actually writhing when I stopped. I think it’s the closest I ever got him without ruining his orgasm. Even afterwards when I brushed the head of his cock, he squirmed. I don’t know why he was so sensitive but I liked it. I wonder if he gets hornier when he knows how long he has to wait. Seven more days for him. Maybe there’s a tipping point. A six day wait is tolerable. A nine day wait seems a little long. A twelve day wait is an eternity. I just picked random numbers, but there may be something to that theory.

Lion is not interested in time off for good behavior. He wants to wait the full time. I’m not sure I understand this. In the past he’s said he wants the option for both punishment and reward. Now that I finally figured out a reward he doesn’t want it. The past few nights he has figured out dinner. Last night he did a few loads of laundry. It seems like he’s working hard to earn those days off. Or is he becoming the domesticated bottom who will lick my feet? I just got a mental image of Lion in a French maid costume. He’d look very cute, but I don’t think he’s becoming a domesticated bottom. I think he’s just trying to help out a bit more than usual and I appreciate it.

Now I have to think of another way to reward Lion. Back to the drawing board.

Let’s face it, over time everything can become routine — even sex. Chastity isn’t immune from this problem. The novelty of having your penis locked up wears off sooner or later. Challenges, like longer and longer waits also start to pale. Keyholders face the demand for interesting teasing and other stimulation. Does all this stop being fun?

I think it can. It may be why so many people who start out in forced male chastity, end up with the device in a drawer and the activity forgotten.  Others look for ways to spice things up. Some caged males have a large collection of devices they have worn. Keyholders find themselves bored with edging and finding new ways to display sexual power. On the other side of the coin, some people try more and more extreme things, adding additional people, more extreme punishments, and other activities with the potential of destroying the relationship.

It’s obvious that with male chastity, eventually keyholder and caged male have to reach a point where both are comfortable and satisfied. This is no different than vanilla sex. There are finite limits to the range of sexual activities out there. I think that forced chastity is one way some people make sex more interesting again. There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, I think that Mrs. Lion and I entered into this as one way to restore our sex life. Obviously, I also have a longstanding desire for Mrs. Lion to control me sexually. It seemed like a win/win. It worked.

Caging me upset the equilibrium that neither of us particularly liked. It forced us to communicate about sex and find ways to integrate chastity into our daily lives. It certainly didn’t solve all our problems, but it did force us to confront them directly. With me locked up, neither of us could pretend that sex wasn’t there. I couldn’t go off and masturbate when I got horny and Mrs. Lion couldn’t imagine that I was not interested.

You could argue that we could have done the same thing just by deciding to talk more. Maybe we could, but we didn’t. The cage forces me to let Mrs. Lion know how I am feeling and ask her for relief. She has to consider her role as keyholder and how important providing her with satisfaction is to me. The fact that we are both committed to keeping me locked up for another 18 months guarantees we can’t backslide.

Of course, even chastity can be routine. I can stay locked up for x days, then Mrs. Lion gets me off. In between she edges me a few times a week. Repeat for years and you start to yawn. But wait! We are communicating. We are sharing our fears and our fantasies. Mrs. Lion sets goals for herself. She is going to anally train me to accept her hand. I fantasize about being spanked. We let each other know and we do both. I suggested the shock collar. Mrs. Lion has decided to find new reasons to zap me. We are being creative.

We aren’t unique. For us, the cage is a lever that pries open our sexual thoughts and gets us to share them. We communicate here, by email, and by talking in person. We are learning to share our dreams, wants, and sexual needs. More importantly, we are listening and making them happen.





open padlock
I spent two days unlocked this weekend and Mrs. Lion promises I will be unlocked for our next trip as well.

(Tuesday, August 19 2014) Last night was a lot of fun. I was uncaged since Saturday. That alone is really nice. We had been away in our RV and the RV/marine toilet is built a little differently from the one at home. Peeing sitting down is messy with it, and as Mrs. Lion has written, when I am caged and try to pee standing up, I can sometimes miss. So, being wild meant that the bathroom was no longer a challenge. Best of all, Mrs. Lion asked me to give her oral sex! It’s been a long time since that happened. We both had a very good time.

After she has a nice orgasm, true to her word, Mrs. Lion tried to ride me cowgirl style. This is when she faces me as she sits on my penis. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel right for her. Over the years since we tried this last, both of us have gained weight. I have lost all of the extra pounds since then, but we just didn’t fit right. So she turned around and rode me facing my feet. In this position she can’t orgasm, but I can. When she faces me, she can orgasm but I can’t. So, when she mounted up for her orgasm I had no expectation of having on myself. Then, when she turned around for reverse lion riding, I successfully held off orgasm. It wasn’t that difficult since Mrs. Lion had given me orgasms both Saturday and Sunday. When I didn’t come, she dismounted and masturbated me to orgasm. Then, back into the cage.

Mrs. Lion has decided that until further notice I will be allowed to run wild during our RV trips. This is a very welcome change. Driving for hours tends to cause some pinching and requires frequent adjustment; and as I mentioned before, the RV toilet isn’t cage-friendly. The fact that I won’t be wearing the cage doesn’t change anything with my chastity. Mrs. Lion is still in charge and my orgasms are completely under her control. I am not worried that even after a long wait that I will have any problem resisting the temptation to masturbate.

Will having me wild for a few days change how Mrs. Lion relates to her power over me? We’ve both observed that keeping me caged has played a big part in our improved sexual communication and activity. Clearly, locking up my penis has strong symbolic meaning to both of us. In the past, when we played, things tapered off and stopped after a fairly short time. Will the cage just end up sitting in Mrs. Lion’s dresser drawer? Will we lose our momentum? Certainly, that didn’t happen this past weekend when I had a couple of wild days. I have no reason to believe that shortly after we get home from the next trip that I won’t find the base ring waiting on the bed for me to put it on. But I still worry.

I don’t think the worry has anything to do with Mrs. Lion. I think it is a sort of insecurity that I feel when allowed to be free of the cage. I wonder if other caged males feel it too. Maybe I don’t want to be out of my cage for long anymore. Am I now a tame lion? Well, we shall see.

As promised, I went for a Lion ride last night. It didn’t go exactly as planned. I think Lion forgot one of the reasons we stopped using this position. Over the years we’ve gained weight and we don’t fit together physically as we once did. The angles are off. For now, I don’t think it’s possible for me to orgasm while riding him.

Oh well, life and lemons, I turned around and went for a Lion orgasm with reverse Lion riding. However, Lion thought I didn’t want him to come and was trying to hold off. So I gave him a hand job. I didn’t a want to lock him up without the proper send off.

He asked how long he’d be waiting and I told him it would be eleven days or whatever the night before our trip is. He grumbled. It’s a long wait. I laughed at him. He’d just had an orgasm and was grumbling about a long wait. I told him there may be opportunities to have time off for good behavior. After I locked him up he said he had fun being wild. He’ll be wild again soon. When we leave for our trip in ten days or so I will unlock him before we go. This way I don’t have to remember the key at all. And he’s in no danger of being pinched by the cage for our long drive.

So how can Lion earn that time off for good behavior? I have to work late for the next week or so. Lion can make dinner. I think making dinner for seven days would be worth at least one day. Maybe two. It depends on how much he grumbles about making dinner for seven days. He’s an excellent cook. He just doesn’t want to cook every night. Hey, me too! I also don’t want to stay at work late. I’m sitting here today wondering if I can even make it to the end of a regular day. So grumbling about making dinner will definitely not go over well with me. However, walking into the house knowing that dinner is either ready or on the way to being ready will make Mrs Lion happy and more likely to make that eleven day wait get shorter. Besides, I’m not asking him to physically make dinner every night. He can stop by the store and get his famous fried chicken, cole slaw and potato salad dinner. Frozen lasagna works. Or he could text me and I will bring home Chinese food. He just has to figure out what’s for dinner so I can walk in the door and not have to worry about it. I’m not picky. We could have sandwiches. As long as I don’t have to think about it I’ll be happy. And I know Lion will be happy when those eleven days change to ten and maybe even nine.