A lot has been written about male milking. If the term is new to you, it means to get a man to produce semen without sexual orgasm. Erection isn’t even needed. This is accomplished by massaging the prostate. This practice is very useful for long term forced chastity. It permits clearing out old semen without ever removing the cage. Some people believe that regular release of semen is not necessary. In some men that may be true, but others can develop thickening of the residual semen over time that could require medical intervention.

The testicles are not involved in this at all. Sperm, produced in the balls, is reabsorbed by the body if not used. It’s nature’s way to assure a fresh supply of swimmers. Sperm is only a tiny percentage of male ejaculate. The majority of the fluid is produced in the prostate gland. It’s generally believed that regular emptying of the prostate is a good idea. Normally, the prostate is emptied by ejaculation. However, our keyholders may not want us to have that pleasure. That’s where milking comes in.

Male milking is accomplished by massaging the prostate. You do this by inserting a finger or other device into the anus and then press through the wall of the colon to massage the prostate directly. You can’t really do this yourself with a finger; at least I can’t, but your keyholder can. She just puts a finger up your ass and then feels along the way on the wall facing your belly button until she comes across a walnut-sized, fairly hard body. That’s the prostate. Pressing and releasing as well as rubbing it, should eventually get it to release semen which will drip out of the penis. The male will feel like he has to pee. It isn’t urine. He has to relax and let the fluid come out. Some keyholders collect the semen on a plate and serve it to the male as a nice treat.

The best milking position is with the male on his hands and knees, ass in the air. Over the years, Mrs. lion and I tried this several times. On a few occasions I could feel the need to pee, but nothing came out. At that point I wasn’t sure if male milking wasn’t more than a myth. Then I saw some videos that showed male milking is very real. In the videos men milked themselves with various dildos and probes. It can be done! Milking takes practice. It can take up to an hour the first time. A vibrating butt plug is one way to get started. We are all different, so experimentation is needed to find what works for you.

The point of all this is to empty the prostate without sexual satisfaction. Once fully milked, a male will not be able to orgasm even if uncaged and masturbating. He will have to recharge. It’s a very interesting sensation being milked. Even though it didn’t work the last time we tried, I got a very helpless feeling. I knew that I was going to be milked of my semen and all I would get is the uncomfortable feeling of needing to pee; no orgasm, not even an erection. From the perspective of the keyholder, milking is a very dominant activity that demonstrates true sexual ownership of the male.

Please leave comments with your milking experiences. It would be great to get both male and keyholder perspectives.

Last night I got a sweet surprise. Mrs. Lion started a teasing session. She took me out of my cage and played with my penis until I was just ready to come. She stopped and I sighed. She ignored my sound. I was left out of my cage. About a half hour later, she began again. This time, when I was very close, I said, “I’m about to come.” I wanted to help her if her intention was teasing me. She didn’t stop. I had the predictable result, a very nice juice orgasm. After I calmed down, I asked her why she was so kind to me. Her reply, “I know you are starting a new job tomorrow and I don’t want you to be grumpy.”

How thoughtful! Mrs. Lion always has my best interests in mind. I can count on her to keep me safe and happy. Well, not always happy. Last night we went to a concert. Before we left, she offered me a choice: wear my cage or wear a diaper to the concert. She said, “I am pretty sure which you will pick.”

I picked the cage, of course. She knew I would. I spent all night out of a diaper. So nice to use the toilet! Got an email this morning from Mature Metal; my Jail Bird cage was mailed today. In a couple of days I will be able to report on how it feels to wear a custom-fit cage. Hopefully the measurements are right and that will be my permanent home. Feels a bit odd to say “permanent” but I think that is accurate.

Now that I am settled in my Chinese cage, I am barely aware it is there except when I want to reach down and give my penis a quick rub. Nothing orgasmic, just the reassuring feeling of my hard cock in my hand. That’s no longer possible. When out and about, peeing sitting down in public bathrooms is an unwelcome addition to my life. And weekends; three nights and two days of full time diaper wearing; it’s hard to ignore and I think it is impossible to make totally routine.

The simple fact is that these changes are clear signals that I am no longer in charge of my sexuality. Someone else owns my ability to get sexual pleasure. I also can’t forget that she also has the power to take away other things, like using a toilet on weekends. I find myself moving between the excitement of feeling her control and the frustration and weariness of changes in the most basic of my bodily functions. I suspect that one of the big reasons most males who want to play with forced chastity, do it in a very limited context. They get locked up (or lock themselves up) for long enough for them to get desperate for sexual release, then they get unlocked until the urge to be locked up gets strong enough to overcome the remembered frustration.

Couples who attempt forced chastity also drop out rather quickly too. I think the main reason is that the male wants to substitute non-orgasmic sexual activity for the loss of the use of their cocks. This usually takes the form of demands for extensive, frequent teasing and endless, tedious chastity “chats” with their mates. Sooner or later their keyholders will grow tired of this incessant chatter and demands for attention and the play will end.

Those of us who want to integrate forced chastity into our lives long term have to understand that our keyholders don’t necessarily share the need to lock us up that we wish they would feel. Mrs. Lion doesn’t see any benefits for her beyond making me happy. Though “happy” doesn’t really fit. I am unsure how to describe how I feel. Some of the time I feel frustrated because I want to get off. In fact, that isn’t constant or terribly hard to take. Other times I resent the inconvenience of sitting to pee and wearing my weekend diapers. However, I make it a point to not discuss this, my fantasies of what will happen while locked up, or my interest in forced chastity with her. She knows how I feel and is quickly learning what I need. The harder lesson for her is to do what I need even if I don’t like it. The old, “This will hurt me more than it will hurt you” really applies here.

So, now that I am back in my weekend diaper, I am sexually frustrated, too warm between my legs (the diaper makes me hot down there — not sexually, thermally) and smelling less than daisy fresh down there. I have to stop myself from saying something about how I am feeling. I know from my past as a top that domination is not always fun for the bottom. In fact, it is rarely fun. But, the power exchange between Mrs. Lion and I is unmistakable. That’s what I wanted. I wanted to feel her control. Well, I feel it. I don’t like it right now, but I feel it. This isn’t Mary Poppins. There isn’t always a spoonful of sugar to make this medicine go down. While I wish I had some of that sugar right now, I am also happy in a perverse way that I feel the way I do. It means that I got my wish; Mrs. Lion is firmly in control. It’s starting to itch again down there from the sweating inside my diaper. Damn!

Last night was full of surprises for me. I have been getting increasingly comfortable in my temporary cage. So last night we settled in to watch some TV. At nine, I asked Mrs. Lion if she would like to see one of the programs we have on our DVR. She said that she had another idea. With that she freed me from my cage and used her hand to get me extremely excited. That’s not too hard to do. She stopped and told me to turn over. She then went to our guest room and returned with a riding crop and a nasty paddle. She told me that this is a reward for being so good about my diaper wearing. I got a very nice spanking. It was just hard enough to sting and turn my butt a nice pink.  She told me to roll over onto my back. Of course I did that post haste!

She then started playing with me. Out loud she asked, “What shall we trade tonight?”

I knew she was referring to my last orgasm. I traded two additional nights in diapers for that one. I answered, “Whatever you want.”

No response. She continued playing. Then to my surprise, she began giving me oral sex. I was sure that just before I could come that she would stop and either lock me up or give me a difficult choice. That didn’t happen. She just continued until I had a huge orgasm. Wow, what a surprise!

Afterward she said, “I just couldn’t stop. I love making you come.”

I said that I love when she does. Hardly a shocking response. Then, she locked me up again. I also asked her if my ejaculation was stronger. She said that it was. That’s great. I have been doing male kegel exercises for the last few weeks. Before starting, I would hardly ejaculate when I came. Semen would dribble out for a long time afterward. I thought that it was just aging. Then I remembered kegels. A little research on the web confirmed that a weak PC muscle was probably at fault. So, after reading the Mayo Clinic site and some others, I began twice-daily exercise sessions.

If you think this would be helpful to you, it’s really easy. First teach yourself which muscle you need to tense. You can easily do this by stopping yourself from peeing in mid stream. The muscle you used to do that is the same one you exercise. Now, clench that muscle tight and count to ten; one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, etc. Wait ten seconds and repeat. Do ten reps. Do this twice a day. One warning: I overdid it and ended up with a nasty lower back ache. So, don’t overdo it. You won’t get noticeable results until you have been exercising for at least three weeks. If there is no difference after a month, you may not be tightening the right muscles.

All I can say is that when I am allowed to ejaculate, it all comes out at the right moment. Mrs. Lion says I make more semen and it squirts more. Progress! Mrs. Lion is also making good progress as well. She seems to have a nice sense of the rhythm of my chastity. She is incorporating into our daily lives. Progress all around!