Yesterday we spent hours fixing the lawn tractor. When we were done, the belt was too loose. Argh! Today we have to take it all apart again. Not looking forward to that at all. Last night, Lion did his computer magic. He was working till about 11 pm. Then he came looking for love. Too late. I was hunkering down for the night. He was hungry and horny, and out of luck for both.

In this morning’s post, Lion brought up a few interesting topics. The first, being part of a community, is difficult for me. As an introvert, I have a hard time in social settings. I’m not even very comfortable with after work activities. One of my coworkers is getting married and we had a small get together the other night. It’s not that I don’t like my coworkers (although there are a few…). I just don’t have the social butterfly gene that my older son and daughter have. The second, his wanting me to be clothed around the house while he’s naked, got me thinking.

When we first got together it was specifically for play sessions. He was naked. It made sense that I be naked too. After all, the sessions usually ended in sex. When I moved in, we slept naked. My clothes were in another room of the house. I usually didn’t get dressed until I ventured in that direction. In my life before Lion I stayed in pajamas (usually a t shirt and shorts or sweatpants) until I needed to leave the house. I didn’t run around naked because there were kids in the house and you never knew who would show up at the door.

Since we spend so much time in the bedroom, watching tv, eating, etc., it’s more comfortable to be bottomless. And I usually feel hot. My skin may feel cold, but I feel very warm. When I come home from work I shed my work clothes and put on a t shirt. No bottoms. First of all, I don’t have that many clothes. Second, why make any more laundry than necessary? Third, I’ll probably be hot in a few minutes anyway. So let’s just cut to the chase and stay in a t shirt and undies. And, by the time the nightly edging comes around, those will be tossed. I work up a sweat playing with my Lion.

Lion has told me in the past that he likes it when I’m clothed and he’s not. I try to accommodate him, but I can only go so far. Unless he thinks a sweaty Mrs. Lion is sexy. I we turn down the heat so I am comfortable then he’s too cold. I don’t know how people play in leather outfits. I would be a puddle by the time I got all dressed. Anyway, until I find clothes that feed Lion’s fantasy of a clothed female that also feeds my need to be cool, I’m going with clothing optional.

Today Lion’s frilly panties arrived. He called them his mistake. It’s partly true. He got one pink pair and one green pair. If I had bought them they would have both been feminine colors. Maybe pink and hot pink. Or purple. Or a lovely shade of yellow. They do, however, have a red rose on them which I think is a very nice touch.

When will Lion be wearing them? He wonders that too. I don’t think I will make him wear them to work. He already has to deal with not peeing on himself with the cage. And someone might see the cage although I’m not sure how often guy’s look at each other while they’re peeing. Having someone see the panties would be too much. Besides, I think it’s much more of a statement when he’s walking around the house undressed and can see the panties. Like his painted toe nails, it’s a visual thing. Knowing I made him prance around with girly toes and a girly butt is where the power comes into play.

I have to wonder why he’s always so gung-ho about these things. He swears he hates diapers, but if you could see how many diapers we have in the house right now you’d think he was lying. He doesn’t really want to wear panties, but he’s the one who bought them. Right. Sure, Lion. You don’t want to wear them. Wink, wink.

I may let him stew for a few days before I make him put them on. Then again, he might be wearing them by tonight. I also have to decide when he gets his sparkly purple toe nails. Lots of fun ahead for poor Lion.