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bottle of flexall maximum strength

A few drops of this rubbed into his balls will make them feel like they are on fire. This is an effortless form of CBT. Once he experiences it, showing him the bottle will strike fear into his heart.

Endless years ago when I first learned about BDSM, my then-girlfriend and I decided to explore it. She was an amazing researcher and came up with some “surprises” for me. The one that left the most lasting impression occurred right after she finished spanking me. I was tied face down on the bed, spread eagle. My butt was hot and stinging. I couldn’t see what was going on and I had my head on the pillow turned to the side with my eyes closed. I felt her warm hands gently massaging my balls. I got hard instantly. She stopped and was quiet and I was feeling ready for  sex.

Rapidly my balls began feeling hot, then they burned. Oh how they burned! I had no idea what was going on. I asked her, but she remained silent. The pain was unbearable. After an eternity (actually about 15 minutes) the burning began to recede and another ten minutes later was gone. When she saw that I stopped struggling and begging her to untie me and get this stuff off my balls, she finally released me.

A while later, after we were sitting quietly in the living room, I asked her what she did to me. She said that she had rubbed Ben Gay into my balls. She had read about it in a book on SM. She told me that she only used a little (I wonder what “a little” was to her). She said she liked me squirming and complaining. She assured me that I would have many chances to get used to this play.

I never really got used to it. However, over the years it has been used on me a number of times. I must have told Mrs. Lion about this many years ago when we played. She bought a bottle of some “pain relieving” liquid that made my balls feel like they were on fire. She seemed to enjoy this sort of play. She is a fan of Cock and Ball torture and this play fit right into her sweet spot. You know what spot it fit into for me.

On a male, there are three areas where this sort of stuff can be used that will get his attention. The least severe is his anus. Rubbing some of this sort of product into his anus, even lubing a dildo with it will cause quite a reaction. It can really burn! It is safe and unless there is an allergy to an ingredient shouldn’t do any lasting damage. The second area is the scrotum. You’d be surprised how far a little dab will go down there. Rubbing it all over the balls will turn them bright red and make him beg to wash it off. Worse yet is the perineum. Rubbing some in there will really light his fire.  Depending on the individual, a combination of areas can be worse than only one, or he will feel only one at a time.

It is necessary to restrain him when playing this way. Otherwise he will be running to the bathroom to wash the stuff off. A gag isn’t a bad idea either. Trust me, this can be very intense. Some tops use this as a punishment as well as a play technique.

There are two ingredients that produce this heat: menthol and capsaicin. Most of the back pain treatments like Ben Gay or Icy Hot contain menthol in varying concentrations. It’s important when you shop to check active ingredients to determine exactly what brings the heat. Most of the menthol products contain from 3 to 16 percent menthol.  The more menthol, the hotter you will make his balls. Mrs. Lion bought a gel with only 3 percent. This will produce a very bearable heat. We went shopping together and I found one with 15 percent. It’s called Flexall. I will regret being so helpful. The second active ingredient is capsaicin, derived from hot peppers. This is the nuclear alternative. If you use this stuff, a tiny bit will create a lot of severe pain. Also, the menthol rubs will wash off with soap and water. Water will only reactivate the capsaicin. There is an antidote. I won’t mention it here for obvious reasons. Some dominants will rub it into their bottom’s balls and then turn them loose. Showering and washing will only make the pain worse. They find that amusing.

Here are some common products and the amount of active ingredient they contain:

Flexall® Maximum Strength– A gel in a convenient bottle: 16% menthol

Icy Hot® Advanced cream – 16% menthol

Ben Gay® Ultra Strength – 10% menthol

Icy Hot® cream – 10% menthol

Icy Hot® balm – 7.6% menthol


Capzasin®-HP high potency  – 0.1% capsaicin (use extreme caution with this)

There are others out there including some patches. We haven’t tried them  yet, but these products claim to be time release for hours. Think of the possibilities.


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