Hard and Soft
What really happens when you get hard inside the chastity device

Almost everyone who wears a chastity device eventually gets hard inside the chastity device. To me it feels like the cage is being pushed up and just the tip of my penis is held in the cage. It also feels like my balls are being pulled tight as the cage rides up and pulls over my scrotum.  If I reach down, I feel a hard area behind the base ring. This reinforces my feeling that the cage is just riding up and moving away from my body. I’ve read other guys write about how they need to find smaller base rings to prevent this movement.

I have to admit, I was sure that my entire cage just rode my erection and the cage was just over the tip. Since my cage is only 1 1/4″ long, it felt like only the head was being covered. I decided to get a more objective view. After Mrs. Lion teased me and I got soft, she put me back in my cage. However, I was still turned on and felt myself getting hard again. This time I was in the cage. I took a picture of my “hard” cock. Then, the next morning, I took another of it when soft. The picture below shows what I discovered.

My entire penis remains inside the cage. The head and shaft swell and push against the bars, but the entire shaft is contained. The only visual difference is that tissue behind the base ring swells. That’s what feels like an erection. If you look at the image, it’s clear that the base ring didn’t move at all. My scrotum tightened naturally; males generally do that when aroused. My entire cock is safely locked away.

It’s this illusion of the cage riding up the erection that prompts many males to obtain smaller base rings. This is a terrible move since almost invariably the smaller ring causes discomfort. It’s clear by this evidence that there is no reason for concern. The cage absolutely prevents erection. Even with a cage as short as mine, none of the shaft can escape and allow me pleasure.

If you are new to enforced chastity, this is an important observation. If you think your device is just riding up your erection, get out your camera and take some pictures. The camera never lies.

6 comments on “Hard and Soft
What really happens when you get hard inside the chastity device
  1. chastityslave says:

    I just ordered the Jailbird. Thanks for your posts which gave me a good idea about how to measure and what to expect. The concept of feeling erect and not actually being so is fascinating.

  2. nuhju says:

    How about during night? You will get hard at some point and then it can push quite hard. Will it push that hard with smaller base ring too or will it just get stronger if there is more space to swell.

    Is that why it is quite important to find smallest size so that soft time is still comfortable and then hard time weaker and quite bearable?

    • Caged Lion says:

      The fit has little to do with erections. You want the smallest base ring you can tolerate without any irritation. The cage should be 1/2″ shorter than the shortest flaccid length. The cage diameter should be 1/4″ smaller than your measured flaccid diameter.

      • nuhju says:

        Just trying to figure out the wisdom behind the word “without any irritation”. There is quite big difference when penis is soft and when it is ‘trying’ to get hard. With my current ring during soft time two finger fits easily under it but still during hard time it swells so much that pressure is too much if it takes longer. And it will happen mostly during night.

        So what happens with smaller ring (only one finger when flaccid)? Less room to grow, smaller ‘erection’ and less pressure?

        • Caged Lion says:

          This all depends on your anatomy and the specific device you have. In my case, there is no discomfort when I try to get hard. I sleep through any nocturnal erections. Generally, a properly fitted custom device like the Mature Metal Jail Bird is so comfortable that you can forget it is there.If your device hurts, you may want to consider adjusting it or replacing it. In my case, I wear the device all of the time. It needs to be very comfortable to work for me.

      • rking27 says:

        When talking about “fit”, I find I need different sizes, because by making variegated demands on the penis tissue, the arousal is there when my fiancé wants it. If I wear the same
        cage all the time my penis tends to become institutionalized-
        for lack of a better word, undirected-and flaccid. Variety in cages avoids that and keeps my desire-libido up and going. So changing cages is a chore, still I am so thankful for the improvement in my relationship with my girlfriend, that I am striving for longer times when I am locked up.

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