By the time the wax was ready yesterday, I was not. We’d both spent a few hours snoozing off and on. I was groggy and didn’t much feel like waxing. However, the wax is on now, and I’m ready to roll when it’s melted. In the meantime, I have a dog to groom and laundry to wash. It’s a busy day.

Last night I think I surprised Lion when I moved over to play. It was a little late, but, as I said, we’d snoozed, so we were awake. He’d reported the Lion weather was summery, so I needed to take advantage of it. And I’m happy to say I was able to. For a bit, at least.

I started off with my hand, and I might have gone longer, but I seemed to hit a plateau. I don’t think he gets as excited with my hand as he used to. What if he reaches a point where he doesn’t get as excited by my mouth? I’ll be in trouble then. Maybe that will signal the end of his wanting sex. I get we’ll both be in trouble if that’s true. I don’t see that happening any time soon, so we’re good.

We were going along fine. He was making his way up the mountain, and I was helping him. At some point, it seemed like he was losing it. I was about to stop, but I must have changed something because he responded again. That happened a few times. I was sure I was going to get him to the edge. And then my hand started getting numb. I must have moved just enough to restrict blood flow. I tried to move again, but it was no use. It was getting worse.

Lion was fine when I had to stop. He said I wasn’t going to let him go all the way anyway. It’s true, but I wanted to get him to the edge at least once. For the record, I thought about going all the way, but that would have messed up my waxing plans of jerking him off (probably not all the way) when he’s slathered with oil. Oil is a very nice lubricant. Messy, but nice. Lion is not usually into lubes, but I guess since he’s already greased up, he likes to take advantage of it.

This the yoga pillow I ordered. Lion will lie with his legs on either side and his chest on the pillow. This will open him for spanking those tender bits between his legs.

The lion is smooth as a baby’s butt now. It’s amazing how long his fur was at the base of his penis. No more tickled nose for me. I’m sure I missed a few stray hairs here and there. I don’t claim to be a perfect waxer. But most of him is clean. I even managed to get most of the residual wax off of him this time.

As I was oiling him up to remove the wax, I spent a little quality time with my weenie. Between the oil and not having attention for a few days, he was erect in no time. Lion was disappointed that I stopped. I figured we’d pick things up later on. Maybe I should have kept going since he was already slippery and ready to go. It turns out we didn’t pick things up later.

When I came out of the shower, Lion was sleeping. He woke up long enough to acknowledge me, and before I could ask if he wanted to snuggle, he was snoozing again. It wasn’t really a problem. If he wanted action, we could do it whenever he woke up. Except he didn’t really wake up. He kept snoozing off and on until around 9 or 9:30.

Maybe he thought I wasn’t interested because I had somehow managed to get myself all the way on the edge of the bed, slumped down. We both have issues with sliding down in our adjustable beds. The easy fix is to raise the knees a bit, but I never think of that at the time. Anyway, I was on the edge of the bed, slumped down, and Lion reached his hand over until he needed to put his shoulder under the blankets again. We need to get back in the swing of things again.

I mentioned that I was looking for a pillow or bolster of some sort to help open Lion up for a spanking. In my travels on the information superhighway, I hit upon a yoga bolster. Bingo! It’s the right shape. It seems to be supportive while still being soft. I never knew there was such a thing as a yoga pillow. It was on Amazon. Obviously. If you need anything, check Amazon. If it’s not there, you don’t need it. The pillow will be here tomorrow, and we’ll definitely test it out with a spanking—poor Lion butt.

Maybe the yoga pillow will help with anal activity too. If it opens him up so I can have better access for spanking, he should be open for other fun. It may be the best investment we’ve made recently.

Sometimes I’m not exactly sure what went wrong. Maybe it was because I didn’t check out Lion’s buns or ask how they felt. Maybe it was because I didn’t pull out a butt plug. When I came back from my shower and got under the covers, Lion said he wanted dessert. It’s true, I could have asked if he wanted any other kind of attention. Instead, I just assumed he didn’t. We held hands and then he fell asleep.

He’ll be the first to say if he falls asleep, I automatically remove the possibility of sex. It’s not absolutely true, but there have been times that I was ready to do something when he was sleeping and when he woke up I wasn’t in the mood. He also says I can wake him since he doesn’t usually realize he’s fallen asleep. The problem with that is I think if he’s asleep he must be tired. Waking him won’t help anyone. Of course, there are other times when I think he must be well rested after a nap so we can play then. Sometimes he wants to and other times he says it’s too late.

We may not communicate well at times, but boy do I know he wants to be waxed! He’s mentioned it several times including last night when he asked if I had any idea when I could wax him. Unbeknownst to him, I already had the pantry ready and was planning on telling him we’d do it today. Way to steal my thunder, Lion. Sheesh! At this point, the wax has been melting for about an hour. I estimate it will be ready by 3. Depending on how I feel as I get going, I may or may not be able to do the whole Lion in one shot. I usually do the front on one day and the back in another. Since it’s Sunday, there really isn’t another day until next weekend. However, Lion tends not to be very furry on the backside. That means I can either ignore it till next time or I can polish it off quickly. In either case, the most important parts will be done today.

As I wax him, I usually give him some weenie attention. As I oil him up or clean him off, we have some fun. Today, it will also be a gauge as to how horny he might be for later on. A very excited Lion at waxing time doesn’t always translate to a very excited Lion at night, but there’s a good chance it will. If nothing else, I’ll know if he’s open to the challenge.

We both fell asleep watching TV last night. We were awake again at 10ish to give the dog her ice cream. Lion sort of snoozed off and on. Then he got up, did some things, and 2021 rolled in while we were apart. No big deal. We’d had our New Year’s toast at dinner. I don’t think we had really planned to watch the ball drop in New York or the ridiculously pathetic display Seattle puts on. When Lion came back to bed, he discovered we missed midnight together. So our kiss was delayed by ten minutes. At least we kissed and finally got rid of 2020.

We had a big lunch yesterday that translated into dinner being delayed. And it was a big dinner. We had a festive steak and potatoes dinner with a salad and a bottle of prosecco, hence our toast. Afterwards, we were too full to consider doing anything. We did snuggle a little bit but that was as far as it went. I have three days off. Today, I plan to vegetate and then cut Lion’s hair. Waxing will happen tomorrow. The table is all cleared off and the wax is ready to melt. Operation yank-the-hairs-out-of-Lion is a go. I can’t promise I’ll be able to do both sides of him in one session, which is why I’m starting tomorrow. Sunday can be day two if necessary.

I’m hoping the waxing will help turn Lion on. Not necessarily the yanking of hairs itself but the additional attention to an oiled weenie. However, I think the process does turn him on in some respects. I’m taking care of my “property”. He wants to be bare and I’m supporting him by waxing him. It is a very intimate thing to do. I wonder if he went to a waxing place would he get aroused by all the touching? I know he had laser hair removal done. Did he find that arousing? [Lion — Laser hair removal hurts and I wasn’t turned on.] I think I would find it embarrassing. But Lion doesn’t need to be embarrassed at home. I certainly don’t mind if he gets aroused. In fact, I encourage it.

Once he’s got his smooth body back, I won’t get my nose tickled when I suck him.