It took quite a while to set up our garden-in-a-box. Most of it wasn’t difficult, but I did have to loosen and re-tighten some bolts a few times. As we were getting done, I started getting a migraine. I soldiered on and we now have tomatoes and lettuce percolating away. It will be about a week before we see the sprouts. After our gardening was over, we settled in to watch some TV. Lion fell asleep first and then I was out. I woke up while Lion was showering. Snoozing seemed to hold the migraine at bay. I can still feel it floating around in there, but it never got bad.

Lion got his spanking. He wasn’t thrilled about it, but he doesn’t have to be. He knows he needs spanking. That certainly doesn’t mean he has to like it. I used a combination of hard and soft implements. There was a wooden paddle and a Lucite paddle. And I used a rubber paddle and a leather paddle. At the very end, his skin broke in two places. I don’t know if it was because of the hard paddles or if the leather one, with its stitching, was the culprit. Either way, he didn’t bleed much. I was ready to stop swatting anyway.

We had a disappointing dinner of well-done reheated pizza. I had it in the oven while I spanked him and didn’t get back to it in time. Lion couldn’t/wouldn’t eat it. Then we had to figure out what he could eat. By the time we were done eating and I took a shower, he wasn’t in the mood for sex. I can’t blame him. It was getting late, and dinner was a fiasco. We held hands and watched TV.

Today is waxing day. When I’m done here, I’ll turn on the wax and clean off the table. It takes about three hours for the wax to melt and then cool a bit to a manageable temperature. I wish I could just slather him with hair remover cream, but his skin is too sensitive. Plus, that stuff tends to stink, and he’d never be able to handle the smell. (Won’t eat burnt pizza, sensitive skin, sensitive nose = high maintenance. Hands off, ladies! He’s mine.) Of course, the best part about waxing is the cleanup. I bet he’ll be in the mood for sex then. I should just skip the waxing and go right for the cleanup.

It was supposed to be sunny today. At the very least, it was supposed to be dry. I was going to finish mowing the lawn or give it a good try. And then I’d move inside to straighten up. There’s still stuff laying around from the Costco run. I’d put it in the pantry but first I need to straighten up in there. And last night, Lion asked if I was going to wax him. I told him my plans and said I might not get to it this weekend. He was disappointed. He agreed he’s not that furry yet. He said he was hoping or some sex. Aha!

We haven’t done much of anything since he suggested moving sex out of bed. We tried the other night and I suggested oral, but the dog was nuts and then Lion wasn’t interested again. I assume now that it didn’t tickle his fancy. He’s hoping for more. He’s hoping for different. Is it me or is he always looking for something different? I understand that things evolve over time. Maybe something that worked when you were 30 doesn’t work when you’re 50. I can attest to that. My sex drive worked, then it didn’t. Lion’s quest for changes seems to be happening more rapidly. I haven’t even wrapped my head around not doing things in bed.

Each time he needs something different, I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I can’t help it. That’s just how I’m wired. That may have something to do with not being able to wrap my head around not doing things in bed. Another reason may be that it involves more work for me. I know Lion says I can just wheel my chair in the bedroom and we’ll be all set, but having to drag the spanking bench out every night or keep the waxing table clear all the time, is not something I look forward to.

It occurs to me that I’ve been overwhelmed for a long time. I feel like I’m drowning at work. There’s more work than one person can handle. The new computer system was supposed to make things easier and it’s not. It made no one’s job easier. There’s always something to do around here. Dinner, laundry, mowing the lawn, etc. The dog just adds to the chaos. No wonder I retreat to the “safety” of my iPad. However, I need to do better.

I’ve promised Lion pancakes for breakfast, so the first thing to do it get the kitchen cleaner. I’m wrong. The first thing to do is turn the wax on. It can be melting while I do everything else.

[Lion — I’m sorry that Mrs. Lion feels overwhelmed. I can’t comment on her work situation. I can say that I think the problem at home is brought on by her feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. A lot of things need to get done. They can’t be done all at once. However, a to-do list and steady progress would go a long way. I understand how she feels. I feel that way too. I can’t be very helpful. I don’t think the situation is hopeless. An hour a day would probably clear things up in short order. At least it would help with the feeling of being overwhelmed.

The sexual situation is more difficult. It isn’t that I want new things for the sake of variety. I’ve been offering suggestions on how to cure a problem we are having. I figured that Mrs. Lion would pick what worked. I also thought that she might work out ideas of her own. I don’t dislike sex on the bed. It’s just that her current position for handjobs just doesn’t work for me. I love how we do oral sex on the bed. It seems to me that anytime I make a suggestion to improve something, Mrs. Lion assumes she is failing me. I can think of on-the-bed handjob positions that might work. She reacts to my thoughts the same way she reacts to needed chores. She feels overwhelmed and withdraws. I’ll do everything in my power to help. I can also go back to jerking off if that makes my lioness’ life easier.]

I attempted to get the waxing room ready, but the stuff piled on the waxing table has nowhere to go. I’ll have to move it out and move it back when we’re done. The wax is melting. It takes a few hours to be fully melted. There’s plenty of time to get things ready.

There were no dreams last night. At least, none that I remember. Lion was safe. I don’t think he has anything to worry about. I’ve had dreams with him in them before and I’ve never hit him in the dream or otherwise. I’ve even had dreams where he’s done something stupid and I got mad at him even though I knew he did it in the dream and not in real life, but I didn’t hit him. He should be lucky I’m not my former coworker who occasionally elbows and punches her boyfriend in her dreams. He’s wound up on the floor more than once.

Unfortunately for Lion, when I do hit him, he feels it, deserves it, and knows it’s coming. And, if Law and Order: SVU can be believed, BDSM goes wrong all the time and people die. I suppose that may be true in some cases, but certainly not as prevalent as they make it seem. Lion may wind up with a bloody tush, but he’s never in any real danger. I’d stop immediately if he was. As a matter of fact, I often stop long before he’s in danger simply because there’s a lot of blood. He generally insists I could have kept going.

Something has changed in our snuggling set-up. It’s my fault because Lion just lays there. I don’t seem to be able to reach my weenie as easily as I used to. I think I’m trying to avoid his shoulder that tends to be sensitive, so I am further up on the bed. My arms are only so long. If I want to stay under the blankets, I have to move down more. Sitting up or moving to the other side of the bed means Lion has to come out from under the covers. I don’t necessarily need him to do that if he’s not getting aroused. Sometimes I’m just idly playing with him and nothing much is happening. We like to stay where it’s nice and warm if it’s just a drive-by. Once things heat up, he comes out to play.

I tried last night and that’s when I came to my conclusion. Of course, I didn’t have the solution yet. I was on the tail end of a sinus headache. Not today, though. Lion will get waxed and cleaned off with oil. My weenie will get some attention. I don’t know if he’ll be very excited, but we should be able to have some fun.

After quite a long time of Lion saying he likes his legs hair-free, now he says he doesn’t care. Of course, this is one day after waxing the backs of his legs. I guess he’s business in the front and party in the back. He’s a weird half and half hybrid. Of what, I don’t know.

I finished waxing his upper frontal yesterday. He really doesn’t have that much hair now. Unfortunately for him, the stubborn hair seems to be where removing it hurts the most. His balls tend to grow wildly long hair. Between the heat of the wax and my yanking said wax off, his balls suffer. It almost makes the base of his cock not mind having the hair yanked out. Almost. Not even his crack is as sensitive as his balls to the hot wax and yanking. Those poor balls. They get swatted, tied, pulled, mentholated, bounced and otherwise abused. And they get admired. I love looking at them whether they’re hanging low or just hanging out.

Lion is sure I said I’d give him an orgasm while he was all oiled up. I just checked. I said I doubted I would. It’s fun to play with him when he’s slippery. I think he’s at a more manageable height on the table. I can change positions easier. And, of course, he’s all oily. He didn’t seem as interested yesterday. He’ll probably think I’m nuts. I can hear him thinking, “I was interested! Honest!” He just wasn’t super hard. Bummer.

I decided to give it another try after dinner. I went to his side of the bed and pushed the covers back. His balls were loose because they’d been kept all warm and toasty. I got my weenie hard, but he still didn’t seem interested. I asked if my technique was lacking. He said he might prefer my mouth. Oh. Well, I can certainly do that. He was soft again by the time we got into position. No problem. I love feeling my weenie get hard in my mouth.

Once I got him hard, I was faced with the age-old dilemma. Do I give him an orgasm or not? He’d only been waiting eight days. But I want to shorten his wait times. But I haven’t edged him much, if at all, since his last orgasm. But I want to give him an orgasm. (How many personalities are in there, anyway?) In the end, I won out. Well, Lion won, but I did too.