Short weeks are crazy. I don’t know why but they seem longer than regular weeks even though there’s less time to do things. I couldn’t think of anything to write about yesterday, so I didn’t do a post. I knew there had to be something going on, but I was rushed and not remembering that I did, in fact, have something to write about. Lion forgot the coffee pot again. (I’ll let you in on a little secret: he forgot it a week ago this past Saturday, too, but he was dealing with some issue, so I gave him a pass.)

I should have whomped him on Monday night, but we were both full from dinner. I knew the dog had her first training class last night, but we got home early enough to do it. I forgot about it until I was in the shower, and then I figured I shouldn’t do it if he wanted sex. And then he snoozed a lot anyway. Would a butt-blistering spanking have kept him awake? No idea.

Anyway, he’s due for a good old-fashioned punishment spanking tonight. He asked if I was adding time to the “just because” spanking since it changed into a punishment spanking. Nope. If he can manage to stay out of trouble between now and then, he’ll get the regular ten-minute spanking. I’m sure a ten-minute spanking may feel like I’ve added time to it, but I set the timer for ten minutes. I’ve been known to go longer, but I’ve also been known to cut it short. [Lion — Usually she goes on and on after the timer goes off.]

Send Lion positive thoughts tonight around 8 pm Pacific time. He may need all the help he can get.

Yup, I did it again. I’ve been encouraging Mrs. Lion to use domestic discipline to deal with situations she calls “unbecoming for a lion.” Wednesday morning, I got this email:

“By the way, I was thinking you should be punished for snapping at me when we were waiting, and I was talking to Dr. N. That’s conduct unbecoming a Lion.”

“How’s that for catching you annoying me? Eureka! lol”

I asked for it. Don’t let the light tone fool you. Mrs. Lion was annoyed on Tuesday when I offended. The email came a day later after she had time to cool off. I have no illusions that the punishment will be light. It will be at least ten minutes of butt-blistering paddling. I have no doubt that I will be very sorry by the time she finishes.

That’s the thing about domestic discipline. It isn’t administered in anger. Mrs. Lion punishes me after she has had time to cool off. In a way, that is worse than being spanked while she is angry. She will administer my punishment with cool objectivity. She isn’t working off her anger. She will calmly work to teach me a lesson, a very painful one.

I’m very proud of her. It’s taken years to get to this point. In a way, it’s a turn-on for me knowing she has this power and will use it. After all, it’s what I asked for all those years ago. I won’t be turned on when I’m strapped on the spanking bench. But I’m aroused now, hours before she gets home, thinking about it. Weird, huh?

She also said that she thinks I have a cute butt. I don’t see it. You’ve seen pictures of my rear both before and after spanking. Is it cute to you? If you want to see one of my rear view, click here. I’m glad she likes it. I suppose I’m also glad she is ready, willing, and able to beat it. While I’m on the subject of spanking, have you noticed that there are no more references to bare-bottom spankings? I guess everyone knows that spankings are administered on bare buns. Eight years ago, it was almost mandatory to specify that a spanking will be on a bare ass. Mrs. Lion always spanks my bare bottom.

Another significant change is that Mrs. Lion has learned not to react to my complaints and yelps when she punishes me. If anything, she is encouraged when I am screaming and demanding she stop. Of course, she doesn’t. She also disregards blood. Hard paddling will break skin in a couple of places. There is never any trace of an injury afterward. She used to stop at the first sign of blood. Now she disregards it (Click here to see my butt after a spanking with blood). I support this because the bleeding isn’t dangerous and doesn’t even cause a scab. More importantly, Mrs. Lion has a job to do and shouldn’t stop until she is done. If the DWC was still around, I’m sure they would agree.

This is the “cute” heart-shaped paddle I found. Mrs. Lion might like it. Click the image to go to the maker’s page.

Monday night didn’t work out for my spanking. It was originally a “just because” and converted to punishment for annoying Mrs. Lion. I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon. She says I will be getting it tonight or tomorrow night. Lucky me. I am looking forward to some teasing. That will be fun. Mrs. Lion took Tuesday off from work so she could take me to the eye doctor. As usual, the appointment took hours. I had to see two separate specialists and go through three eye imaging tests. We have another couple of errands to run. Depending on when we finish, Mrs. Lion will decide what will be on our dance card tonight.

I received an ad from Esty. Since the paddle maker we like best sells through them, they like to send me listings of stuff I might want. In the past, I’ve done paddle shopping. Mrs. Lion is much less interested in finding new paddles. Her focus is on using them. She has quite a few. This particular one seemed I don’t know, sort of cute. You know, like the stuff you get in the Cracker Barrel gift shop. Maybe they have it there. A picture of it is on the right. Click the image to go to the dealer.

Normally, I would order it and give it to my lioness. I didn’t this time because I know what it feels like when she uses her gift. I figure that if she swats hard enough with this particular paddle, it will leave little heart-shaped marks on my butt. She might like that. Well, if she wants me to buy it, I can order it.

There isn’t much else to report today. Excuse the short post.

We haven’t been up to anything over the last few days. We were supposed to leave yesterday on a camping (Ha! giant 5th wheel trailer) trip. We decided not to go. The puppy wouldn’t be able to be left alone for more than a few hours. That would make it difficult for us to take side trips. Too bad. This is the time of year the apple crop comes in as well as other yummy fruit. Our destination was in the heart of the fruit country.

Instead, we are going to be home. Maybe Mrs. Lion will use the restraints she bought a while ago. She also talked about waxing me and using our massage table for more than hair removal. Nice prospects. Other than that, we will putter around the house and enjoy each other’s company.  Boring lions!

Mrs. Lion didn’t spank me on Thursday night. This time it was my fault. I slipped on a dog toy on Thursday afternoon and fell. I must have twisted oddly. My chest was very sore. I expect she will do a makeup spanking this weekend. I suppose I’m due for one. One thing she never forgets to do is paddle my bottom.

After my post yesterday, we had a short discussion about spanking for more subjective offenses. Mrs. Lion said that she would begin using her paddle to let me know when I am not properly obedient or respectful. She also said that she didn’t think she could be consistent. That’s fine, of course. Subject offenses are far from black and white. Mrs. Lion will need to decide when she wants to paddle me. Once she gets some confidence in her ability to do this, perhaps she will take “just because” spankings off of a schedule and just do them when she decides I need one. She will need to be vigilant that inertia doesn’t take over.

We’ve come a long way in our disciplinary marriage. I’m very proud of my lioness. She’s done a great job of growing into her role.