ghost chastity device
This is the nylon device I tested. It’s 3D-printed. While the material looks solid, it’s actually quite porous. (Click image to enlarge)

As you might remember, I reviewed the Custom Chastity Ghost chastity device a while ago. This device has proven to be one of the most difficult to review I have ever tried. It manages to be a combination of the best fitting device I have ever worn and the most difficult to actually wear.

This device is 3D printed. The makers don’t admit it, but it is obviously from a public 3D printing company. That’s actually good news. Many use a medical grade nylon material. It has  low melting point, but nothing that affects wearing the device. It does, however, figure in to the big problem.

Let me get right to the point. 3D printers do not output glass-smooth finishes, far from it. The surface is almost like sandpaper. It’s very abrasive, particularly to sensitive genital skin. What frustrates me is that I have contacted Custom Chastity about this issue and they either claim it doesn’t bother others or just silence. Interestingly, they pack silicone lube with every unit. They know the low quality finish is difficult to wear without some protection.

Ordinarily, I would leave it at that. I would consider the custom cage to be an expensive failure. Expect to pay about $250 for a custom Ghost like mine. But I can’t let it go. The reason is that once the sandpaper finish is removed, it is the most comfortable device I have ever worn. The nylon material is very light and strong. I am generally unaware it is on me.  The padlock (included) fits into a slot (you can see it at the right side of the photo) that keeps it in place so it is always lying flat on the top of the device; no more rattling.

The design, even after being reworked to my very-short 1-1/4-inch length, is perfect. It fits me like an invisible glove. The owners of Custom Chastity are a married couple. She, apparently does all the 3D design work. He does the website and presumably wears one of their devices. Their website is improving, but is truly difficult to understand. Their fitting instructions are obscure, at least to me. I got my measurement wrong the first time because the diagram they provided confused me.

The wife communicated with me. Most of the time she didn’t seem to understand what I was saying/asking. It was a frustrating process. When I wrote them about my review and my problem with the finish, they just brushed me off saying they have the device tumble-finished. Guess what? It doesn’t work. In contrast, Mature Metal is very responsive and will do anything they can to make their devices work for each customer. The Ghost is a plastic version of the Mature Metal Jail Bird. It is smartly designed.

Because this device has such good potential, and because I invested so much in it, I decided to try to fix the finish. I had two cages: the first one that was too long, and the one that actually is a perfect fit. So I experimented on the one I couldn’t wear. I tried using a Dremel machine with sanding drums. It melted the plastic.  Tom Allen suggested that I just hand sand. So I bought a package of sand paper from Amazon.

I started with 150 grit. It took about two hours to smooth the areas that touch my skin. I then worked through progressively smaller grits until I finished with 400 grit. I then cleaned the device in hot water (100 degrees F.) using my ultrasonic cleaner. I got a smooth finish that I can wear. It took me about three hours for the ring and cage. It wasn’t hard work, but it was tedious.

I’m wearing the device now. Mrs. Lion put it on me on Thursday night. I asked if I can wear it for at least a week. I want to be sure that when I go on my next business trip, I can be locked into it with a plastic seal and be able to stay in it for the entire trip. It’s a bit irritating, but so far wearable.

I am impressed with the use of 3D printing to create a truly custom device. The other device by Pedro isn’t wearable at all. The design makes peeing without a ball bath impossible for me. The ring is super wide and therefore difficult to wear. The Ghost’s base ring is thicker than the stainless steel Jail Bird’s. That’s needed since nylon is weaker than steel. It’s possible that there may be too much friction with this device. If there is, I will try the silicone lube as a way to help.

lion penis in ghost chastity device
I’m wearing the Ghost. Note that the generous front opening allows my urethra to peek out. If it moves, it is easy to recenter it. My balls are out of the way so peeing is easy. (click image to see larger)

I’m trying so hard to make this work because as far as I know, there is no other custom plastic device out there. I need a very short cage. The “small” versions of the other products on the market are generally longer than 2-inches. I want a device that fits like a glove. If my urethra peeks out, my ability to pee is improved a lot. The device works with numbered, plastic seals. That means there is no metal, so airport metal detectors won’t be tripped by the device. You can also use a small plastic tie to fix it tightly and still fit in the numbered seal. This is great security for travel.

numbered seal
Numbered seal on Ghost. The red-colored area on the ring is there because the original color of the ring was red. You can see how intense the sanding needed to be extensive. It took off the paint.

I can’t pack a nail clipper due to security requirements. So, removing a plastic seal requires shopping for a clipper and then removing the seal. Since the seals are numbered, I can’t hide the fact I took it off from Mrs. Lion. You can see the tag (left). It nicely fills the hole. The red color is from the ring. We misplaced my white ring. It’s probably around because I was sanding it. You can see there is very little red color left. The sanding took it off.

Here we have a very well-designed device with a flaw that under most circumstances would disqualify it from consideration. But, and this is a very big but, there is nothing else out there that in my case, will work.

I think that most people who wear chastity devices full time will agree that the best way to live with a device is by having one that fits perfectly. Long-term wear with an off-the-shelf product frequently becomes unbearably uncomfortable. Once a custom made device has been adjusted (most of us send our devices back for adjustment), it can stay on as long as desired. I’ve been wearing a Mature Metal Jail Bird for over 3 1/2 years.

I’ve worn the Ghost for about ten days. After a few hours of sanding, without lube it is completely comfortable. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the nylon its made of is porous. That shouldn’t surprise me. 3D-printed objects are always porous. That’s not a problem in terms of strength, but it does cause me a bit of concern. Those pores in the nylon pick up organic material and start to smell. After ten days, the back of the base ring had an unpleasant odor. I shower every day and make sure I wash the cage as best I can. I move the base ring away from my body and soap it up and rinse thoroughly. That isn’t enough for this device.

To be fair, the smell isn’t detectable unless you actually sniff the ring. When I was removing the ring for play (I remove and put on the ring, Mrs. Lion handles the actual cage.), I noticed a faint scent. Further investigation revealed the back of the base ring (the part that touches my body all the time) had an unpleasant smell. I put the device through our ultrasonic cleaner with the special detergent. That removed all traces of the odor.

I expect that soaking the device in a cleaning solution would also work. My concern is that with long term wear, which is what I do, the smell would build up and become detectable to others. Also, there is a real chance that organic material in the porous nylon could incubate bacteria in the warm, damp environment and eventually cause skin problems for that area.

This isn’t a problem with the stainless steel Jail Bird. Steel is not porous at all. Any crud it accumulates is easily washed off. The fact that the smell (not urine scent by the way) remained after daily showers is concerning to me. It means that I can’t prevent the problem while I wear the device. That’s too bad. It’s super comfortable and very light weight.

Because of this potentially dangerous defect, I don’t recommend long term wearing without regular cleaning with an ultrasonic device or some very strong solution that can get into the pores of the device. Weekly cleaning should keep things safe and sweet smelling. I will still be wearing this device for trips that include air travel. Twenty-four hour wear for a week or two is probably safe. When I wear it in the future, I will pay closer attention to the back of the ring and try to scrub it with soap and a washcloth while I am wearing the device. Anti-bacterial soap is a good choice for this.

There is another plastic device, at least mostly plastic, made by Steelwerks. I’m unlikely to try this device. For one thing it is a full tube, and I prefer a cage. For another, it costs well over $1,000 USD. That’s much more than I can afford. For now, at least, if you want a plastic device that fits, Custom Chastity’s products are the only ones on the market. To make their products wearable, you will have to sand them for hours. Maybe someone will see the need for a well-finished plastic device and give us a choice.

The Custom Chastity devices are very well designed. That have two potentially-fatal flaws: As delivered, they have a rough finish that irritated me in just a few hours and actually removed sensitive skin on my penis. Two or three hours with sandpaper will fix that. The other problem is that the nylon is porous and will collect material from your body. Normal showering, with attention to the device, didn’t prevent a bad smell after ten days. Combined with the irritation from the rough finish, if you don’t smooth it yourself, is a great opportunity for infections. This can be prevented by regular cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner with detergent.

My advice about this product is that if you are willing to smooth the rough 3D-printed finish and sanitize the porous nylon that the device is made from, I think you will be happy with this as a long term or travel device. With a plastic, numbered seal, the device is comfortable, secure, and undetectable when you go through metal detectors. I will be wearing mine on my next trip.

In summary this is a Buy with caution recommendation.

I ordered some of the dual pouch underwear that I wrote about a bit ago. It has a pouch for the penis and a ventilated area for the balls. I got a comment from a guy who says he wears these with a Jail Bird. I suppose it is possible with a long enough cage, but mine is too short for it to work. I was wild yesterday for a doctor’s appointment. I took advantage of the opportunity to wear a pair of the dual pouch briefs.

They do feel nice. The separate pouches do eliminate the need to “adjust”. The micro modal fabric feels great. In the car, the place where the label is sewn on the back did dig in a bit. You have to remove the very long labels before wearing. There is a unique fly at the end of the penis pouch. Once you figure out how it works, it is a nice improvement on the standard side fly. This one opens so that the penis goes through a horizontal opening in the end of the pouch. Very easy to use and comfortable. Some complain about the price. These are cheap for micro modal fabric, only $6 each pair. You can find them here if you want to try them for yourself.

My shoulder remains pretty painful which has reduced my interest in sexual activity. The pain comes and goes, so when it’s not hurting too much we do have some fun. It’s all a matter of timing. Mrs. Lion is wonderful about taking care of me. She does everything she can to make me more comfortable. After work last night I saw my doctor. He gave me a cortisone shot which he says will help.

Some people don’t believe that we are real. Others find it hard to accept we are as happily married as we appear. There is nothing I can do about proving either. It’s sometimes hard for me to believe we get along as well as we do. I was incredibly lucky to find my lioness. We just fit together. She’s gone way out of her way to accommodate me. She became my keyholder and later my disciplining wife with no expectation that either would be rewarding to her. She did both simply to make me happy.

Fortunately, she found a lot of value in enforced chastity and she does it because she knows it makes us a better couple. The jury has been out on domestic discipline and FLR. However, she recently discovered she enjoys it when she discovers me breaking a rule. That may not seem like a big deal, but it is. She may still be doing it because she knows I want it, but she is also doing it because she has discovered a personal challenge she likes.

I don’t think she will ever get real pleasure out of punishing me. She may find the trouble that I get myself into amusing, but that’s not the same. I don’t get any pleasure out of being punished. We both realize that punishment is a necessary part of the power exchange. It’s also an effective way to change my behavior.

We aren’t living a fantasy. We are living a real-life FLR/enforced chastity lifestyle. What we write here is a true account of our power exchange. If it seems we are having fun, we are. We love each other and what we are doing.

BellaFlash hair removal system
This is the hair removal system we bought to tame Lion’s nether regions. Click the image to go to Costco product page.

Yesterday was a bit less hectic than Saturday. We went to the warehouse store and the supermarket. Mrs. Lion kindly did manscaping. The new Bella Flash hair removal device shows great promise. After only three weeks, there is a marked reduction of the amount of hair growing back. The BellaFlash device uses a flash tube as the source of energy. Flash tubes are used in photography as well as powerful landing lights and other “strobe” applications.

The bright light contains a lot of energy; very similar to the energy contained in a laser beam. The flash transmits heat through dark hairs to the follicle. This action stuns the follicle and it doesn’t produce more hair, at least for a while. I had laser treatments about fifteen years ago that covered a lot of my pubic hair. Almost all of it has not returned. There is just one stubborn patch at the base of my penis that kept growing back very thin hairs.

Since the three treatments with the Bellaflash, this area is growing back a much lighter crop. In other places that the laser never touched, namely my rear, Mrs. Lion notes that in many spots hair hasn’t returned. In others it is sparser. That means the BellaFlash is getting enough heat down to the follicles to at least stun them.

Treatments have to continue every two weeks for some months. Follicles grow hairs on their own schedule. Dermatologists have observed that some go dormant for as much as 250 days before sprouting. So, the BellaFlash can’t attack a follicle that hasn’t produced a hair. Over eight or nine months most, if not all, follicles will produce some hair. The biweekly treatments should catch them as they come up past the skin.

Numb Master anesthetic gel
This is the Lidocaine gel I use to reduce the pain associated with the BellaFlash hair removal system. Click image for a link to where I buy it.

This process isn’t without pain. The flash can hurt. My balls, in particular, are the most sensitive. We are able to flash most of me at maximum power. You want to use the most power you can. We have to go down a notch for my balls. I use an anesthetic cream before each treatment. Without it, the discomfort is very high. I use Numb Master. It’s a 5% Lidocaine gel. That’s the most concentrated you can buy without a prescription. It gets applied over the entire area to be treated. A few minutes after the first application, you put a thick coating of it over the first. Then you cover the area with plastic wrap. The wrap keeps it from rubbing off and it also causes the area to get warmer. This activates the anesthetic. Wait between 30 and 45 minutes before starting the treatment. Just before treating, remove the plastic wrap and use a wet washcloth to clean up the area. Then shave the entire area and do the light treatment. The gel is expensive but well worth the cost. It takes most of the pain out of the flash.

The day after treatment you may notice what looks like a sunburn where you used the BellaFlash. This is normal. You will also see “stubble” appearing to grow out of the treatment area. Actually this is the burnt hair that was under the skin being pushed out. It’s not new hair growing back. This process only works on dark hair and light skin. It won’t work on blonde or grey hair. The unit checks the color of your skin, and if it is too dark, it won’t fire.

If you buy the device from Costco, you can return it any time if you don’t get results. Amazon only gives you a thirty day return time limit. The results so far are on a par with the professional laser treatments I got from a doctor. Of course, it will be months before I know if this turns out to be just as long lasting. I’m encouraged by the results so far.