Lion’s butt when I got done with his spanking.

I didn’t look at Lion, but I’m sure he wasn’t happy that I dragged the spanking bench out last night. He wants me to spank him for breaking the rules, but he isn’t fond of the idea when it’s actually going to happen. He grudgingly complies with my “request” to get in position. Once I strap him in, he has no other option.

large sporkwood paddle on lion's ass
My large paddle

I swatted him a few times with the biggest paddle. He asked if I was going to set a timer. Was he in a rush? He wasn’t going anywhere. I set the ten-minute timer and started to swat him again. The dog tries to console him, but she winds up getting in the way, so I had to stop to put her in her crate. I don’t know how long that took, but it was time off the timer. No problem. I could make it up at the end. That’s when Lion says I keep going “long” after the timer goes off. While that’s true, the past few spankings it has been because I had to corral the dog, which took time away from spanking.

Anyway, it’s been a while since he’s been spanked. I wanted to make sure he got his money’s worth. I used a variety of paddles to get him nice and red all over. I made sure his crack got some attention. And then I started to hit harder. I know. Lion thinks I was hitting hard before this point. Let’s just say I hit harder than the harder I was already hitting. Little blood droplets appeared. It wasn’t bad. Sure he was making my paddle dirty, but that’s the price you pay for whomping a Lion.

By the time I was done with him, his buns were all bloody. Most of that was blood transfer from the paddle. As I swatted the bloody areas, it would get on my paddle, and then I’d hit a non-bloody spot, and the blood from the paddle would stay. I took a picture of his lovely blood-dripping butt before I cleaned it off. It looks worse than it is because of the transfer. That’s not to say it didn’t look bad after I cleaned it. I definitely left my mark.

When I asked Lion if he was sore this morning, he said no. Then he revised that to report some soreness. I told him I was glad my hard work wasn’t wasted. Poor Lion.

Short weeks are crazy. I don’t know why but they seem longer than regular weeks even though there’s less time to do things. I couldn’t think of anything to write about yesterday, so I didn’t do a post. I knew there had to be something going on, but I was rushed and not remembering that I did, in fact, have something to write about. Lion forgot the coffee pot again. (I’ll let you in on a little secret: he forgot it a week ago this past Saturday, too, but he was dealing with some issue, so I gave him a pass.)

I should have whomped him on Monday night, but we were both full from dinner. I knew the dog had her first training class last night, but we got home early enough to do it. I forgot about it until I was in the shower, and then I figured I shouldn’t do it if he wanted sex. And then he snoozed a lot anyway. Would a butt-blistering spanking have kept him awake? No idea.

Anyway, he’s due for a good old-fashioned punishment spanking tonight. He asked if I was adding time to the “just because” spanking since it changed into a punishment spanking. Nope. If he can manage to stay out of trouble between now and then, he’ll get the regular ten-minute spanking. I’m sure a ten-minute spanking may feel like I’ve added time to it, but I set the timer for ten minutes. I’ve been known to go longer, but I’ve also been known to cut it short. [Lion — Usually she goes on and on after the timer goes off.]

Send Lion positive thoughts tonight around 8 pm Pacific time. He may need all the help he can get.

Lion forgot the coffee pot again. I figured he’d likely blame it on the fact that I dragged him out the door yesterday, and his routine was broken up. That’s really not my problem. Perhaps he should check on it before dinner to be sure he’s done it. Although, he shouldn’t check as I’m making dinner. We get in each other’s way. It’s difficult enough navigating around the dog. Two people cannot be in our kitchen at the same time.

This morning I got up with the dog, and the coffee pot was still not together. Lion has a habit of remembering in the middle of the night and saves his butt. After he woke up, I went back into the bedroom and snoozed a bit. When I woke up, he was in the kitchen. Phooey. He remembered. The rule is that it has to be put together before I go to make coffee. Mission accomplished. I almost had him—sneaky Lion.

We had leftover pizza for dinner. I took a shower while he snoozed a bit. When I moved over to play with my weenie, I couldn’t tell if I just wasn’t hitting the right spot or if he wasn’t really interested. It turns out he was too full from dinner to want much attention. He always asks if that’s okay. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s not like I can insist he get hard and perform for me. I assume the more I tried, the less he’d want it, and nothing would happen anyway. There’s no reason to punch myself out if he’s not interested.

Today is another matter. I don’t think we have anything planned. I’ve been looking at the lawn. It’s mostly weeds right now, but it will grow again as soon as the rain starts. Do I mow it now to get ahead of the weeds or wait until it rains? Classic damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. I’d mow tomorrow anyway, so that leaves today free. I’m sure we can have some fun along the way, especially since I won’t have to whomp his butt.

I am writing this post on Friday morning (It published on Saturday). My bottom still hurts when I sit. Mrs. Lion wants me to tell her when I feel the aftereffects of a spanking. She says she likes it when my butt is sore. I wonder if she really does or says it because it is erotic to me. She replied to my email that she wants to keep my bottom sore. It is a reminder to behave. I don’t know if she is serious about that wish. If she is, I can expect a spanking very soon.

There is an important aspect of domestic discipline that is often overlooked: inevitability. This is very different from consistency. Inevitability means that once a punishment is promised, it will be delivered. Consistency refers to always punishing infractions. Both are important to good discipline. I think that inevitability is critical.

When the time comes for my spanking, there have been times when I wasn’t feeling well, or some other activity caused Mrs. Lion to delay the punishment. Occasionally, she has given me the option of delaying a spanking for a day. She will “charge” me a penalty of two extra minutes of spanking for the delay. I know that if a spanking is earned, it will be delivered.

This isn’t true of “just because” spankings. Mrs. Lion often cancels them. She announced that I would get one every Monday and Thursday. So far, she has canceled almost all of them. If I earn a punishment, then she cancels the next “just because” spanking. I think that’s fair since the “just because” spanking is a sort of placeholder that, by definition, isn’t needed if I am punished for a real offense.

I suppose you could argue that any scheduled spanking should be administered. We do have a way to handle multiple offenses that require punishment. Mrs. Lion adds five minutes to my spanking for each additional offense. If Mrs. Lion decides that any scheduled spanking is inevitable, then I probably will have trouble sitting all the time comfortably.


We learned that consistent enforcement of rules changes my behavior. The most obvious evidence of this is how I eat. Before Mrs. Lion made getting food on my shirt a spankable offense, I managed to do it several times a week. About a month after she consistently spanked me every time I spilled, I became a neat eater. I rarely get food on my shirt. It does happen now and then. When it does, I’m spanked.

We know consistency works. It’s easy to consistently enforce a rule like not spilling food on my shirt. It’s not so easy when it comes to subjective offenses like annoying Mrs. Lion. Some DD people argue that sort of offense requires the same sort of consistent enforcement as the simpler rules. I disagree.

Subjective offenses may fit better in the parental model. Parents rarely apply strict consistency to punishing children. They punish when the annoyance reaches a level that feels serious enough to spank. I think the same is true of disciplinary wives. When Mrs. Lion feels I have crossed a line, then she can punish me. It doesn’t make much sense to say that every time I interrupt her, for example, she punishes me. That makes Mrs. Lion’s job much harder. Isn’t it better for her to punish me when she feels I deserve it?

I don’t think that my education will be slowed or that I will be confused by inconsistent enforcement. I understand that I have to watch my step. If I am careless and piss her off, she will make me pay. It may take some spankings for me to get the message. Eventually, I will.