Things appear to be settling down after the migration of our blog. That’s not to say it’s completely smooth sailing going forward, but at least I understand what the problem was and corrected it. It’s been five days since my last orgasm. I’ve been feeling decently horny all day. I told Mrs. Lion and she was happy to get that news. Having the worry of a crashing blog off my mind doesn’t hurt a bit.

Sooner or later female sex bloggers end up writing at least one post about penises. Not surprisingly, we male bloggers tend to avoid saying too much on that subject. Since I am heterosexual, I have no visceral interest in other men’s sexual equipment. I am extremely interested in my own. I’ve measured it many times when flaccid. This was necessary to provide information when I ordered custom male chastity devices. At some point I measured my erection as well. I was curious about how I stacked up, so to speak.

it turns out that 6 inches is very good

The average erect penis is about five and three-quarter inches long and 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Mine is 6 inches long and 1 1/2 inches in diameter. I guess that makes me slightly above average. Yippee! It’s always good to be above average. Based on my reading, it’s good to be a little bit above average but not terribly desirable to be too large. Too much girth makes for painful vaginal insertion, not to mention anal or oral fun. I have a sort of type “O” penis — the universal donor. Most women are more than willing to accept my size penis in any orifice they make available.

Mrs. Lion uses a dildo considerably wider and longer than my penis when she pegs me. When it comes to pegging and male anal play, training him to accept larger visitors is part of the BDSM fun. Even though it’s uncomfortable for me, I agree. I like it when I am able to accept a larger dildo. It doesn’t take long before it feels good nestled deep in my anus.

It appears that most heterosexual women enjoy viewing the erect penis of someone they like. Based on my reading and visits to Twitter, they don’t welcome unsolicited pictures of strangers’ sex organs. When it comes to the rest of the male sexual anatomy, the balls, opinions seem to vary widely in terms of being interesting to women. Some women love them and enjoy fondling them and even putting them in their mouths. Others try to do their best to ignore them. They don’t willingly touch them, even when masturbating the penis attached to them.

Opinions also vary about whether balls are more attractive when warm and loose swinging freely between their owner’s legs. Others prefer them tight, pulled up close to the penis. Mrs. Lion and I haven’t discussed this topic, but I think she prefers them loose and hanging. I know she enjoys a rear view when I bend over with my legs open. She definitely enjoys fondling them and sometimes painfully swatting them when we play.

Hairy balls or smooth?

Male pubic hair grooming is relatively recent activity. My pubic hair has been completely gone for more than 25 years. Call me a trendsetter! I like the way it looks and feels without hair. More and more men and women are following my lead and remove all of their pubic hair. I’ve always felt that a woman without pubic hair is far more interesting to view. Mrs. Lion doesn’t remove her hair, but it isn’t important. Her growth is light and I get a good view of her vagina even with untrimmed pussy hair. She’s said that she doesn’t care whether I have pubic hair or not. It’s up to me.

Even if I didn’t aesthetically prefer hairlessness, wearing a male chastity device is far more comfortable on a bald pubic area. Pubic hair tends to catch on the chastity device and pull uncomfortably. With smooth skin, there is no pull and the device is painless to wear. Speaking of chastity devices, I haven’t seen women comment on how they feel about their men wearing them. Let me clarify, even the ones who say they like their men locked up, don’t offer an opinion as to the aesthetics of seeing a penis in a male chastity device. Most of the devices aren’t that attractive and don’t do a great deal toward making my weenie more appealing. They are utilitarian and designed to prevent the one thing most women prefer when they look at a penis: an erection.

Erections are both entertaining and aesthetically pleasing to many women. They are entertaining because they reveal their owners’ sexual interest. It’s hard to appear nonchalant sporting wood. It’s also embarrassing during play. Mrs. Lion applies very painful tiny clothespins to the head of my penis. I really hate having them there. However, my penis stays hard as a rock. She says that means I really like it. It’s hard to argue with that logic. There was a line in the TV sitcom “Becker”, a teenager was consulting with Dr. Becker complaining that he kept getting erections at odd times. He said, “I even got one while I was vacuuming for my mother. Now she thinks I like cleaning.”

I admit it. I have definite preferences in terms of body hair. I’ve always preferred no pubic hair. Mine has been gone since the late 1980s. Even in the hairy 1970s, while I had a lot of fur down there, I much preferred women with sparse pubic hair.

Long before it became fashionable for men to remove body hair, I’ve taken some of mine off. During the 1990s I actually got laser hair removal treatments to get rid of my pubic hair permanently. Most of it is still gone, some stubbornly remains and requires Mrs. Lion to wax it.

hairy and bald male genitals
While I’m not attracted to male genitals (I like the ones on the right because they’re mine), the hairless ones definitely look better to me. This is true whether they are mine or not.

It’s rare to see a photograph of a naked woman who still has pubic hair. It also appears that most of the male images are also sans pubic hair as well. I decided to find examples of both male and female genitals with and without hair. The image above on the left is a fair comparison of hairy and hairless male genitals. Aside from the anatomical differences between the two males (I’m the one on the right), I prefer the hairless look.

compare hairy and hairless pussies
In my mind, there is no comparison between a furry and hairless pussy. Female external genitalia are way too beautiful to hide behind hair.

When it comes to female genitals, I absolutely prefer a bald pussy. Even though Mrs. Lion doesn’t shave hers, it’s the sole exception to that rule. External female genitalia are beautiful to me. Pubic hair only obstructs it and turns its fine definition into a fuzzy mess.

I realize that pubic hair is a personal preference. However I think it’s interesting that there have been distinct trends in both male and female body hair removal. I’ve noticed that female hair removal has always been acceptable. Even in the hairy 70s, no one blinked at a shaved pussy. That wasn’t true of men. Men without pubic hair would be prejudged as gay or effeminate.

This was true in the 90s and even the early 2000’s. I was always a little nervous about strangers seeing my lack of pubic hair. Now, it’s absolutely commonplace for men to take off the fur. I’m glad. Mrs. Lion has been waxing virtually all of my body. The only hair that she leaves in place is on my lower legs and my arms. Everything else: thighs, pubic and butt hair, chest, pits, and back are hairless.

I think it looks good. Apparently, so do a lot of other guys. You can find ads for waxing studios that offer male hair removal services that include all of the areas Mrs. Lion removes and more. It’s an increasingly popular option for guys.

It used to be believed that men who prefer women without pubic hair were nascent pedophiles. They were accused of liking the hairless look of prepubescent girls. That’s just silly. I can understand where this came from. After all, only children are naturally hairless.

There are lots of theories about why we do or don’t have hair in various places. Underarm and pubic hair are believed to perform a sexual function. The story goes that the hair in those places retain pheromones secreted with sweat. These pheromones act as attractants for potential sexual partners.

There’s some science to back that up. More than one study has been conducted where men have worn T-shirts for a period of time that allowed them to catch those underarm scents. The T-shirts were put in airtight jars. Women at various points in their menstrual cycle were asked to smell the T-shirts. Most of the time, they found the odors offensive. However, when they were at the most fertile point in their cycles, they found the same odors sexy. Presumably, the same would be true of odors produced by the genitals.

This confirms that pheromones both attract and repel. It’s supposed that pubic and underarm hair would capture and retain those smells. Given that most of us bathe every day, the odor-keeping value of that hair would be negligible.

Given that the maximum fertility part of the woman’s cycle lasts for three days or so, it probably isn’t a good idea to send armpit smell the way of a woman a man is trying to attract. Fortunately, we have less primal ways to attract one another.

hairless and Naked with chastity device locked on
I like the way I look without body hair. Here I am after a recent waxing session.

Nevertheless, a lot of us have visual preferences when it comes to body hair. Mrs. Lion’s says that she’s indifferent to whether or not I have hair anywhere on my body. I prefer myself without.

I’m very glad that a lot of people understand that the presence or absence of body hair says nothing about the sexual preferences of the person. I am solidly heterosexual and I prefer myself smooth. I know gay men who are turned off by guys without body hair. They like their men hairy.

I’m lucky that Mrs. Lion finds me attractive. I’m grateful she indulges my preference for smooth, hairless body.

hairless arm pits and nipples
Here I am, freshly waxed. I don’t think my hairless pits and nipples look effeminate.

While I think I will always be concerned about people discovering that I wear a male chastity device, I’m no longer self-conscious about shedding my body hair. Apparently, the world has become much more tolerant of male body grooming. There are quite a few products aimed at helping guys remove hair.

I have an obvious interest in the subject since I have been removing body hair for many years. If you’re wondering what this has to do with enforced male chastity, let me explain. Male chastity represents a significant deviation from the stereotypical view of the male. We are supposed to be sexually aggressive and in control of sexual situations. While we are expected to be considerate and obtain permission to mount a female, we are to be the initiators. Women have the absolute right to say no, but they aren’t expected to initiate sexual activity.

Obviously, if a woman locks her partner’s penis in a chastity device and keeps the key, she has the exclusive right to initiate or withhold sex. This is not the norm, but the practice is clearly gaining popularity. Even without the hardware, it appears that initiating sex has become more democratic. While it may not be encouraged, female initiation is certainly acceptable.

In the 70s and 80s, this wasn’t the case. Traditional, male-dominant mating behavior was the overwhelming practice. Also, men didn’t remove or trim body hair. Sure, there were exceptions, me being one of them, but modified body hair was rare enough to draw disapproving stares when encountered.

There was a general sense that male grooming, particularly removal of body hair was effeminate. After all, women removed body hair to make themselves more appealing to men. Since women were expected to accept men au naturel, any mail attempt at grooming couldn’t be intended to appeal to women.

As women’s liberation extended to more and more people, I think that women began to feel free to express preferences regarding male grooming. For the record, the first woman I bottomed to, tied me down and shaved my pubic hair telling me she really didn’t like hairy men. She also shaved my underarms. I found that scandalous.

She didn’t attempt to rationalize her actions. Later, much later, she said that men didn’t like women with hairy pits and pubes, why shouldn’t women have a similar preference? Mrs. Lion has made it clear that she has no preference in terms of my personal grooming. I’ve learned to prefer myself hair free. In fairness to her, she is neutral on the subject of me wearing a chastity device. That doesn’t mean she has no strong feelings about me and sex. Just that she doesn’t care whether I use a mechanical device to prevent masturbation or just use willpower to prevent it. She understands I find wearing a chastity device exciting and is happy to indulge my kink.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. Since I’ve expressed my desire to be locked in a chastity device, she will enforce my choice. From the very start she made it clear that if I say I want to be locked up, I will be locked up and I don’t get to change my mind.

Due to the recent health issues I’ve had, I’ve been allowed to be wild. Mrs. Lion has not required me to wear my device. We haven’t had that “talk” yet where she will resume the hard line requiring 24/7 device wearing. I have the feeling that the time has come for that.

I do enjoy times when I’m allowed to be wild. During those times I can have erections. Obviously, when locked up, erections are impossible. On Saturday night Mrs. Lion unlocked me and attempted to edge me. I had no luck getting particularly excited. I don’t understand why this happened. I wonder if it’s tied to the stricter chastity device regime. Since she is showing no sign of leaving my device off, we’ll see if my ability to get to the edge returns even though I’m caged.

Meanwhile, she’s removed all of my body hair, other than my arms. She waxes me. There is a very nice side effect to being waxed. The hair grows back is finer and sparser. Even though it’s been several months since she’s waxed my chest and legs, they don’t look nearly as hairy as they did before she began waxing me.

Waxing is difficult for her. I really appreciate her efforts to keep me bare. I’ve grown to really enjoy the hairless look. I don’t think I can be mistaken for a female just because my body hair is gone. Thankfully, in 2019 most guys wouldn’t be overly disturbed in the presence of a hairless lion. I imagine that most women rather like the look.

Male submission, on the other hand, is not widely considered acceptable. Apparently social norms change more slowly than fashion. Even well established dominant women are careful about being too overt in front of the general public. Both within and outside of the BDSM community, female-dominant behavior is considered kinky.

There have been some inroads. It’s no longer considered strange if a woman picks up the check in a restaurant. 20 years ago such behavior would have drawn unfavorable attention. Popular women’s magazines feature articles on female-dominant activities like pegging and spanking. Yes, they are discussed in terms of being bedroom games, but that doesn’t matter. The general public is being educated on how to do very dominant things to men.

I’ve often referred to the fact that study after study reveals that more than 80% of both men and women fantasize about spanking and being spanked. Articles about spanking appear regularly in mainstream magazines. Look at how popular “50 Shades of Gray” has been. That story featured a male-dominant theme. However, it treated sensation play and BDSM in general as something central to the theme. The public ate it up.

It’s not surprising that those of us who practice male chastity often adopt other power-related activities. Female sexual dominance has definitely entered the mainstream. Wearing a chastity device may be a fringe, kinky practice. But spanking, pegging, and taking the sexual initiative is definitely a mainstream female practice. We live in marvelous times!

It’s nice that the weekend is here again. Mrs. Lion and I can be together all the time.  I’ve been wild all week so there is no device to take off for the weekend. I wonder if the Jail Bird will be going back on Sunday night. There’s no physical reason it can’t. Of course, when I wear it it’s extra work for Mrs. Lion to remove when she wants to snuggle and play.

I’ve written a lot about the declining usefulness of my chastity device. At this point, its only sexual value is that it prevents any spontaneous erections. The very short 1-inch-long cage suppresses even the smallest expression of arousal. I like that. Well, I like it in the same sense that I like spanking. It’s exciting to think about that level of control but it isn’t so much fun when I really, truly want to get hard.

Julie, of strictjuliespanks has been collaborating with one of her readers to write a book-length story featuring a wide range of kinks. (Click here to begin reading.) A new chapter comes out every month or so. She’s just published chapter 5. It’s the story of a college-age boy, his sister, and two of her friends. I find it very hot. I don’t normally like Internet sexual fiction, but this story, while uneven in spots, is generally a very hot read. Check it out. I find myself eagerly awaiting each new chapter.

We’re still not entirely back on track. With all the extra things she has to do, Mrs. Lion has a lower-than-usual energy level. Also, it’s always been a challenge to get started. Maybe the Box O’Fun needs to come out again. This is one of those good-news-bad-news activities for me. A majority of the activities I can draw from the box are painful. They are supposed to be.

Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, that some of the things she does for me can be chores. One activity that we’ve just started: bathing me, seems to be something she likes almost as much as I do. After dinner tonight I get the first of my weekend showers where she spends extra time making sure her weenie is nice and clean.

She isn’t as fond of waxing me. I’ve offered to go to a professional and save her the trouble. She said that even though it’s a chore removing my hair, she still wants to do it. In fairness to her, she’s neutral about whether or not I have body hair. From the day she met me, I had no pubic hair. Even if I wanted to grow it back, only a little patch here and there would show up. Almost all of it is permanently gone.

I’ve enjoyed losing my chest, shoulder, back and leg hair. I think they look better that way. For one thing, my hairless pubes don’t look so starkly different from the rest of me. In any case, I like being hairless. It’s neater and cleaner. If it becomes too much trouble for Mrs. Lion to continue, I think I can find a commercial studio that can get rid of the hair for me. Since I only need waxing every four or five weeks it’s not too bad.

What time we do things seems to impact my enjoyment of the activities. The later it gets, the less likely I am to get aroused and get to the edge. I think I’m getting tired earlier because a lot of things are still more difficult for me to do. I would like to try afternoon play during the weekend. We used to do that. Mrs. Lion would tell me to go down to our dungeon and she would strap me into the sling. She would then do anal play some CBT, followed by lots of teasing and a possible orgasm. I really loved that.

During the week, it’s difficult for her to do anything sexual before dinner. She comes home from work tired and wound up from the frustrations of the day. She needs time to decompress and relax. I wonder if starting our activity before 9 PM is possible. I guess the early bird gets my worm.

We have a long history of successfully adapting to changes and new situations. We talk and write about how we feel and through trial and error find solutions that work for both of us. I have no doubt that we will adapt now.