Many of us who wear male chastity devices eventually remove our pubic hair to avoid annoying pulling and difficulty getting the device on and off. Some simply like the look and feel or have partners who prefer smooth pubes. I decided to set up a Twitter survey to check up on manscaping. I read several articles claiming that most men either trim or completely remove pubic hair. My survey confirms those findings.

It’s startling to me that over eighty percent manscape. I would have guessed the total would have been closer to half. Of those who groom, half remove all of their pubic hair. I am among that number though I didn’t vote. A scant twenty percent stay wild and bushy.

These numbers reveal a big change in the way men think of themselves. Twenty years ago, a man who removed his pubic hair would be considered effeminate. He might be teased in the locker room. Guys who just trimmed would probably fly under the radar since they had some hair down there. My point is that most of us never gave much thought to how our pubes look. We might be proud of our cocks, but gave little thought to the surrounding territory.

I only had one lover who got upset when I stopped trimming. She disliked pubic hair and thought I was naturally under-furred. The net result was that she shaved me, and I’ve been that way ever since. I think it’s good that men are aware and considerate about maintaining their pubic hair. Women led the charge. It’s unusual to find a woman with a full bush. Now the guys have caught up.

Ironically, women’s magazines are claiming that the bush is back. Women are being encouraged to let their hair grow wild down there. That’s too bad. I never found a big bush very attractive. I can only hope that the ladies continue to groom. I know that I will.

I just put a survey on Twitter asking men about the state of their pubic hair. You can vote by clicking here. I’m curious to see what other guys are doing. I don’t have pubic hair and haven’t for over twenty years. Before I met Mrs. Lion, I had a doctor do laser hair removal. It was very successful on the hair above my penis. After twenty-plus years, only a small patch at the base of my penis grows back. I had to stop the laser treatments on my balls. It was too painful. Still, very little grows there after the five or six treatments I did get there.

Mrs. Lion waxes away any remaining pubic hair. She also waxes my chest, pits, and butt. She says (“Not Really Happy“) that she could “get used” to that patch on the base of my penis growing out. It tickles her nose. We are both used to seeing me without body hair. Even though she doesn’t like waxing me, we both like the results.

Before any manscaping, I had a lot of pubic hair. When I was divorcing my ex-wife, I decided to do some trimming. It wasn’t radical; I just cut the hair on top to about two inches. I met a woman who became my lover. She and I discovered BDSM together. She had almost no pubic hair. Grooming wasn’t necessary. One day, when she had me tied to the bed on my back, spread-eagle, she brought in a razor and a bowl of warm water. Without a word, she began shaving my pubic hair.

I objected. She shushed me and said that she liked the way I looked when I was trimmed. She thought that was my natural state. She decided to take all the hair because she preferred bare skin. I couldn’t argue. That was the first time I lost my pubic hair. She shaved me every week and included my butt as well. We were together for about six months. When we broke up, I let it grow back. Then, another partner shaved her pussy and told me that she wanted to shave me as well. That was the last time I had pubic hair.

I believe that Mrs. Lion could easily get used to my hair growing back. It would look silly. All that would grow back is a small patch of fine hair just over the base of my penis and stringy long hairs on my balls. It would be most unattractive. I’ve grown used to bare skin. I like how it looks and feels. I’m grateful that Mrs. Lion is willing to wax me every month.

Sunday was hair removal day here. Mrs. Lion waxed me, front and back. Nothing is left between my neck and upper thighs. It’s a good look. I like how my balls feel when completely hairless. The skin is soft and very sensitive. I wonder if she notices. The waxing process takes a lot less time and seems easier for my lioness. It’s true that the hair growing back is thinner (less thick). In most places, less grows back as well. There is one spot above the base of my cock that grows back despite laser and wax treatments. Stubborn.

I always get a short, fun playtime after Mrs. Lion uses oil (light mineral oil) to clean off any wax residue. She oils my cock and balls and then masturbates me. It always feels good. On Sunday, there was something new. She moved her hand down and then let go. Rinse and repeat—just downstrokes. Holy shit!

In the past, she’s used just upstrokes. This technique is exciting but will never produce an orgasm. Nature has programmed us, males, to always ejaculate on the thrust in. That makes sense. We need to ejaculate as close to the cervix as we can get. That gives our sperm the shortest swim to the waiting egg.

That means if his partner is playing with his penis and only moves her hand up from the body, there will be sexual stimulation but no trigger to ejaculate. Mean tops like my lioness know this since this motion is also less arousing because the skin is being pulled up and over the frenulum, which reduces contact and stimulation.

For the record, I’ve had the skin pulled down with one hand while the other (lubed, of course) moves up over the sensitive spot. The result is more arousal but no orgasm regardless of how long she did it. My penis was aware of the direction of stimulation and refused to squirt.

On Sunday, Mrs. Lion did the opposite. She oiled me up and then moved her hand over the head and down to my body. She did it at the same speed she would normally move up and down when she jerked me off. The sensation was amazing. I did not doubt that I would come if she kept it up. She didn’t–the bitch! She smiled and said, “Not now.”

Thursday night, after a very long 12-day wait, Mrs. Lion gave me a fantastic blow job. She edged me once within an inch of my life. She let me calm down and then started in again. This time she kept going until I had a wonderful orgasm. Whew! This is the second orgasm in 2022. Truly excellent

I’ve been running another Twitter poll. This one is about pubic hair. We’re 22 years into the millennium, and it seemed appropriate to see what’s happening down under. Women were nearly evenly divided. 55% said they have pubic hair. The men’s side was a little surprising. Almost twice as many men said that they had no pubic hair. Imagine that bald pubes won two-to-one for the guy.

In earlier times, women would have led the charge for hairless pussies. Few men were removing their fur. My Twitter results may be skewed because most of my readers are interested in male chastity and male spanking. I think guys who are into that are more likely to present hairless pubes.

The ladies are a big surprise. Young women have preferred bare genitals for the last twenty years. It’s rare to see a picture of a nude woman with pubic hair. Has the trend reversed? Or, perhaps women who read my Twitter feed are more dominant and keep their pubes hairy as part of their display of power.

That is a giant assumption with absolutely nothing behind it. If female hair removal results from males preferring skin to hair, then dominant women would disregard this preference. This is another huge assumption. Have I discovered a trend toward hairy pussies? Let’s take the power exchanges out of consideration. Have we discovered an aesthetic sea change? Has the pandemic reduced reasons for female deforestation?

It may be that many women remove their hair to look better at the beach. Staying home may encourage a more “natural” look. I don’t know. Mrs. Lion has always kept her hair down there. It’s relatively thin and doesn’t get in the way. I haven’t had any pubic hair in over twenty years. At this point, it’s all I know. Mrs. Lion plans to wax me this weekend. Not much grows in, but she likes me neat.