Lion is still snoozing a lot. When I got back from work yesterday, he said he’d slept the entire time. Granted, it was only a few hours, but he was apologizing. The way I look at it, he’s got some serious healing going on and that takes a lot of energy. It’s no wonder he’s sleeping so much. There’s no need to apologize. Resting is a good thing.

I think he’s finally convinced that I won’t leave him because he needs help. He feels bad that he sometimes makes me get up every few minutes to adjust pillows or get him a drink or get his pills. I don’t mind doing it. If anything, it wakes me up to be moving around. He hasn’t really been whining at all. The closest he’s come is last night when I wondered if his pain was normal, because he hasn’t been doing all of his exercises or maybe he’s been doing too much with his arm, and he told me I was accusing him of causing his own pain. Right. Because looking for a possible answer for the pain is the same as telling him he’s doing it to himself. I was trying to figure out how to help.

Lion is also getting upset that our sex lives are not returning to normal yet. He needs to understand that the surgery was only two weeks ago. It will take about six weeks for the repair to heal completely. Sure, the scar is closed, but inside his body still has a lot of work to do. Plus, he knows that the physical therapy will take months and months to get his movement back to normal. I think he’s trying to rush things. He may feel the twinges of horniness, but I don’t think he’s horny enough to perform reliably each time.

It may take us a while to get back to where we were with FLR, DD and enforced chastity, but we’ll get there. The most important thing now is to get him healthy.

Lion is still a pain. I mean, he’s still in pain. He thinks he’s being a pain because he’s asking me to do things for him. He’s not asking me to do anything I don’t normally do. Granted, I may be doing more of those things right now, but he’d do the same for me. Glass of water? Coming right up. Snack? Coming right up. Lunch, dinner, glass of water? Yes, yes, yes. I don’t mind being his nurse. The only thing he’s missing is a call button, but I’m usually not too far away anyway.

To me, it seems like he’s in worse pain than last week, but he reminded me that he was in the hospital that first night so I missed all that fun. Right now I’m trying to keep him as comfortable as possible so he can feel better. The issue is that the doctor wanted him to drink a lot of water to get the residual anesthesia out of his system. Then he had to pee more. Peeing hurts. My weenie is in pain. And it’s not the good kind of pain. Lion wants to know, if it’s my weenie, why isn’t it hurting me? I guess I’m an absentee landlord.

Last week I suspended the rules until Tuesday, I think. Lion said he thought he was well enough for them to be reinstated. Silly boy. I’m not sure if he was nervous about surgery the next day or not, but Lion forgot punishment night on Thursday. I didn’t punish him because he was afraid the doctors would notice any bruises I may have left on him. Valid point. I said I’d catch up with him on Saturday or Sunday, depending on how he feels. For some reason, I didn’t suspend the rules for the aftermath of this surgery. This morning we had our weigh-in. Lion gained a pound or two. It’s logical since he hadn’t been eating before the first surgery and was able to eat after it. So now he’ll be punished for gaining weight.

I was thinking about the whole weigh-in thing though. First, I should have suspended the rules after this surgery too. Second, obviously he’d gain weight on the eating week versus the non-eating week. Third, should we be doing averages instead of progress from one week to the next? What kind of average? I don’t know. Two-week rolling? Four-week rolling? Maybe it’s good the way it is. I think it would have been different if Lion really worked hard to lose those pounds the first week and then went crazy eating cookies and candy the next week to gain those pounds. But he was sick. That has to count for something.

Master of his own demise, Lion ordered capsaicin oil to mix with the coconut oil. Glutton for punishment. He says I can mix it any strength I want depending on how much I want him to suffer. Uh huh. How much I want him to suffer. See my post from the other day when I ask what answer he wants. I don’t really want him to suffer at all. He wants to suffer. I’ll probably either mix it too strong without intending to. Or too mild for Lion. I guess we’ll see when it gets here.

Speaking of being a glutton for punishment, Lion forgot last night was punishment night. At 9 pm I reminded him. He said he completely forgot. I’m glad one of us remembered. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the nice red tush he wound up with. Or the dark red spots that may turn into bruises. In between swats I asked what last night was. He said it was punishment night. In between more swats I asked what Thursday night is. He said it was punishment night. Maybe he’ll remember. He’s been very good at remembering. Maybe he just had too many things on his mind.

The good news is that Lion was horny last night. He has been since he’s been home. He even responded well when it was after 9. Playing late has been a sticking point from time to time, especially when he thinks he’s broken. But last night, Mr. Weenie sprang right into action. I got him oh so, almost too, close. Over and over. The past few nights, I’ve been getting him so close he drips pre-cum for a while afterwards.

He may have been preoccupied with other things, but Lion seemed very quiet after I edged him. It could have been frustration. He just didn’t look or sound very happy. It’s only been a few days since his orgasm. I’m less depressed over the loss of my junk food than he looked last night. He was fine this morning. I’m chalking it up to frustration.

[Lion – I was still upset from the painful spanking. The edging was great and, yes, I am massively frustrated. It felt so good. I didn’t really expect to come, but sure wanted to! My post tomorrow will be about how I was feeling and what happened on Monday night.]

Mrs. Lion has turned a corner. She correctly observes that she is prepared to give me what I asked for all along. She wonders how I will like it when I get it. I wonder as well. Of course, the world is waiting to learn exactly what this latest version of the lioness includes. A few features have been revealed. For one, she is much less interested in how I feel about wanting sex. Her post yesterday discussed that she wasn’t even tempted to get me off even I told her I was very horny. It should be noted that I didn’t ask to be unlocked, but she told me that she knew I wanted stimulation.

A second, more frightening feature was hinted at last weekend. She had me in the sling and put a long piece of peeled ginger root up my ass. It truly burned. I let her know. She was unmoved and left it in until I told her the effect had worn off. She then used some menthol rub (like Ben Gay) on a couple of spots on my balls. That burns a lot! Again she was unmoved and kept me restrained until after it peaked. It’s clear that when she administers painful stimulus, she means business. I know that both “treatments” were rather mild. The rub was old and not put on liberally at all. The ginger burns, but to date hasn’t been horrible. Lioness 2.0 let me know she was only previewing the true depth of that feature.

In her release announcement, she told us that she was no longer taking direction or requests from me. She said the new lioness would listen, but was not inclined to follow up on what I want until she had time to consider it and then give it her own twist. I had often said that forcing someone to do what they want done isn’t control; it’s service. Lioness 1.0 was very service oriented. Lioness 2.0 isn’t.

Apparently, lioness 2.0 is more interested in her own orgasms. I’m happy with that new feature. I wonder if a reduction in my number of orgasms is part of this new sexual look and feel. She kept me in my cage when I gave her an orgasm the other day. She later mentioned that she hadn’t planned on unlocking me at all that day. She did, however, and edged me more than a few times. It’s clear that lioness 2.0 doesn’t feel that I need to be out of my cage just because I provide her with orgasms.

She revealed one last feature so far: She has added the shock collar back into our lives. I wore it all day on Sunday. Yesterday, we made a trip to Ikea. Before she left for work in the morning, she told me to have the shock collar on (around my balls) and to be sure to remind her to take the remote control. Seems like this device will get a lot more use. It does make it much easier for Mrs. Lion to correct me on the spot and saves the trouble of remembering and offense for the next punishment day. It’s too soon to tell, but I think it will keep me much more attentive.

We can expect more information about the latest lioness release in the next days and weeks. Lioness 2.0 prefers demonstrating new features rather than announcing them. Poor lion.