I neglected to say that Lion had an orgasm the other night. He’d waited five days. That’s great! It wasn’t far off of my four-day goal. Maybe he’ll have another five-day wait next time. Or I could make him wait a bit longer. My goal is actually to give him more orgasms than he’s had the past few waits. Of course, in doing that, I hope I’m also increasing our communication.

Lion told me this morning that he’s not sure what I’ve been doing when I jerk him off, but he likes it a lot. I guess I’ve taken what he’s told me to heart and tried to figure out how to make it feel the way he wants it to feel. I don’t have the benefit of being able to change based on how it feels to me. In other words, if he were jerking himself off, he’d know that a certain grip either doesn’t work or isn’t working at that particular moment, and he could change it. Unless I get feedback, I don’t know what is or is not working. If I hear him purr or he tells me it feels nice, I know I’m onto something. He’s also been asking me if I can change my grip or move further up. I guess the easy answer is that I’m not sure what I’ve been doing when I jerk him off that he likes a lot.

I’m not sure if it’s quite what Lion was talking about, but I’ve been reminding him he’s getting waxed over Thanksgiving weekend. Is this the same as telling him I like a particular thing? I’m not coming right out and saying I like a hairless Lion. In my mind, I’m building anticipation. I wonder if he sees it that way. He’ll be face up or down, oiled up for a portion of it, and I’ll be running my hands all over him. I think that’s sexy. And I’ve told him I think it’s time for the full-body wax. The only hair left on him will be his head and his arms. I know he likes that a lot. He also gets an oily hand job, at least a portion of one, when it’s time to clean up. We both like that a lot. Maybe I am telling him what I like.

[Lion — Are you? Even in this post, you didn’t say that you like me to be hairless anywhere or everywhere on my body. Do you? Do you like to wax me? I know you are teasing me by saying I’m going to be waxed. That doesn’t say if you like it or not. The only way to tell me that you like something is to actually tell me. Indirect references don’t work for me.]

[Mrs. Lion — Well, I didn’t directly say it but I did say I think running my hands over your oily body is sexy. And I did directly say I like jerking you off when you’re oily. No, that’s not true. I said we both like that a lot.]

[Lion — But you still haven’t said that you like any of the other stuff you mentioned. That feels to me like you don’t.]

We had a lot of wind last night. Unfortunately, that was the only action happening. We had dinner figured out for once, but Lion said his tummy was bothering him when I got home. Mine has been doing weird things too, but I was ignoring it. The dinner plans were out the window, and Lion wasn’t hungry anyway. I wasn’t either. We watched TV and held hands-on and off. It was somewhere around 9 when Lion said maybe he’d have half a sandwich. I found something to eat too. And that was the extent of our evening.

I was maybe expecting Lion to have an orgasm four days after his last one was too presumptuous. Perhaps I should aim lower. The only thing I wanted was for Lion to have a wait time of fewer than 21 days. And more than that, I wanted him to have fun along the way. There’s no pressure for him to have one in four days. It was an overcorrection on my part.

Here’s what I think should happen, and this is just my opinion. I want Lion to want to have sex. I don’t say that in the vein of my not wanting sex for myself. Of course, Lion is a horndog most of the time. I mean, I don’t want him to worry about how I feel about giving him sex. He tends to see sex as one-sided where I get nothing out of it. He sees it as a chore for me, and that keeps him from wanting and enjoying it. I’m saying he should knock it off.

Rather than come at it from the wait time end of it, I should be coming at it from its enjoyment. Does it really matter when he has an orgasm as long as he’s having fun along the way? I don’t think so. Is it a bad thing if he has an orgasm a few days after having one? I don’t think so. Obviously, it won’t be the norm, but nothing says I can’t give him one the next time he gets near the edge. Who cares if it’s four days or seven days? If I want to make him wait seven days, even if he’s made it to the edge at day six, that’s fine too.

I already know I can’t make him 100% happy. I’ve given him orgasms when he’s wanted to wait longer. How do I know? I can’t ask him. He won’t tell me because he doesn’t want to influence me. Sometimes it would be nice to know he’s enjoying being teased and doesn’t want to come yet. I think he worries too much about influencing me. If he’s in the throes of being edged and I ask him if he wants to come, and he says he does, I can always tell him it’s too bad. I don’t want him to come yet. But if he’s really, really looking forward to coming that night, it would be nice to know. Alternately, if he really, really doesn’t want to come, it would be nice to know too. I can do with that information what I will.

All I’m asking for is a little guidance. He won’t actually be deciding anything. I don’t think it’s asking too much.

I whomped Lion’s butt for about five minutes last night. It seemed like enough. He was red all over and possibly had a few bruises forming. I wasn’t tired. He was only bleeding a tiny bit. But I was happy with the way his buns looked. I don’t think I cheated him. I don’t think he thinks I cheated him. He was probably very happy to be done.

After my shower, I wondered what to do with him. I still haven’t really unpacked the restraints. I showed them to him, and we acknowledged that the straps were way too long to use as is. We’ll have to work on them a bit. I thought of ginger, but I wasn’t sure we had any. Still, I decided to make it a butt night. I took a vibrating dildo that isn’t very big and went to work. The other day, he got some lube squirters, so I squirted some lube and followed that by the dildo slathered with more lube. I’d say you can never have too much lube, but you really can. Let’s say you need more than you think you do.

I was going slow, and Lion didn’t seem to be able to get it in all the way. That’s fine. I had sprung this on him. When we really get into anal play, he does an enema beforehand. I started moving it in and out since it wasn’t going in any further. When it got uncomfortable (at least when I knew it was uncomfortable), I stopped. You have to start slow with anal. You can’t just slam it in there.

When he was all cleaned up, he moved into blow job position. When I give him a hand job, I concentrate the pressure just under the head. Why not do the same thing with a blow job? I did a few deeper thrusts, but I mostly stayed with the tip. It must have worked because he was very happy. So happy, in fact, that I decided to let him go all the way. It was 16 days, and I thought he should have a happy ending.

Next time around, I’m going to try to get him super horny. If I can get him to the edge consistently, then I can get him super horny. I want him to be panting and sweating when I leave him hanging. That will require more BDSM to get him turned on. We’ll fix the straps, get some ginger, break out the IcyHot and be on our way.

By the way, I suggested having ass night every time I spank him. We’ll see what happens. If we start with an enema, it might just work.

The other night, I took on the freezer to clear ice blocking the drain on the bottom. By the time I was done, my right shoulder had hurt, and I had a rather large bruise on my left palm. Plus, I’d been crawling around on the floor, so my legs and back were unhappy. After I took a shower, I didn’t want to do anything else. Yesterday, I took advantage of the last sunny day for a while and mowed the strip of grass that was left. It took about twenty minutes and added to my step count for the week. I was sweaty and needed a break. Just before I’d gone to mow the lawn, our new TV audio/video receiver arrived. For whatever reason, the old one decided to stop pushing sound out to all but the right front speaker, so we had to replace it. After about an hour’s rest, I tackled installing it. What fun!

Despite all of the chores and all the crawling around on the floor, I still found the energy to play with Lion last night. He was hard almost from the second I touched him. That was a big clue he was horny. The other was that he was out from under the blankets. I used my hand for a little bit and then asked if he’d like to be sucked. He’s only turned me down a handful of times when I’ve asked that. I knew he wouldn’t last night.

Even though he was hard, I still took my time. I didn’t want him to accuse me of rushing. Besides, I wanted to get him all hot and bothered. On one of my breaks from sucking him, I noticed his wait time was 13 days. I know. It’s not the longest wait on record. We were averaging a seven-day wait, I think. Then Lion started having some trouble maintaining erections and/or getting turned on. I think our average then went to something like fourteen days. Some men like to wait a long time. We’ve never really played it that way. When I took control over Lion’s orgasms, I never really thought about making him wait a long time. I saw it as my decision to allow him to come when I wanted him to come. Whatever day we’re on, if I want him to have an orgasm, he should have an orgasm. Three-day wait? Let’s do it. Seven-day wait? Yes, please. Four days? Bring it. It has little to do with when he wants one.

Of course, that’s not true. I can’t compel him to have an orgasm if he’s not cooperative. There are times he’d love to have an orgasm, and my weenie doesn’t cooperate. Sometimes I’ve been able to “take” an orgasm. By that, I mean he’s not necessarily horny, but I can be persistent and rub one out of him. Now I’ve modified my control of Lion’s orgasms to be when I want him to have an orgasm, he has an orgasm… as long as his body is able.

Thankfully, he was horny enough and hard enough last night to be edged a few times before I gave him an orgasm. I tasted precum on the first edging and more on the way to the finish line when I got a nice amount of cream filling. I won’t say it’s the most I’ve ever gotten, but it’s the most I’ve gotten in a while. Much to Lion’s dismay (Not!), I didn’t share any with him. It’s mine, and he can’t have it. But there’s always next time.