Every time  I write a post about pubic hair, it gets a lot (for us) of comments. They come from men who also remove their hair down there. Women remain silent on the subject. Maybe guys think about their pubic hair more than women. I’m pretty sure that males are much more visual about genitals. Many aren’t particularly attracted to that part of a man. Male butts seem far more interesting to them.

I get this data from my reading on social media. I get that women feel naughty about showing their breasts and bottoms. They don’t feel inclined to show their vaginas. This limitation on their self-exposure may be the same as their disinterest in penises.

Even though my genitals are prominently featured in various posts, I have no illusion that those images are appealing to either sex. The only picture of me that seems to show my genitals in a good light is a full-length nude of me standing. My genitals are far from prominent. They are revealed as a natural feature of my landscape.

I am not particularly attracted to closeups of random pussies. Images like that don’t turn me on. I do like seeing Mrs. Lion’s vagina. She is very fond of seeing my erections. I think it’s because we are sexual partners. I’m not saying that female nudes don’t appeal to me. They do if I feel visual context. Maybe other men see things differently. Porn and closeups of vaginas never do it for me.

I admit that I am very interested in seeing a cute ass. Rear views are most welcome. One of my favorites is a woman with a cute butt in tight jeans. While I like it, anal sex has never been my favorite. However, I am very partial to reverse cowgirl. I get great sensations and a spectacular rear view.

I digress. My point is that women, at least publically, tend to agree that penis pictures are generally unwelcome. The exception is that closeups of aroused friends and lovers are generally welcome. I agree that it seems strange to imagine that a picture of your erection is a good way to introduce yourself to a stranger. I don’t think my cock is particularly special. I’m told I have a nice smile and a cute butt.

Before running a few very small surveys on my @theCagedLion account on Twitter, I made assumptions about what our readers would like to see over the years. I don’t want to offend people who read our posts or follow me on Twitter. When we started this blog almost nine years ago, I assumed that pictures of a soft penis (usually mine), either bare or in a chastity device was what readers would like to see. I believed that showing erections might offend some of our female readers.

I maintained a loose standard of limiting penis pictures to the flaccid. If my surveys are accurate, our female readers prefer hard penises. They also don’t mind seeing balls. How about that? The guys like to see caged cocks. I assume erections are viewed as neutral images. Everyone is OK with my bare bottom, spanked or unspanked. That doesn’t mean any particular reader gets off on my aroused cock. I would be very surprised if anyone got turned on by it. I’m average at best. Like my friend Julie at strictjuliespanks.blogspot.com, we find it a turn-on to show you our naughty bits.

There’s a feeling of vulnerability created by publishing such intimate images. Julie has it better than me. It isn’t obvious whether or not she is aroused when she shows her pussy to us. My penis, on the other hand, very obviously communicates its sexual interest. I can’t pretend to understand what specific reactions these images of me inspire in our female readers. I hope they are arousing. I assume male readers react neutrally.

When we publish CBT images, I am hard in almost all of them. I don’t know how our female readers react to them. I feel another survey coming on. I hope they are educational at the least and arousing at best. I imagine that some male readers will find them exciting since they can imagine themselves in the same predicament.

We also considered avoiding images entirely. A lot of bloggers post pure text. They don’t get involved with pictures. Some bloggers post highly sexual photos of their activities. Male bloggers seemed more inclined to do this than females. Many female sex bloggers post “art” shots of their bare bodies. They often publish close-ups that are skin but not readily identifiable as to exactly what skin is being shown. I think the female body is much more photogenic than the male. That may be my bias as a heterosexual male.

I admit that I like naked images. Cock shots don’t offend me. Few interest me. Spanked bottoms are interesting. I like seeing how others end up after a spanking. Bloggers rarely post videos. They are much more difficult to produce. Also, the ones that manage to get into blogs are generally poorly lit and not very revealing. A stationary camera/phone on a tripod won’t yield a particularly fun spanking or sex video. A camera operator and some help with lighting are needed to produce a worthwhile recording.

Even still images are often poor quality. Phones and point-and-shoot digital cameras have come a long way over the years. It’s rare to see out-of-focus pictures. Unfortunately, it is equally rare to see well-framed shots. Most of our photographs are taken with a Canon point-and-shoot camera. It does a good job (we always use the flash!). I always improve the image in Photoshop. This is a valuable tool to use. Adobe offers a “Photographer” subscription for about $10 a month. It’s worth the money. Learning to use it isn’t that difficult.

In my opinion, blogs are almost always improved if images are added. The images need to be of good quality and identifiable. Blurry “art” shots annoy me. Naked bodies of both sexes are worthwhile in my book. Clear illustrations of sex play, like CBT, are always appreciated.

Our current position on what we publish in The Journal is that we will show erections and, when available, sexual activities and play. Do you have an opinion about our use of images? Please comment!

I put another quick poll on Twitter. I’m trying to learn how our readers, at least those who follow me on Twitter, feel about pictures of my ass and cock in this blog. So far, 80% say they like seeing both. The remaining 20% vote for one or the other. Nobody said they don’t like them at all.

Here you go! 90% of respondents want to see my cock.

This surprises me. I imagined that most of our readers had seen enough of my nether regions. I’ve intentionally stopped posting them for that reason. If you want to vote, this is the link to my page. When it comes to naked pictures of me, Mrs. Lion has said she likes seeing me hard. She also likes my butt. She is in the 80% majority.

I figured there would be some interest in seeing the results of my spankings. They aren’t pretty but serve to illustrate the seriousness of my punishments. Now and then, I have published pictures of my unspanked bottom. Since we don’t get feedback on our photo choices, I’m not sure which you prefer. The bruised and bloodied bottoms outnumber the pinups of my rear.

My “moon side” as Mrs. Lion calls it.

When it comes to pictures of naked women, I prefer the front view to the rear, but do enjoy a nice ass. I strongly prefer hairless pubes. As you know, I don’t have any pubic hair. Turnabout is fair play.

Since there is a clear preference for explicit images, I will do my best to provide them when they fit the post. Now that we know your preferences, Mrs. Lion will need to get out the camera when we play.

Your naked blogger

I think it’s interesting how differently men and women imagine what is sexy. Quite a few bloggers, mostly female, post a picture each day during February. Almost exclusively, these pictures are nudes or pictures intended to be sexy. I see most of these pictures on Twitter. Various people repost things they find interesting. It’s these reposts that I find most instructive.

Most of the reposted pictures include one or two naked breasts. They sometimes show abdomens and bellybuttons. Rarely vaginas are included in the image. There are a lot of pictures of bare legs to go along with the abdomens. Occasionally, a woman will show a photograph of her ass. However, that’s fairly unusual. But that center, the genital area, is rarely included. I don’t think this is because the subjects of these photographs are shy. I think it’s because the women don’t believe pictures of their vaginas are sexy.

There are so few male participants because when it comes to sexy parts of our bodies to show, our genitals compose 50% of the possibilities. Most of the naked male images posted by women show the man standing naked, facing away from the camera. Apparently, our rear ends are interesting to the opposite sex. I’m not surprised. Mrs. Lion is fond of mine. Sometimes the way she expresses that fondness is painful.

I think that most guys enjoy pictures of breasts and female rear ends. We also like seeing vaginas included as well. When we create images of ourselves, rarely, the penis is not included. We have the apparently mistaken perception that women like to see penises. Based on my reading, pictures of penises erect or soft are only welcome when attached to a man the recipient likes.

My interpretation of this is that cocks aren’t aesthetically interesting to the opposite sex. They are only interesting if their owners have some other, broader appeal to them. It’s unlikely that a random photograph of the penis will positively affect a female viewer. Men, on the other hand, even if straight, have some interest in penis photography. All of the porn that I’ve seen features male genitalia as well as sexual activity. There’s nothing wrong with this. Maybe it’s a way to identify with the male actor and better imagine being in his place. Indeed, most of the images that include male sexual parts don’t seem necessary to the activity.

Essentially, there are minimal options if we want to submit naked photographs of ourselves. The currently-ongoing February Photo Fest requires 28 images. That’s pretty easy for women to provide. Even if you leave off their vaginas, there is enough sexually attractive territory to fill a month of Februarys. I have enough sexually evocative territory on my body to populate a three-day photo fest.

Over the years, the majority of naked images of me on this blog feature my rear end. That’s a little surprising when you consider our primary topic is male chastity. Yes, there are a lot of pictures of my penis in and out of chastity devices. There are a lot more of my bottom in various stages of redness and bruising. I think there is one image of me that includes an undamaged rear end and most of my body. I’ve included it in this post. There were no comments from men or women about this picture. That’s not exactly true; Mrs. Lion told me she liked it. That’s why there are no art shots of me, the unappreciated naked blogger.