Lion was all excited to be blindfolded. I’m sure he was a little nervous too. What would I do to him? Would he like it? Would he hate it? Yes, to both. Since the blue menthol rub didn’t go over so well the other night, I figured it needed another try. The lion didn’t agree.

This time I didn’t put as much on. Almost immediately, he said he couldn’t stand it. Coward! But I knew he could make it. It was a little more than a stripe but certainly not as much as I’d used before. He could do this. He insisted it was too much. Nope. Sorry. It’s not. Besides, Mr. Weenie was happy to play along. Of course, I think he was happy to play along when it really was too much. I kept rubbing my weenie and telling him he could get through it. When we hit the minute mark, I knew he’d be okay. Sometimes you just have to get back up on that horse.

He was minty fresh smelling when I sucked him. I thought I was getting him close at one point, but I wasn’t. Within a few minutes, he was close. And again. And again. And then I left him hanging. Poor thing. He wanted more. I don’t think he wanted an orgasm. Well, he probably did at that moment but if he’d gotten one he wouldn’t have been very happy. It’s too close to the last one.

I’ve noticed a strange thing happening. Somehow our angle has changed. When I suck him for any length of time, it seems like he’s pulling up toward his head. I think I’m in the same position. I don’t think his position has changed. He’s not really bucking. But my teeth seem to be more prone to making contact. I know some men might like to be bitten, but Lion doesn’t. I don’t think it’s conducive to his reaching the edge or having an orgasm. It’s almost like I’m slipping down his body. Clearly I’m not. I don’t know if Lion has noticed a difference but it’s becoming a little uncomfortable for me as I try not to scrape my teeth across him. I mentioned it to him last night but I noticed it the other night too. I’ll have to figure out what’s going on.

The good thing is that the menthol rub is gone for the time being. I guess we’ll be doing anal things for a few nights. And then it will be time to return all the cards to the Box O’Fun. All the tortures will be in play again. [Lion — Oh boy.]

Lion's box of penalties
Lion’s Box O’Fun.

One of Lion’s favorite things was mixed with one of his least favorites last night. He picked the blindfold card from the Box O’Fun, which requires another choice to go with it. His second choice was Icy Hot.

Oooooh! Too bad.

The thing we discovered last time he chose the blindfold was that he shouldn’t know what the second card is. Duh! It basically nullifies the blindfold. The problem with Icy Hot is that it stinks. I figured he’d know the second I took the cap off. I overlooked the fact that I don’t apply anything else to his balls or perineum so he knew from feeling it long before the smell or burning took place. Oh well. Maybe next time the blindfold is chosen it won’t be so obvious right away. [Lion — It wasn’t obvious immediately. When I felt the cold on my perineum, I guessed what was coming.]

I didn’t put as much on as I did last time because I knew I wanted to give him oral again and I didn’t want Icy Hot all over his balls and then all over my face. I also set a five-minute timer. He’d have to deal with the burning until the timer went off. No running to wash it off right away. I don’t think he had any trouble with it. It burned but nothing he couldn’t stand. [Lion — It wasn’t too bad this time.]

Despite Lion’s objections, my weenie was happy about the Icy Hot. I went to wash my hands, came back and he was standing at attention. I guess Lion was a horny boy. And that trend continued into his blow job. I edged him three times. Three times I got him very, very, very close to the edge. Very close. If I had gone one more stroke I think it would have been too much. He’ll be that much hornier tonight.

As usual, I have no idea how long it’s been since his last orgasm. All I know is that last night wasn’t time. And tonight might not be it either. Always keep him guessing. [Lion — Last night it was 5 days.]

After I was done with the dinner dishes, I sat down to watch TV. And then I remembered I should have peeled ginger for figging. Rats! Oh, well. It didn’t take long to get it ready. I’m not sure Lion was really ready, but off we went.

ginger that went up lion's ass
This is the piece of fresh ginger root that I carved and then inserted into Lion’s waiting ass.

As I was peeling it, I thought the ginger was pretty potent. Even though it was fresh from the cold fridge, it didn’t take long to heat up Lion’s ass. I’ve never had ginger up my ass, (and no, I don’t intend to) but I assume it feels similar to toothpaste on your gums – a little spicy but then cool. [Lion — It’s very hot!] Of course, you don’t suck air into your ass so I may be way off. In time, the heat subsided and I removed it. That’s it. I don’t know what the appeal is. Maybe it needs to be moved to have more effect.

My shoulder is still sore so I had Lion lay across the bed for more oral action. I think he moves faster into that position than any other time I see him move. I got him ever-so-close once and then went for another. For whatever reason, I decided to go all the way. It wasn’t that he was highly frustrated (he might have been) or that I needed to taste him (I always do). I just kept going until I sucked him dry.

I don’t think it was as big an orgasm as last time and the ejaculate was more liquid, but we both enjoyed ourselves. That’s the most important thing. I love sucking him and he loves being sucked. What more could you ask for?

He informed me it had been nine days since his last orgasm. That’s within the sweet spot. He averages four to ten days between orgasms. I was guessing it was seven so I wasn’t far off. I don’t usually base it on his wait anyway, but I do like to have some idea so I don’t give him too many. Can’t have him getting spoiled, can I?

Ironically, this morning I have a big headache. If I’d had it last night, Lion might have had to wait for his fireworks. Speaking of fireworks, the last card in the Box O’Fun is Icy Hot. I could follow my usual routine of taking the night after an orgasm off, or I could see how Icy Hot affects him if he’s not horny. How mean do I want to be? On the other hand, he ate before me at breakfast, so the Icy Hot could be his punishment. Hmmm…I hadn’t thought of that till just now. Icy Hot as a punishment. That’s very interesting. I’ll have to think about that more today.

Lion baked a frozen pie yesterday and decided what we’d have for dinner. We were all set for dinner until we found out one part of it needed to be defrosted in the fridge. We didn’t think it would work very well in the microwave so we were stuck without dinner ideas. We have a few Hello Fresh! dinners but, at that point, I wasn’t in the mood to do anything too involved. Since I had my mouth ready for the planned dinner, I wasn’t even very hungry anymore. Lion was starving. We settled on tortelloni.

He fell asleep while I was cooking. He fell asleep while I was in the shower. When I brought out the Box O’Fun, he chose blue menthol rub and then told me he didn’t really want to play. We’d decided earlier in the day if he didn’t want to choose from the Box O’Fun then we wouldn’t do anything. I’ve committed to giving him some sort of activity six out of seven days, but he can refuse. The only thing he has to do is accept punishment. That’s non-negotiable unless there’s a good reason for not doing it.

I told him I still get “credit” for asking. In the past, if he said he didn’t want to play we didn’t. Then, when he was horny again, he’d complain that we hadn’t played in a long time. Um, there was a reason for that. It’s not like I left him hanging, but that’s what it feels like he’s saying. So now I’ll ask each night so I get my credit. He’ll probably still say it’s been a long time. He’s not wrong. He’s just presenting it like it’s my fault.

Tonight, he’ll have his balls, and wherever else I feel like putting it, slathered with blue menthol rub. In the past, he remarked that the blue stuff wasn’t all that strong. Once I slathered it all over, he hit the roof. Don’t be dissing my blue menthol rub! It can be just as bad as Icy Hot. And Icy Hot is still in the Box O’Fun, along with the tiny clothespins. Uh oh.

[Lion — The strength of the blue rub seems to go down with age. I’m not sure how old Mrs. Lion’s supply is. Old, I hope! Apparently she doesn’t have the roll-on Icy Hot in the Box O’Fun. That’s the worst!]

[Mrs. Lion — I never specified which Icy Hot I’d use.]