This blog is generally limited in terms of what you expect to read. It’s about power and sex; more specifically female power and domination. I’m very lucky that our relationship is rich and Mrs. Lion is so generous in her efforts to make me happy. I am very grateful.

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook just how rare this gift is. Sexual domination isn’t the least bit organic for Mrs. Lion. It’s probably 180 degrees from her natural inclinations. But she adopted her role because she knows it makes me happy. I worry that her loss of libido is caused by how far she’s drifted from her sexual compass. Is the price of pleasing me the loss of her own sexual pleasure?

This is one of those “what if” questions. They’re impossible to answer. But I still wonder. What if I were sexually aggressive and initiated sexual activity? Would Mrs. Lion still want sex? We’ll never know. Even if I suddenly changed and became the sexually aggressive macho male, I don’t know if she would be different. I wonder about that.

Before I met her and my master/slave relationship was over, I thought about what would be next for me. Did I want another male-dominant power exchange? I was unhappy with the way that relationship deteriorated. I realized that I wanted peace. I wanted a warm. loving relationship. I imagined comfort, security, and lots of shared love. Sex and power weren’t even on my list of desired attributes.

Even now, while I really love our power exchange, the top of my wish list is still love and warmth. I imagine that Mrs. Lion had a similar set of desires. Ironically, our relationship began with sex as the reason we got together. I don’t think either of us believed that the other stuff was attainable. We were both horny and were looking for some fun.

Love quietly crept into our hearts. After some time, we aren’t exactly sure when, we realized we wanted to be together all the time. We had very little information about one another. We didn’t know what sort of music each liked; probably a good thing. We have nothing in common there. The same is true of a lot of superficial stuff that couples normally share before they even consider love.

That may be why we are so different yet completely devoted to one another. We went from sex to love. Then, Mrs. Lion learned I love opera, theater, and veggies with my dinner. I discovered she likes fast food, contemporary rock, and puzzles. Our interests don’t overlap. Over the years, we’ve acquired appreciation for some of each other’s interests. We know we are very different from one another. We don’t care.

I never believed that there is some organic, inexplicable force that binds some people to one another. Mrs. Lion and I are an example that this force exists. Moreover, it transcends any superficial interests, including sex. Even though it was sex that brought us together, it no longer takes priority in terms of us. All I know is that we belong together. Boy am I glad I found her!


Today is Valentine’s Day. Mrs. Lion and I exchanged gifts last week. Neither of us is very good at holding on to a gift we want to give. Our gifts weren’t big. I gave Mrs. Lion a dog mug, a pad of sayings that that she can put on her desk at work, and one that’s really for me: A set of butt plugs with hearts on the end visible after insertion. I also gave her a heart-shaped wooden spoon that isn’t meant for cooking. She gave me a beautiful, framed saying: “How wonderful life is when you’re in the world.” I had one more gift for Mrs. Lion: a heart-shaped, wooden spoon. It’s not for cooking.

Admittedly, these are not your conventional Valentines gifts. But than we aren’t your average lions. Valentine’s Day is a good time to commemorate the incredibly lucky break that brought us to together.

Fifteen years ago, Mrs. Lion and I posted profiles to an online dating service. We were both looking for sex. Neither of our profiles said that. As it turned out, that was what were each looking to find.

I did a bunch of searches on the site. I set a 50 mile search radius. There were lots of women in the results. One picture was a closeup of a woman’s face. She had a smile that touched something deep inside me. I won’t say it was love, but I wanted to learn more about her. I sent her a note on the site. She answered. We corresponded a little. Then we talked on the phone. We admitted that our goal was to get laid. Cool! We had something important in common.

We arranged a first date at a motel about halfway between our homes. Romantic, huh? I saw, I came, and I wanted to see her again. Fortunately, she was agreeable. We saw one another at least once a week. The sex was great. It was some time before our dates didn’t start out with orgasms.

Cupid is a sneaky critter. While we were busy mating, he shot his little arrow into our hearts. We found it harder and harder to end our dates. I don’t think that either of us wanted to admit that we were in love. Both of us had recent, painful relationships. Diving into a new one was scary for me.

Gravity and love are irresistible forces. You can only ignore them so long before you fall. We fell. Mrs. Lion moved in with me. We lived together for two years before we married. It wasn’t that we were worried about staying together for life. It just didn’t seem important to go through the legalities.

I worried that unless we were married, we could have a problem with making decisions for each other in case of an emergency. Mrs. Lion agreed. So, we went to the tiny town hall of a nearby village. There, the town clerk performed a five-minute ceremony. We drove home and shared a Carvel ice cream cake. We agree that this was the perfect wedding.

That was fifteen years ago. We’re more in love now than we were then. I can’t imagine life without my lioness. Mrs. Lion, thank you for being the love of my life!

We’re in the fifth year of our power exchange. I had been wild for the last nine months. That ended on Tuesday night. My chastity device came off before my shoulder surgery at the end of April 2017. My recovery has been long and painful. Mrs. Lion felt that the cage was just another challenge for me to face, so she removed it.

For the last few months we discussed if or when the cage should return. There were very good arguments to let me remain wild. I have been conditioned by the years of being locked in a chastity device. There is no real chance I will masturbate when wild. Mrs. Lion was content to leave me uncaged.

It bothered me that my cage lived on my nightstand. I couldn’t help but think that it was in the wrong place. It should be locked on my cock. I wondered if wearing the device was part of the same conditioning that ended my desire to jerk off. Over the years, I referred to it as a kind of wedding ring that symbolized my commitment to my lioness. It felt good to think that way.

But is the reality less pretty? All I know is that during the last couple of months I wanted to be wearing it again. I admitted to Mrs. Lion that I had no logical reason to desire this. I said that I wanted her control and I wanted if and when I am locked up to be her decision. That part came out of my desire to feel her power. She kindly agreed to do it. I have to admit it feels good to be caged again.

I think there is another reason beyond my love of bondage. I want to get Mrs. Lion more involved with me. I realized that this morning. The most significant reason I want to be in the device is that it may increase the interaction between my lioness and I.

I’m not being critical. She has made sure that she snuggles and teases me almost every night. Sadly for me, this is the only time we are actively connected. From the time she comes home until she decides to go to sleep, she plays games on her iPad. It’s true that I watch TV during that time. We have almost no interaction.

We aren’t really available to one another. The cage gives me a feeling of connection. If we play several nights a week, that’s another time we can be focused on each other. Our Super Bowl spanking game forced interaction all too many times that night. I loved every bit of it. Even though we were both focused on the game, we were also thinking of each other at the same time.

I’m not suggesting we spend all our time together staring at each other. But I think that we both  need to be more focused on the same thing at least some of the time. In the past, Mrs. Lion has written that her constant immersion in her iPad is how she deals with stress and bad feelings. I asked her if that’s the case now. She denied it. I’m not saying she is lying, but something is going on. I hope it isn’t loss of interest in me as a friend and partner. I don’t want BDSM to be our main form of interaction. At this point it is.

Most of our communication as a couple takes place during the day by email. When we are home, the conversation is very limited. It’s pretty much discussion about dinner and Mrs. Lion’s day at work. We also talk about our posts. I wonder if over four years of daily posts and countless emails has changed us. Perhaps we’ve forgotten  how to share in person.

Have we entered the world of the Millennials? Is the best way to communicate via electronic devices? I think that this has become the case with us. Take this post, for example. I’m expressing some fairly serious stuff here. Mrs. Lion will learn about my feelings for the first time when she reads it. Is that fair to her? Is this what we are now?

The chastity device is constant, physical evidence of our deep  connection. It isn’t a wedding ring. It’s one of our only direct connections. We don’t have two-person sex. Mrs. Lion has lost her libido. That’s the glue for many couples. We have the chastity device that helps a sort of surrogate sex life. I enjoy it. I hope she does. Sadly, the way I will get the answer to this question will be via The Journal or email.

I always tease Lion about getting him one of those hula girl statues for his car. He grumbles every time. The other day we had our company Christmas lunch. We exchanged white elephant gifts and I wound up with a hula girl. Except it wasn’t a hula girl. It was a hula guy. I teased Lion about putting him in Lion’s car instead of a hula girl. He grumbled that he didn’t want it in his car. He suggested I put it in my truck.

I wasn’t really going to put him in Lion’s car but what if I did? Would it embarrass Lion to have a hula girl in his car? Yes. Would it be worse if the hula girl was a hula guy? Oh yes! The bigger question is that if I told Lion to put Braddah Ed (as the package calls him) on his dashboard, should he have to do it? I say yes. My power in this relationship is not relegated to the bedroom. Lion wears panties to work. He has two punishment shirts to wear in public. If he spills food on his shirt in a restaurant he still gets punished. My weenie is locked away no matter where he goes. If I want the hula man to dance on his dashboard the hula man should dance on his dashboard.

A few weeks ago my windshield got cracked when a rock bounced out of a truck on the highway. Many cars in Washington have cracked windshields. The cops don’t pay much attention. In New York they’d pull you over just for that. I don’t think Washington cops even bother mentioning it if they’ve pulled you over for something else. It’s just a fact of life here. The last time it happened Lion insisted I get it fixed right away. It wasn’t big and I figured I’d get creamed right away anyway but Lion was insistent. This time I wanted to wait a bit. The crack is growing and now Lion was getting worried. He made an appointment for the new windshield. He’s working from home this week so I stole his car to get to work. I told him yesterday that I’d install hula man on his dashboard while I had his car.

Unfortunately, hula man is a big boy. He doesn’t fit on Lion’s dash. I tried. Damn it! I wasn’t really going to leave him there. I just wanted to take a picture of the Buddha-bodied, grass-skirted sex symbol to make Lion nervous. He does, however, look right at home in the cup holder. He’d still be a reminder of exactly who’s in charge when he happened to catch Lion’s eye.